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78 I will rest here

When I enter a room where I left Greg alone I hear him whistle to some think. When I come close to him he have head phones in his ears. I haven't said anything to what he is going but I listen to his whistle and hitting the table with the music. I couldn't take it anymore so I a little hit his shoulder and said to him "stop my ears will go away soon" he probably hear me so he write on paper 'you should said some think earlier and now you wouldn't suffer'. seeing what he write it was truth but I just wanted to know his skills in music.

After it we comeback to checking all. Time pass so fast that I don't know when it was 16. when I saw it I said to Greg "all for today lets left it here we will back to it tomorrow" hearing me he nod his head and we left. While we were going out I use phone that were there and call security. After some time they answered "hello"

"hi I wanted to that room keys that nobody will come here"

"ok I will be there soon" he answered and I finish our call. After sometime around 40 years old guy come and said "here are keys I will go with all you want here I have told from boss that you are important guests"

"ok please control that nobody when we aren't here come there"

"ok" he answer and give me keys. When he going away I close doors and said to Greg "come my baby time to eat"

Hearing me he roll his eyes. I couldn't take it anymore so I hug him and we start going away from company. When we come out I saw that our car is waiting for us 'probably that security guy call for it' I said to myself while going inside. When doors closed I said to him "to hotel and tomorrow at 8:30"

"ok" he answered. And we drive to our hotel. When we enter it we go directly to elevator and our floor. When we were there I open doors and come inside. I wanted to come slowly but greg push me a little and go directly to toilet. When he was there I call to room service to order food.

After 30 minutes Greg still haven't come out and our food just come. After some time he go out and said "there is more dangerous that after exploding a nuclear weapon"

Hearing him I understand this joke and I laugh a little after it we sit and eat. After some time after eating I ask him "what will we do later"

Then he look at me and said "I will rest here"

"ok" I answer him and I lay on bed with him. after some time laying Greg said to me "I will go to shop buy some stuffs you want some?"

"nope" I answer him and then he go up and out from room. "what will you buy" I said loud to myself while he wasn't there anymore. Then I start thinking what to do in next days while we were there and be 100% sure that we have everyone that use company money for themselves