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Life did not always go my way. Well like it goes anyone's way. And mine was no different. Ever since I was a child all I wanted to do was grow up and work and travel. I did have a lot of career paths in my mind. I did not have anyone particular one option to go to but I knew in time I would know. But before I did life decided to hand me a release form "release from life form". I was diagnosed with cancer. I was shocked when I heard about this. My mind couldn't contemplate what was happening. As if my life already wasn't already bad, god had to do this to me. Due to this everything got even worse.

After learning I had cancer, we immediately started the chemo sessions. See the thing was I really didn't mind dying but seeing my parents like that devastated me even more. This little chance of hope I only gave it a go because of them. I had to stay strong for them.

I never had best friends or childhood friends like everyone else. In fact, I didn't have much close friends too. I know I wasn't the pretty popular one. All I was, was a person who just got better grades than all, never partied or hung out with people or even have a boyfriend. I was just a normal person. People would just make fun of me for no reason and pick on me. Friends never stuck by me, so at some point I just stopped trying. I was all alone. Well I think that was for the best. At least I won't have more people that Ill disappoint when I die.

With only a few years or maybe even months to live I stopped thinking about my career path. I wasn't interested in school anymore. But I still made sure not to affect my grades so much.

Before having cancer, I always had problems sleeping. And now with cancer it wasn't just that I couldn't sleep; I would stay up all night coughing blood. Soon enough my hair also started to fall. I asked my parents to get me a wig. I didn't want the people another reason to pick on me. That is another reason that I told the teacher not to tell the other students about my problem. The last thing I needed I life was pity from others. And it's not like anybody cared. So, my parents bought me one.
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I would just go on about school as though nothing happened. And after that I would have my chemo sessions. Everything was going just fine. I was regularly going for my chemo lessons and I was doing well in school. Although the cancer had not gone, still, comparatively everything was.