Lord of the Mysteries
962 Being Known
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Lord of the Mysteries
Author :Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
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962 Being Known

Almost instantly, Alger discovered that Mr. Fool was somewhat different than before.

In the past, although Mr. Fool was distant and profound, making "Him" appear unfathomable, as though "He" was looking down upon everything from above, that was all. It wasn't like "He" was now. Even though "He" wasn't doing anything, he seemed to have fused with the entire space, a clear expression of "Him" being the ruler at the pinnacle level.

Sweeping his gaze, Alger saw the third Card of Blasphemy as he felt more certain of his guess.

Indeed, Mr. Fool and the Angel of Imagination Adam had cooperated to machinate Ince Zangwill's demise. One of "Them" obtained 0-08, making "Him" take one step closer to being a god, while the other obtained the various benefits in a Card of Blasphemy and regained a substantial amount of "His" strength!

The times will change as a result! At that instant, Alger had a deeper understanding of what Mr. Fool had just said.

The other members undoubtedly noticed him turning his head, and they realized that he was looking at Mr. Fool.

After a brief moment of surprise, they made a certain realization at different speeds.

Mr. Fool was aware of Angel of Imagination Adam's plot against Ince Zangwill from the very beginning and had sent "His" Blessed to cooperate. "He" had even provided a certain level of help!

If that weren't the case, how could a recently advanced demigod participate in a matter that involved a King of Angels and Grade 0 Sealed Artifact?

If this weren't the case, The World wouldn't have been able to understand the situation that well, even if he had been embroiled due to all kinds of coincidences.

The obtaining of the Card of Blasphemy, Mr. World's advancement, Ince Zangwill's death, the meeting of Angel of Imagination Adam's goal, these all happened in one week… This means that the relationship between them is tightly intertwined… My previous intuition was right. The obtaining of a new Card of Blasphemy and the appearance of an abnormality in Mr. World's mental state were the different outcomes of the same matter… Audrey nodded very slightly as she confirmed her theory.

Leonard was increasingly convinced that Ince Zangwill's matter was more complicated than he had imagined. Apart from King of Angels Adam, there were likely other important figures of similar levels appearing back then. Otherwise, Amon's brother, the son of the ancient sun god, had no need to seek out Mr. Fool's help. After all, no matter how powerful or terrifying 0-08 was, it was incapable of comparing with the Blasphemer as described by Old Man, as Adam and Amon were likely on par with each other.

The evil spirit that Klein pulled into the Underworld probably isn't simple. It's definitely not something that "being from the Hunter pathway" would be enough to describe it with… Hmm, Klein's participation in the matter regarding Ince Zangwill isn't solely for revenge, but is also due to Mr. Fool's orders… As Leonard sighed, he didn't generate any negative feelings. Instead, he was secretly relieved.

From his point of view, this was a very ordinary situation. Mr. Fool's agreement in convening such a gathering to establish a corresponding organization while hosting it as a deity was definitely not because "He" solely wished to make the area more lively or being done out of goodwill. "He" definitely had "His" goals and needs that "He" wished Blessed like Klein or members like him could complete.

Therefore, seeking revenge on Ince Zangwill and accepting Mr. Fool's mission wasn't in conflict. The latter didn't reduce the former's meaning and importance.

As for why he was relieved, it was because Leonard believed that Mr. Fool's clear expression of "His" goals had made it better than having everything chaotic and unknown. He didn't need to guess or wait with trepidation.

He originally had intense wariness for Pallez Zoroast precisely because he wasn't sure of "His" true motives.

At this moment, The Fool Klein didn't say a word. He didn't confirm or deny the members' guesses and theories. Controlling The World, he made him continue, "Adam might've established a very secretive organization, and it has been secretly steering the development of the times.

"Many important figures you might never have expected are members of this organization. They would machinate one matter after another.

"Also, after leaving this place, do not say or write down Adam's name, including 'His' title. Try not to think about such matters, because 'He' has the trait of 'any mention of it will be known.' The more you know about 'Him,' the more 'He' might know about you. This is somewhat similar to 0-08."

After hearing Mr. World's description, Audrey instantly recalled learning of the mysterious organization from Mr. Fool: the Twilight Hermit Order!

This made her quickly come up with a corresponding theory:

The King of Angels Adam was the leader of the Twilight Hermit Order!

The Angel of Imagination was a member of the Spectator pathway. Likewise for 0-08. Therefore, "any mention of it will be known" was a Beyonder power of this pathway at higher Sequences. Likewise for "the more you know of it, the more it knows of you"!

Impressive… But won't this be rather noisy… Audrey momentarily looked forward to it with envy while also feeling worried and puzzled.

"Any mention of it will be known"… So the organization behind the assassination of Duke Negan, the one backer behind Qilangos was established by King of Angels Adam… Alger was first somewhat enlightened before his expression fell.

He began to suspect that the primitive island that he had previously explored was related to this secret organization. This was because Qilangos had once ventured deep into it and discovered several items. Furthermore, the final disappearance of the island had resembled the powers of the Dragon of Imagination as described by The Sun.

Putting the two together, Alger couldn't help but come up with such a theory as he made a deeper realization that Mr. Fool's cooperation with the Angel of Imagination had started when he and Gehrman Sparrow stepped into that primitive island!

He was more convinced that it was the truth because after the existence in that island's ruin "awakened," the only thing that happened was a sigh. He and Gehrman Sparrow weren't stopped from leaving.

So that's how it is… The way important figures set up their ploys are truly well-concealed. I didn't notice it at all back then… The games between gods are truly complicated. Perhaps only Sequence 1 Beyonders or even King of Angels are qualified to participate… Alger sighed as he felt a baffling sense of desire.

Fors had already forgotten the mysterious organization which Mr. Fool had mentioned previously. Only when she heard "any mention of it will be known" did she recall that it was related to Duke Negan's assassination.

However, she wasn't concerned about this problem but something else.

Back when she was informing Xio about the general situation of the Tarot Club and the general knowledge, she had mentioned Adam's name!

Adam has the trait of "any mention will be known"? This… Xio and I are known by "Him"? Fors instantly felt horrified as she couldn't help but turn her head and cast her gaze to Xio.

She had learned that Adam was the son of the Creator from Ma'am Hermit. Furthermore, she had never emphasized to not mention the King of Angels's name in the outside world!

"I-I've mentioned Adam in the real world," Fors said with a clear stammer. Xio's nerves were taut as though a venomous snake had crawled into her clothes and was sliding across her back.

Cattleya tersely acknowledged.

"No need to worry. Although not many people know of Adam and Amon, there's no lack of them. I've mentioned 'His' name on several occasions. As long as the words you mention doesn't involve any secrets, I believe 'He' will only observe you for a moment before casting 'His' gaze elsewhere."

She was rather certain when saying that because, in the Moses Ascetic Order that had been pursued by knowledge, Adam's existence wasn't a secret. People often mentioned "Him."

At this moment, her mind was filled with another matter. Could it be that the secret, ancient organization that Emperor Roselle joined was the one that King of Angels Adam established?

Fors hurriedly tried recalling and said somewhat hesitantly, "There were mentions involving the Forsaken Land of the Gods, the Giant King's Court, Amon, King of Angels, and other knowledge. Would that be a problem?"

She was very happy that she had never mentioned the words "Tarot Club" or described the other members. At most, she mentioned that the gloomiest was Gehrman Sparrow.

Cattleya thought and said, "At your Sequence, discussing knowledge at that level is indeed strange. However, if Adam were to delve deeper, he will realize that you're related to the Abraham family. It's quite normal to be aware of this information.

"What you need to pay attention to is that any major matters involving the Abraham family will require you to be wary of Adam."

How do I be wary of him… Fors forced a helpless smile as she glanced at the seat of honor at the long bronze table. Then, she looked back at The Hermit and said, "Thank you for your analysis."

As Mr. Fool hadn't said anything, she decided to believe Ma'am Hermit's words.

At this moment, Klein sighed inwardly.

Back when Cattleya mentioned Adam during the Tarot Gathering, he wasn't aware that Adam's name wasn't to be verbalized, nor did he know that he was related to the Twilight Hermit Order. It was only when he entered Groselle's Travels and learned from Ascetic Snowman about Adam being the Angel of Imagination that he grasped this point and came up with the theory.

After seeing Mr. Door's warning from Emperor Roselle's diary and gained preliminary confirmation, he ultimately lacked the opportunity to warn the various members. Furthermore, the way the archbishop of the Church of Steam casually mentioned Adam's name made him believe that many people in the real world knew of Adam and that it wasn't taboo. Furthermore, Adam might not be "His" full name. He wasn't in a rush to guide the conversation towards this, but he was waiting for an opportunity.

Any mention of it will be known? The organization established by Adam is really impressive… Is this the target our Tarot Club is aiming at? As Emlyn reflected over it poignantly, he gained a clear picture of the Tarot Club.

He had previously been figuring out a category for the Tarot Club. He realized that it wasn't like an orthodox Church, and it was unlike the other secret organizations. Apart from being a messiah alliance, there wasn't anything too special. It muddled his analysis.

And today, he finally confirmed that the early development of the Tarot Club could match Adam's organization!

Knowing 0-08's trait, Leonard wasn't surprised that Adam had a similar trait. He was more concerned about the organization with many important figures participating, as well as the Abraham family which Ma'am Hermit had mentioned.

He had once heard Pallez Zoroast mention: This family's standing in the Fourth Epoch was very high!


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