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72 He is my boyfriend

While I finish smoking I saw limousine that we drive yesterday. 'oh so Sophia will be soon downstairs' I said to myself and I start waiting to her. After some time she come.

When she saw me she wave to me and I come to her and we go in to car. Our journey take us around 30 minutes. We were there 8:40 then I remember that my cigarettes almost over so when we were going out I take Sophia hand and turn her around. She was surprise by my actions and ask me "what you want" then I show her my phone with written there 'I need to buy some cigarette now I almost off of them and I can't be what you want without them so wait here I will be back soon' when she finish reading it she said to me "ok I will be around here" I just nod my head and turn and go to shop.

After some time I found shop. it placed close to entrance to company building but no signals were there that its placed here so I accidently found it. when I wait in queue I hear talks what were there. Everyone waiting there were workers. Most of talks were about visit from main branch, did this time one again beauty will be or someone else.

It became a little annoying and most of them were working at TBC so thanks to that I could hear some interesting stories what happened in some departments. Most of them were who sleep with who, some different in reports going from president and his assistant and two more people hearing this I focused more what that were saying but today wasn't my lucky day I was my time to pay.

I put energy drink on table and show my almost empty package and one finger. Salesman look at me with weird look but give me what I needed. When I pay for all and wanted to go out I hear "omfg he with person who will check us". I just ignore that comment and go to Sophia she probably is now angry for long wait.

When I come to her she was focused on phone I just start waving in front of her phone and she saw me "ok time to go" Sophia said to me and we went inside

When we were inside security stop us but then some 40-50 years old man come and said "welcome here I hope you sleep well miss Sophia"

"thanks shall we go" Sophia answer politely

"ok come and if I could ask who he is. Did you fire your previous assistant?"

"no he is my boyfriend and about her she is sick and that's why she isn't here with me. I just wanted to spend with my love more time alone and show him how I work."

Hearing her he look at but he said nothing. Then we enter an elevator and go to 10 floor to conference room to start what we needed.