Wuxiaworld > Love at First Kiss > 74 Little angry

When we all sit our first meeting start. After few minutes of talking about nothing they give me a lot of papers with translations. Looking at it I said "what it is"

"it's what we were doing here for last year. It was ordered by your father to you to check here like he said 'she is here for working not vacations' "

I know what papa mean by it but I needed to let act "like always he discover my plans" I said with sad voice and lay on Greg shoulder and said to him "baby I hope you won't do this to me in future". Hearing me he take paper and pen that are placed in front of him and write "nope baby I will be always with you" reading this I said to him "thank you honey" and I give him kiss. I was hoping for some reaction from him but his actor skills are good.

They sit here for some time but then old man said "I will be going now I had text message from my secretary that I'm needed there some think important happened there." Hearing him I said "I'm needed there I'm higher that you"

"no its some thinks with our drivers"

"ok" I said and they left. when we were alone Greg move his head and whisper in my ear "he lie to you his secretary needed him with another way"

"ok so that's why he is divorced five times"

"probably" Greg answer and start looking with me at this papers. From time to time he note some think at his phone but I don't ask what exactly 'at hotel he probably said me every think'. I don't know how long we were sitting there. I was to focus at papers in front of me and Greg check translations.

At some time doors open and vice come and said "we have lunch"

Looking at him I feel a little hungry. While thinking what to do Greg give me a piece of paper "ok we can eat but first when we waiting here tell him to show me smoking area"

"ok we will eat soon but could you show him where he could smoke"

"ok come with me" he answer and go away with Greg out. Then I saw that Greg left his phone with notes so I look at them most of them were consecrated at hiding some fact in translations when I saw it I become angry. Every week they buy more alcohol that we at our one year party with shareholders. 'f*****g drunkards' I said while looking at it.

While I wait to Greg comeback I start looking what he has on his phone. Mostly I look at what he interested in. I found some thinks that I could easly give him while we come back home.

I were disturbed form my searching by doors open at first I thought its Greg but I mistaken. Our food were deliver. While I start split for portion for two of us Greg come inside. He look a little angry. 'what happened there' I start thinking I wanted to ask him but I wait for our comeback to hotel then he should tell me what exactly happened there.