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One day during lunch in school, as usual I was sitting alone in the corner table and eating. Suddenly I started coughing badly so I rushed to the washroom, since I didn't want anyone to see me cough blood. I coughed everything and cleaned myself up and came back to sit on my table to continue eating. When I reached my table, I saw someone already sitting there. It was Bryan. Bryan was one of the good-looking popular guys. Although he was never a jerk like the other guys. I decided to ignore him and just sit quietly and eat. As I sit, I kept noticing him staring at me, I found it weird but I just ignored him. I started eating and suddenly out of nowhere he said; "HI", I thought he was talking to someone else. He said hi again, so I looked up in confusion. I then noticed he was actually saying hi to me, which was surprising as he had never talked to me before. I replied; "HI", awkwardly. "Jade right? I'm Bryan. Nice to meet you." he said extending his hand to shake. "I know"; I said without looking at him. "Oh!" he said keeping his hand down. I continued eating my food. "You know, maybe if you weren't so rude people might actually want to be friends with you" he said out of nowhere. I got a little annoyed by that statement so I got up, "It's not like I need them in the first place" I said and left. I was walking back to my locker, "Come on don't be so rude. Everyone wants friends!" he said following me. I stopped and turned around and he stopped right in front of me. "What do you want?" I said bluntly. "What do you mean?" he said. "I mean why are you following me? Leave me alone!" I said and turned to walk to my locker. As I was taking books out of my locker, he came to me and said "I want to be friends with you!". "Friends! With me! what for?" I asked surprised. "Well…. I think you are a cool person" he replied. "Thanks, but no than..nks" I said as I suddenly started coughing. "Hey! You ok?!" he asked me. I kept coughing so I couldn't reply. II started coughing more. He then held my arm, "Hey! What happened? Do you need water?" he said. Seeing him touching me I panicked, "I.. I'm f..fine" I said pushing his hand away and running off to the bathroom. I ran inside and kept coughing till the blood came out. Luckily the bell had rung, so no one was in the bathroom. After I stopped coughing, I cleaned myself up and stepped outside the bathroom. I saw him standing there waiting for me. I ignored him and went to take my books and go to the class. He saw me and came up to me, "hey! What happened suddenly?" he asked. "Nothing" I said walking back to the class. "That wasn't nothing. Tell me what happened?" he said still following me. "It's nothing" I said again still walking. He then suddenly held me hand and stopped me, "Hey! Come on. What's wrong?" he said again. "I SAID NOTHING RIGHT. WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE? NOW LEAVE ME ALONE", I said tugging my hand out of his grasp and going back to class, leaving him standing there.

For the rest of the day I didn't see Bryan. Not like I cared. As school ended, I went to my chemo sessions as usual. After chemo I headed home like usual and just laid on my bed. Even though it didn't matter I kept thinking why Bryan approached me today. Maybe he really wanted to be my friend or maybe he was just playing around with me. I don't know why it kept bugging me but I decided to just take my mind off it and sleep. Just then I hear my phone ping. I hand gotten a message.

Unknown: Hey! I really sorry about today. I didn't mean to make you angry. Can we meet tomorrow at lunch at the rooftop?

I was confused who was messaging me.

Me: Who is this?

Unknown: It's me Bryan.

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Me: Oh! How did you get my number?

Bryan: I got it from the school. Anyway, that doesn't matter.

Bryan: I just wanted to say sorry for today.

Me: Oh! That's fine.

Bryan: So?

Me: So?

Bryan: So, will you meet me tomorrow?

Me: For what?

Bryan: I want to apologize in person

Me: Oh, that's fine you don't need to

Bryan: But I want to. Please.

Me: Ok fine.

Bryan: Great. See ya there. Goodnight 😊

I read the message and went to sleep.