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76 Why they work here

When I enter I saw that there were around ten people. Most of them were talking like me I go to corner and sit on floor 'f**k all places on benches are taken' I said to myself while taking on one cigarette.

When I wanted to fire up it don't wanted to work. I start fighting with it for some minutes then I hear voice "hey here" I turn and I saw flying lighter good that I have good reflex so I catch it in two fingers. When I fire up I saw someone that rise his hand up. When I know from who I throw it back with nodding my head with thanks gesture. I start smoking slowly thanks to that I start listening what they said here.

Most of talks were about irrelevant thinks but one of them take my attention. It were about last week few directors drinking party. They play poker using company money and who win take it. Like I hear it was first time they done this but always they take it. After short calculations and possibility how much they take they still missing around 70% of money.

While I start thinking about it I start second cigarette and move to bench everyone go away while I was thinking. Like always I wanted to check did new novel have upload I still couldn't think at what hour what novel should be uploaded but I couldn't I left my phone with Sophia 'that unlucky' I said to myself. Good that I haven't said it lout because doors open. New people come. I just finish smoking and go away knowing that probably I wouldn't hear new gossips.

When I was going to elevator I come close to some guys that were talking. When I pass them I hear exactly what they saying but it not important.

One of them I could said that is my friend I haven't meet with him personally but we talk a lot by our talk communicator and play a lot. 'bald what you doing here. You work here so sweety work here too. F**k we f**k up. Why I forgot that they work here my memory become so bad. Why they work here i need to said to it to Sophia.' I said to myself while going to elevator. While I come to room where Sophia is.

She end separate food when she look at me she know that some think happened but she didn't ask me. 'I need to said her that we could be in big problems while we still here' I said to myself while sitting and start eating food that were here.

After some time we finish eating and we start checking papers. I found new thinks how they use money for themselves. They pay for cars from company money and how they write after paying 'for higher-ups transport'. When I read it write to Sophia "how many higher-ups work here?" she look at me and said "10" hearing her I nod my head. 'so here work 10 but why they bought 25 of new cars they try to cover it. what the best it haven't been written in translated documents'. Then I start looking for another abnormalities. In full year papers. 'In next days I will look at every month' I said to myself while I start reading document that Sophia pass to me.