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82 Secret is secre

While I lay on bed after Greg go out and my short thoughts. I feel that my girls wanted to be free so I take off my bra and I come back to bed. Then I start watching TV 'oh we could take some papers with us and search but no I want Greg full attention to me while we go out from work'. When I start searching from channels what to watch I had phone call. At first I don't wanted to answer it but when I saw it's my dad

"hi dad" I answer

"hello my lovely child how your first day there"

"good I have some hitch who take our money and how they do it"

"oh that's good I hope you will them all soon"

"yes I hope too but now I need to think about few thinks"

"ok" while he was saying this he cough heavy. Hearing this I start wonder why did he couch cold or some think so I needed to ask him

"are you sick papa I wonder about your health"

"yes a little cold but don't worry about me I'm still young men."

"no you aren't" I start arguing with him knowing that he sometimes don't think about his health.

"yes I am and your mother could said that my words are truth"

"oh you old shameless person I don't want to hear about you two it was one of thinks why I move from home" while saying it I start remembering when mother comeback from her long trips they always have active nights and that's why I most of this time spend with Mei or Megan.

"oh that's why you move and second part why" his voice is full of questions

"secret" I just don't wanted to tell him that I move to life with Greg

"oh baby don't be like that"

"I will be secret is secret" before I hear his answer. His secretary said to him "chairman you have meeting in 5 minutes"

"ok baby I will be finishing now. Oh and could you said again what you find there"

"ok dad I will email you all thinks what they done with our money. They didn't steal it how we think but they use it for themselves" while I saying this I heard that doors are open. Probably father wanted to ask who enter but I cut the line.

When my love enter the room with bags he turn 180 degrees and said "could you wear some think your boobs are out."

Then I remember that I take off my bra and have nothing on top I become red for some time but then I just get up and hug Greg back.

Feeling what I have done ha said to me "what you doing"

"hugging you"

"I feel but please don't do this anymore"

"ok" when I taking my hands I move my hands by his stomach and over then I feel some think is hot and it move.

My first thought is to grab it but then Greg go away from me and close himself in toilet 'oh so I turn you on I hope soon I will help you with this pain hehehe. Oh lest see what he bought' I said to myself while taking bags and I put them on table. While looking what he bought I take one chocolate with mint and juice and I lay on bed and I start watching something there while waiting for Greg to go out.