Love at First Kiss
73 So much deodoran
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Love at First Kiss
Author :poziomowiec
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73 So much deodoran

When I go out from elevator I saw Greg that staying close to hotel doors. I wave to him and we go to elevator. After some time driving we come to company building. When we go out he take my hand. I was surprise by his action and I ask him "what you want"

Then he saw me his old phone 'I need to buy some cigarette now I almost off of them and I can't be what you want without them so wait here I will be back soon'

After reading his message I said to him "ok I will be around here" he nod and go out. When he go I start searching for some new phone for him I recognize it. 'when we back I will buy you a new phone I can't take that my love is going with that old phone' I said to myself and I take my phone out to search for newlest phone. When I start looking for some driver come to me and ask "miss you don't want to go inside"

"no I will wait for him here"

"ok" and he go away. I lost truck how much time pass I'm too focused on searching phone for him but then some hand start waving in front of my screen. It were Greg he comeback form shopping. Then I said to him "ok time to go"

When we were inside security stop us but then some 40-50 years old man come and said "welcome here I hope you sleep well miss Sophia"

"thanks shall we go" I answer him politely.

"ok come and if I could ask who he is. Did you fire your previous assistant?"

"no he is my boyfriend and about her she is sick and that's why she isn't here with me. I just wanted to spend with my love more time alone and show him how I work." I said truth most I just don't wanted to our cover be burned and to show him that he is someone important to me.

Then we go to elevator and we drive to floor where conference room is placed. It take us some time this building were much bigger that we have in America but we go mostly in international so our main building was only to send what to do to another brands.

After going out I saw that we going to one of rooms. 'no surprise but I hope we will find soon who stolen money I just want it to make in two days and later we enjoy being here'

While thinking that come inside there were five people waiting. When he introduce them I know that there were 3 from brands that were suspicious, vice and translator for me.

While we greed each other I said "he is mute" and I point on Greg they nod they heads and we start our first day of checking. 'omfg one of them have use so much deodorant I can't breathe here ' I said to myself when doors was closed.
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