Lord of the Mysteries
1133 Chan
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Lord of the Mysteries
Author :Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
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1133 Chan


In the Backlund Bridge area, according to the information provided by Miss Messenger, he found the man who had been seduced by Trissy and ended up helping her "send" the letter.

However, Klein didn't enter the apartment, nor did he disturb his target. He stuck both hands into his black trench coat pocket and continued walking forward.

Under the illumination of the street lamps, he walked all the way to the crossroads and turned into another street.

During this process, a rat that was stealing food in a particular building suddenly shivered.

It then gave up on the piece of cheese and followed the usual "tunnel" that it used to pass through, and it moved towards the target area.

Then, the rat opened its mouth and let out a human's voice:

"Blessed of the sea and spirit world, guardian of the Rorsted Archipelago, ruler of the undersea creatures, master of tsunamis and storms, the great Kalvetua..."

The moment the rat finished its sentence, Klein, who had already turned into another street, vanished. There was only a spark left on the spot that quickly dissipated.

He had used Flaming Jump, but he wasn't using it to travel. Instead, he had entered a hotel room that he had booked to rendezvous with one of his marionettes, so he didn't need to worry too much about being sensed by Zaratul and meet with an accident. After all, the destination was clear, the journey was short, and there was protection.

In the room, with Enuni watching, he took four steps counterclockwise and arrived above the gray fog.

As he sat at the end of the long bronze table, he held the Sea God Scepter. With the help of the prayer light, he observed the target through his "true vision"—the man who helped Demoness Trissy relay the news.

A few minutes later, Reinette Tinekerr appeared in the apartment as promised. She took the gold coin and left the envelope on the table.

The man trembled in fear again, but in the end, he overcame his own fear. He picked up the letter and weighed it.

Fifteen minutes later, he carefully took out the black sticky paste, separated a small blob, and applied it on the surface of a mirror.

Soon, he saw the young girl who had occupied all of his dreams in the dark mirror and hurriedly said, "That crazy adventurer just sent a letter. It seems to contain something else. I didn't open it as per your instructions."

At that moment, above the gray fog, the scene Klein saw began to show a strange phenomenon.

In his vision, the mirror's condition had already turned blurry. It was closer to being a dark and illusory passageway that didn't look realistic enough. It was connected to something similar in the surrounding area, forming a complicated and abstract "spider web" that was interwoven into a profound and strange "world."

Through the gray fog's "true vision," he could barely make out the general situation, but he was unable to make out the details. He didn't know what strange and terrifying creatures hid within that world.

In mysticism, mirrors are often given the symbolic meaning of leading to another "kingdom," and are mostly related to terrifying horrors... Is this the mirror world? My Beyonder powers are completely unrelated to this domain... That's not true. If someone prays to me and attempts magic mirror divination, then there will naturally be an illusory passageway that points towards me, towards the gray fog...

Strictly speaking, the mirror world isn't a real world. It's closer to the collective manifestation of doors. By connecting to different mirrors and different mysterious kingdoms, if one becomes lost in there, they might directly appear in the Abyss, or even the cosmos... Of course, demigods with this ability should be able to create a "reflection world" and hide inside …

The collective manifestation of doors... High-Sequence Beyonders of the Demoness, Wraith, and Apprentice pathways also have similar powers? Does the "secret" in Secrets Sorcerer represent the mirror world to some extent? This is sufficiently mysterious and secretive... Under normal circumstances, even through "true vision," there's no way to directly see the mirror world unless someone triggers it... Klein nodded in thought as he heard Demoness Trissy's melodic voice reply:

"Throw the letter into the mirror."

"Can it be thrown in?" As a Low-Sequence Beyonder, the man had never seen such a miraculous thing before. After some hesitation, he held the letter and pressed it against the mirror.

On the surface of the mirror, the darkness suddenly spread out like ripples of aqueous light.

The man felt his firm touch lighten, and he saw the letter magically pass through the glass surface and enter the illusionary, swirling interior.

Right on the heels of that, the letter seemed to be attracted by a huge whirlpool as it continued to sink deeper into the room where Trissy was.

Above the gray fog, Klein raised the Sea God Scepter high and focused on tracking the letter, attempting to lock onto the location of the Demoness.

At this moment, in his "true vision," the dark and deep mirror world began to quake violently, turning everything into a blur.

By the time the quaking calmed down, Klein had already lost traces of the letter and Demoness Trissy.

The aura of the Primordial Demon Girl can even interfere with observations like this... After a moment of silence, Klein let out a sigh.

It was precisely because of the various peculiarities related to Trissy that he didn't take the risk to mix his hair into the materials to locate her. It was easy for him to suffer from a terrible hex. He might even die on the spot.

To Klein, death didn't really matter. After all, as long as his corpse wasn't pulverized, it was likely the case that he could be revived. But that would mean that he couldn't seize the opportunity to lock onto Trissy. She would definitely change locations quickly. Wouldn't that be equivalent to wasting a precious chance to revive?

After suffering the setback, Klein quickly returned to the real world and left the Backlund Bridge area.

The next morning, with an ordinary face, Klein rode a carriage to Saint Samuel Cathedral.

He planned on chanting the honorific name of the Evernight Goddess to inform "Her" of Demoness Trissy. When the time came, if an accident were to happen on the night of the full moon, there would at least be a deity watching over Backlund, and would also be prepared ahead of time.

Back then, the Evernight Goddess was one of the ones who had exiled and sealed Mr. Door. "She" definitely knew the other party's tricks very well.

In such aspects, Klein had never put on a strong front. He had a very clear understanding of himself.

Since he couldn't solve the problem himself, he would find someone who could solve the problem to help out!

As for why he wasn't doing this at home and had to go to Saint Samuel Cathedral, it was because he wanted to observe the situation in the areas around Boklund Street and search for any tiny traces that spelled Amon's arrival.

Hazel and her family had once been involved with Amon, and she herself belonged to the Marauder pathway. Be it her fate or the convergence of characteristics, she was among the high-risk group of people who could meet Amon by chance. With regards to this, Klein didn't dare to be too careless or negligent. He reminded himself, and he made arrangements to do a self-examination every once in a while.

Similarly, due to Miss Justice's follow-up treatment of Hazel's psychological trauma, anything that happened to Hazel could easily lead to her. Therefore, Klein was also very worried about the safety of this noble lady. He believed that it was necessary to check her condition through the crimson star from time to time. Of course, he would avoid relatively awkward periods of time.

As his thoughts raced, Klein, who was already close to Phelps Street, got off the carriage in advance. He allowed his marionette, Enuni, to secretly recite the honorific name of Sea God.

He and his marionette, Qonas, switched positions. In a sealed space that he had "Distorted," he took four steps counterclockwise and went above the gray fog.

Then, with the help of the Sea God Scepter to widen his "true vision", he carefully observed the situation in Boklund Street and the Loen Charity Bursary Foundation.

Hazel isn't Parasitized... Neither is Miss Justice... Same for their maidservants, pets, and bodyguards... The residents and staff of the Charity Bursary Foundation don't show signs either... There are no traces of any Amon-related activity in the various streets in the area... Klein heaved a sigh of relief and returned to the real world.

Following that, he approached Saint Samuel Cathedral and passed through the door, finding a seat in the dark and quiet prayer hall.

After chanting the honorific name of the Evernight Goddess in a low voice, Klein described simply, "...Demoness Trissy has obtained the hair of an Abraham family descendant. She plans to contact a hidden existence on the night of the full moon. I cannot be sure of her exact purpose..."

After sitting quietly for a while and seeing that the Goddess didn't respond, nor did the archbishop appear, Klein wore his silk top hat and slowly walked out of the cathedral.

At night, he switched positions and controlled a rat as a marionette as recited another honorific name:

"The great God of War, the symbol of iron and blood, the ruler of chaos and strife, I wish to meet you..."

Just like before, the rat lost its life the moment it finished praying. Following that, Klein pulled away from the area.

He wanted to meet the Red Angel and talk about Mr. Door and Dark Angel Sasrir.

After waiting for a few minutes, with the help of another rat marionette, he saw that the other rat burst into flames, emitting a burning white flame.

The flame quickly formed a short line on the ground:

"I don't want to see you."

The muscles on Klein's face twitched indiscernibly.

After some thought, he gave up and left the area.

After a few seconds, the remaining burning-white flames formed a new sentence:

"Come on, beg me."

By then, Klein had already left.

In a house somewhere in Backlund, a pale-faced Sauron Einhorn Medici stood up from the sofa in a black, red-lined robe.

He frowned and muttered to himself, "Who's disturbing me...'

In the blink of an eye, a full moon had dawned its light on Backlund.

In a room illuminated by the crimson light, Demoness Trissy stood at an altar. Around her were ritual materials— rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, and lazurite.

After some complicated preparations, she lit the hair in her hand and placed it into a cauldron.

When the fire was tainted with a layer of darkness, Trissy took two steps back and solemnly chanted in Jotun, "Great Door of All Doors;

"Guide of the endless cosmos;

"Key to all mysterious worlds..."


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