Love at First Kiss
16 New Year“s eve
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Love at First Kiss
Author :poziomowiec
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16 New Year“s eve

31 December

Greg wake up at 15 after long journey with 'highschool dxd' which was finally based on light novel not like 3 season with was s**t for people who read and later watch it. Today only 'boku no hero academia' left knowing that it's one of the best from this year he wanted to watch it as last. When he was in middle of episodes his phone rang. Disturbed because he needed pause in action what happened now he saw who call it was shop owner.


"Hi I hope you don't have plans for today I want to invite you to my party" man voice said

"Sorry bro I know that I won our bet who win most coupons but I'm busy now maybe I will be free at midnight"

"That's bad but could you be at midnight outside at our park? I only want to say you wishes for new year"

"Ok I should be there"

"Thanks see you in few hours"


When Greg hang out he wanted only to back watching on 40'' TV that owner left here because ho don't needed it now. Thanks to his gift Greg could easily watch anime from TV while laying on bed. While he finally find good position to watch his mouse stop working battery probably was of.

Good that he bought new few days ago and there were close to his laptop with work for last 3 days. When he come closer something happened with it and he needed to restart 'good that only this anime left' he thought.

After few seconds of wait he restart it while he was opening page with anime he accidently open with his donations where he wasn't looking for few months.

He saw there 15 000$. When he was on his strimmer profile on twitter last time he posted that his career as streamer is on break because of personal problems and he don't know when he will come back.

Greg start reading from oldest most of donations was to back streaming a lot of people miss him. Later was with wishes for Christmas and the last was different that the rest. It was from person who follow him for long time it was 10 000$.

Greg wanted to refunded it he don't wanted so much money without working for it. When he open message he become pale it was from Sophia. When he wanted to refunded it was blocked and he couldn't he need to talk with her so he call her.

"Hi' Sophia answered in background was heard some pop music that Greg don't like.

"Hi I'm calling because of your donation what is meaning of that message".

"Oh that hehe like I write if you don't want to everybody know your ID follow me".

"That's cheating!!"

"I know..." when Sophia wanted to finish her sentence loud female voice was heard.

"SOP come here right now another way I will tell all world your secret".

"Ups I need to hang out see you when you come back to work" and she cut the line left Greg speechless.


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