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It was new year eve Sophia could finally meet with Mei. they haven't see each other for half a year. She was going to party made by Megan.

It was girls night with Megan and Mai they start celebrating that in last year of middle school. This year it happened to be at Mai penthouse. She needed to look good knowing that they will make thousands of photos and most of them will be published on social media.

Day before she went with mother to hairdresser. Angela is going to some party with Roland so she too needed to look beautiful. After arriving on Mei penthouse Sophia use her own keys and enter first think what she saw was flying her best friend to her.

Mei has 180cm of high and with her blond long hair she look stunning. From this year she was called national goodness with her mother- they make together a lot of commercial most for difrent brands of 'TBC corporation' with ended in December.

Mei wanted to comeback finally to talk with Sophia but her manager arranged some shots at one of movies they should be published next year to cost more than 1 billion $.

After screening she wanted to come back but weather stop her. Then she needed to wait 2 more days at hotel she finally could come back home knowing that soon is there girls party she couldn't wait for that. After greetings Sophia went to Megan

"Hi beautiful I ugly in compere with you both" Megan said with sadness in her voice

"Don't worry we know that your boyfriend don't think that now"

"Oh you talking about that piece of shit who wasn't interested in me? I dumb him yesterday. Why I'm always unlucky with mens."

"That very bad news why haven't you tell me? you should know I will be here faster that 'Flash' " Sophia said with unhappy voice.

"Don't worry about me that's wasn't my true love how is going with founding your?"

While Mei open wine she continued listening to the conversation knowing Megan she can't be in relationship more than 3 months - she always find thinks that she don't like in men she now dating. It was normal so she don't care but when conversation go to Sophia and her love for first time she needed to listen carefully that was rare really rare

" I found him" Sophia said with quiet voice

"That's good girl" both of best friends say in the same time

"So when we will meet him? What he is doing" Megan said

"I don't know when. I hope soon maybe he will help me with my penthouse soon I need man hand with some thinks and then you could see him but we will see" Sophia said what her plan was to meet with him and try to restore his hearth

"That's good idea when he see you who wanted his help he probably come to be with you nobody can be against this beautiful body" Mai said point at Sophia.

"That will be hard to do."

"WHAT!!" both of them said in the same time

"He is a gay or something?" Megan said faster that Mei

"No he is not I'm 100% sure but you know he has hard past and Greg stop trusting woman who is going after him" Sophia said looking at her friends then she continued

"I know he will help me but this could be only thanks that he is gentlemen who want to help but he would never go after me like loyal dog"

"Oh that hard to you"