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15 I know your secre

After Greg left I wanted to flow him but my mother stop me.

"Now explain why you protect him" she says with angry voice.

"Ok mom but listen me to the end and don't tell one think to father".


"He save father during car accident" Sophia say calmly.

"WHAT!!!" Angela start screaming.

"I say listen to me later you can ask some questions".

"Ok baby".

"Like I was saying he is a person who save us. You know probably from Mai that I fall from him from first look she probably say that to you" Angela nodded.

"It's not truth he kiss me that why I fell from him. Greg that's his name he do this to wake up me from shock to call to ambulance because his phone was of battery".

Angela face become calmed but she was still angry at her daughter words.

"I was searching for him but police keep they words not saying who he is. He start working at our company when he heard that father offer something. Greg think sometime and wanted to say it but when he saw a lot of people saying that they were who save them he resign from this idea. When he think more he don't wanted to gossips about him that he have position thanks to save someone not hard work. I check how him and knowing that he take overtime form most of time and thanks to his mind we finish some business but of course his boss take thanks."

"Ok daughter but tell me how you find him" Angela say stopping Sophia.

"Like I was saying I check him because he save father again few days ago. I know that that brat from Wu says this but it's not truth I was there. Good that I have recording about saving. Please mom let me deal with it on my own strength."

"Ok so now why you was crying".

"He tell me his story of his first love that she was with him only for f*****g bet with friend. He heard they conversation during sex and that's why I was crying. It must be hard time for him. Because of that he stop trusting women who is interested in him. That's why he isn't interested in me. I need to find solution to help him recovery and to be with me" while I was finishing story I saw tears from my mother eyes.

"Now I know why you was crying idk what happened to me when I saw it I was angry as f**k" Angela say in guilty voice.

"Now knowing all story I will help you but we must not tell your father about what he done to you he will be angry. Oh I now remembered why I come here your father friend will be here soon so fix your make up and go down".

"Ok mom I should be there soon".

When I was alone again I start thinking what to do then I remembered he is strimmer that I follow 'let me check if I can still donate him. this time that I spend in front of his streams was so good.' While Sophia was thinking about it she start her laptop and search of her followers.

"lel I still subscribe to him good time to look at donations. YES!!" Sophia scream with happy voice "He still have it active time to donate him". Knowing that she could buy almost everything thanks to pocket money that her father send her still every week and her money from job she send him 10000$ with text

'I know your name and where you live i want public this until you help me with everything that i ask you - Sophia hehehe'