Love at First Kiss
77 Some problems miss Sophia
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Love at First Kiss
Author :poziomowiec
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77 Some problems miss Sophia

Then we start eating and I start wondering what happened to Greg that he is angry 'I hope nothing scary' I said to myself while eating. I couldn't focus on delighting the food because of two thinks. First most important to me it don't smell well and second what really happened to Greg. Then I don't know when I finish eating then I look at him and he became calm one again. 'uffffff so food could be like some think to calm him good to know. He is similar to me food always calm me down' I said to myself one again and I come back to papers we have there.

While I was focus on reading it I saw Greg writing some think on paper. After writing he pas it to me and I read it "how many higher-ups work here?". After short thought I said to him "10" while he hear me he only nod his head I needed to know why he ask for it. Then I saw paper that I could miss some thinks on it. When I look at it I saw that in translation version few thinks are missing but I haven't read in polish for so many years so I couldn't understand in 100% what were written there.

'oh mother and your dropped ideas' I said to myself while going to another papers that I wanted to check today. Knowing that I have a lot of days here I could focus 100% on it and don't stay here overtime like I sometimes done in the past while I have same amount of papers but for 2 days.

While checking I finish juice that come with our lunch and being thirsty I take Greg energy drink and take a sip. It taste awefull I wanted to puke but I stopped. When I stand up and said to Greg "I'm going to cafeteria for some drink you want something from there." I ask him but then I saw he write something on paper and show me 'you could make here coffee or tea' reading it I totally forgot about it but I needed some sweet drink then I said to him "not time for me to drink hot drink" hearing it he write 'ok nothing for me' I just nod my head to that he wanted nothing and I go to cafeteria. 'I hope there isn't a lot of people' I said to myself while entering elevator and going to ground floor where I saw earlier it placed.

When I come there I saw almost nobody there so I go and choose some drinks for myself and some chocolate for later. When I pay for it I start going to one again to elevator but some voices distracted me. They talk about who I am, about my look ect. 'good knowing what they saying but I couldn't read poor me' I said to myself and I wait to elevator when it come I saw boss of this place. When he saw me he ask "some problems miss Sophia"

"no but I would like to make in my last day here meeting with all directors and higher to them. I have some message from my father"

Hearing me his expression become darker "ok I will tell everyone but probably one or two couldn't make they have business trips and they should comeback after you go back to America"

"ok I will talk with them later by phone"


When I was alone in elevator I said to myself 'oh so your financial machinations were truth you will pay for it'. When I finish saying it I come to floor where we check it all.


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