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The day went on like usual. Classes were going everything was going fine. When lunch break came, I took my lunch and went up to the roof to meet Bryan. When I went to the roof, no one was there so I decided to start eating my lunch while waiting for him. I had been a while and he had not come yet, so I thought I have been fooled by him and decided to leave. As I was packing my stuff up, someone came up. It was Bryan. He was breathing heavily like he had ran up to the roof. I just looked at him. "Hi…sorry for making you wait…the teacher had called me.." he said breathing heavily. "Here drink some water" I said handing him the bottle of water. He took the bottle and drank some water. "Thanks" he said handing the bottle water. "So, why did you call me here?" I asked. "Oh yeah. I wanted to say sorry and give you this" he taking something out of his pocket and handing to me. I took it from him and looked at what it is. It was a small figurine from an anime that I liked. I looked at it and then looked at him with a shocked expression. He smiled and asked "Do you like it? I notice you like stuff like that so I bought one for you as a token of apology and friendship". I kept looking at him shocked. "Well do you?" he asked again. I snapped out of my trance and looked back at the figurine, "yeah I love it" I said. He kept smiling. "But I can't take it", I said giving it back to him. His smile dropped. "No, it's for you keep it. And I'm not forcing you to be my friend because of this it's totally up to you. Whatever it is you decide you can keep that" he said. I was so confused. I kept wondering why would someone like him involve himself with someone like me. Usually I would ignore stuff like this but for some reason he made my heart soft. "Ok" I said taking the doll. "So, are we friends now? Whatever your decision is I respect that", he said. I looked at him and thought for a while before replying "Yes". As soon as he heard me say that his face lite up and he got so excited and started jumping around. He looked so cute when he was so happy. He kept jumping and suddenly hugged me. I was so shocked and embarrassed. I could feel my face heating up. He then realized that he had hugged me and let go awkwardly and kept apologizing. "It's fine", I said looking down as I was still embarrassed. "Good you won't regret your decision. bye" he said leaving. After he left, I kept standing there trying to contemplate what had just happened. I looked back at the figurine and smiled again. I took my lunch box and left.
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After that day Bryan kept talking to me and we became close. Of course, I didn't tell him I had cancer, because it would just scare him away. As we got closer, we started hanging out more often, going out and having fun. I still went to my chemo sessions secretly. My parents didn't have a problem with me doing all this because for the first time in a long time I was actually happy. Bryan made me happy. And slowly I started to fall for him more. So, one day I decided to tell him about my feelings and about me. I called him and told him to meet me in our usual place (the park) at 8pm.

I reached there early because I needed some time to cool down my nerves. I sat on the bench closing my eyes and trying to calm down. Suddenly I hear some saying, "you ok?" I got scared a bit and looked to see Bryan smiling brightly. "yeah I'm fine sit" I said tapping the seat next to me. He sat down and asked "So why did you call me out here?'. "Bryan… I have something I want to tell you." I said. "Oh! Actually, I also wanted to tell you something". "But you can go first" he said. "ok" I said "What I wanted to tell you is that…I….I like you." I said it out feeling my heart beating faster and faster. "and I know that you won't like me back but I just.." before I could say anything he came closer towards and started kissing me. I was shocked at first but then kissed him back. We then pulled away from the kiss and he said "I like you too". I started blushing and smiled as it was my first kiss. I then thought if I should tell him about my cancer. I decided not to tell him now maybe later. Now, I was just happy and that's all I wanted to be. "So, will you go on a date with me tomorrow?", he asked. "Yes" I replied. "Ok then I text you the details. I have to go now.". Before leaving he gave me another kiss and left saying bye. I waved at him and watched him go. I was so happy. I was happy after a really long time. I got excited and rushed home to select my outfit for tomorrow. When I reached home the atmosphere was very gloomy. I went the living area to see my mom and dad very sad as they had some papers in their hand. "Mom, Dad what happened?" I asked worried. They looked at me and mom started crying. I went to comfort my mom, "Mom, dad tell me what happened?" I asked again. "Jade…we got the reports from the re-evaluation from the doctor." My dad spoke. "The chemo sessions are not working. The cancer has grown. You only have a month to live" he said and started crying too. Hearing this I was stunned. I couldn't believe it. I got up leaving my parents there and went to my room stilled shocked. When I reached my room, I closed the door and started crying so much, leaning against the door and sliding down. I was so upset. After what just happened with Bryan I didn't want to go. I knew at some point I would be leaving but not so soon. I kept crying and soon I slept off.