Lord of the Mysteries
601 Scaring Oneself
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Lord of the Mysteries
Author :Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
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601 Scaring Oneself

Above the gray fog, Klein leaned back into his high-back chair and held Creeping Hunger. He remained silent for several seconds.

Finally, he released the Psychiatrist's soul according to the specific steps.

A tall figure quickly appeared by the side of the bronze table. It was a woman whose face looked somewhat blurry. Her pain and distorted feelings was apparent

Klein looked at her and asked her as though he was chatting with her, "Do you still remember who you are?"

In the mysterious space, he could directly channel her spirit

The Psychiatrist's enmity reduced substantially as she smiled bitterly.

"Of course I remember.

"I was a member of a secret organization and was planning to meet a friend in Toscarter Island, but I ended up encountering pirates on the way.

"Although I used my powers to resolve the disaster, the pirates who escaped informed Qilangos of the corresponding situation. In order to obtain my powers, he deliberately changed course and intercepted our ship. You can probably imagine what happened after that

"Thanks to his meticulousness, I was killed instantly, unlike the other female passengers who encountered things that were worse than death."

Klein fell silent for a few seconds before nodding slightly.

"Do you know of the ancient book known as Groselle's Travels?"

He believed that since Groselle's Travels came from the dragons, it was possible that the Psychiatrist had heard of its name or the corresponding information.

The female Psychiatrist thought over it carefully before shaking her head.

"I'm sorry. I've never heard that name before."

Klein no longer bothered with the topic and switched to asking, "Since you're about to dissipate and gain eternal peace. Do you have any last wishes?"

The Psychiatrist lowered her head and chuckled.

"I wish to be revived.

"Alright. I know that this wish cannot be satisfied. Everything else isn't necessary. I've been dead for years. My family and friends have probably already received news of my death. Informing them again of my death will only dig up the pain of those memories.

"Let's leave it at that. Thank you. That should be it..."

Her figure quickly dissipated and vanished, leaving behind a huge golden iris that could expose the thoughts of everyone's hearts.

This was the Beyonder characteristic of a Psychiatrist.

Klein sighed and began pondering over the details of what the Psychiatrist had said.

She was visiting a friend at Toscarter Island alone without any family...

Toscarter Island is located at the easternmost front of the Sonia Sea, and it's south of the Gargas Archipelago.

That's the easternmost colony of the Loen Kingdom, while the Gargas Archipelago belongs to the Feysac Empire... What kind of friend would be there? What kind of friend is worth visiting after taking such a long trip?

Although she only said that she's from a secret organization, the chances are that it's the Psychology Alchemists. Was she out on a mission?

Klein respected the deceased and didn't wish to dig out her secrets, so he didn't probe deeper. Without any clues, he quickly stopped thinking about such matters and considered something else.

After hunting down Wormtongue Mithor King, regardless of the reason, I have to leave Bayam for the time being... I've really done quite a bit in the City of Generosity during this period of time... Yes, I'll participate in about three Beyonder gatherings and confirm whether there are the main ingredients of Nimblewright Master before leaving... Klein rapidly made a decision and conjured a scene of The World praying. Covering it with the gray fog, he threw the scene to the crimson star representing Miss Justice.

Audrey was standing on the balcony on the third floor looking at the nearby village. The rooftops were mainly brick-red in color as they showed depictions, abstract pictures, or real pictures of dragons.

Suddenly, the familiar endless void surfaced in front of her eyes.

Amidst the gray fog, a blurry figure was standing high above, praying to the god above.

"Honorable Mr. Fool, please inform Miss Justice that she can make preparations for the transaction."

I can make preparations for the transaction? He has obtained the Beyonder characteristic of a Psychiatrist? But he still didn't have one yesterday... The World's efficiency shocked Audrey as she nearly forgot to thank Mr. Fool.

Thankfully, she was no longer the green and naive lady from before. She had been exposed to several major matters and rapidly calmed her mind as she sincerely thanked him. She passed on the message for Mr. World to wait another two to three days as she was preparing to pay off the money she owed to Mr. Fool's Blessed. Although she had sufficient money, she had to maintain a minimum balance, otherwise it was easy for others to notice something amiss.

After the illusory gray fog dissipated, Audrey silently looked down at Susie, who was admiring the garden on the first floor, before pacing around and secretly clicking her tongue.

Mr. World is really terrifying...

Evening, in the Seaweed Bar.

Having just squandered all his money at the casino, Blue Eyes Meath sat before a bar counter and ordered a cup of Lanti Proof.

He was just about to raise the cup when he suddenly heard the bartender whisper to him with a suppressed voice, "Wormtongue Mithor is dead."

"What... Who did it?" Blue Eyes Meath was first alarmed before he asked excitedly, "Someone is challenging Vice Admiral Ailment?"

"An adventurer named Gehrman Sparrow. He wasn't known at all before. Who knew that he finished off Mithor!" The bartender didn't hide his shock and alarm. "He also killed Ozil, the real boss of Amyris Leaf Bar, Strongman Ozil!"

Blue Eyes Meath was just about to sigh when he frowned suddenly.

Back when Ozil's men came to ask him about Blazing Danitz, he had mentioned that the boatswain of the Golden Dream was seen mixing in with an unknown adventurer. He had used a ritual to provide the corresponding portrait

Ozil is dead. Mithor King is dead. It's done by an unknown adventurer named Gehrman Sparrow... Blue Eyes Meath suddenly trembled as a scene that left a deep impression on him surfaced in his mind.

The young man that looked like a gentleman was standing by the entrance of the bar. He had black hair and brown eyes, with a thin and cut face. His eyes coldly observed the customers as though he was seeking out his prey.

Blue Eyes Meath shuddered and couldn't be bothered with drinking his alcohol. He got up immediately and took wide strides out of the bar.

Terrifying! That guy is too terrifying! Even Wormtongue died at his hands. He's definitely a powerhouse at the admiral level! He will definitely seek me out and finish me off. No, I can't stay in Bayam any longer. I have to return to the ship and be far away from here! Blue Eyes Meath ran to the Red Theater and forcibly pulled his companions with him. They headed for the woods and circled around to the private harbor ran by the Resistance.

Opposite across the Red Theater, the herb store in the alley remained open. The chubby Apothecary, Darkwill was sitting behind the counter, wearing a calm expression, but internally, he was deeply worried.

He had already contacted the Life School of Thought members he knew via various methods and sought their help. However, he had no idea who they were or when they would come. He could only bear with his fear and anxiety as he continued running the store, pretending as though nothing had happened.

"Darkwill, you're extremely uneasy." The chubby owl flew over from an unknown location and landed on the counter.

"There's no need for you to remind me. I know my state of mind very well." Darkwill waved his hands impatiently.

He could still remember the times when he was still under his teacher's tutelage. He was often warned to be careful of the official Beyonder organizations and be careful of the true Sanguine. In regards to this, Roy King raised several examples, such as being imprisoned underground forever, with no sunlight or woman to be seen; being made into experimental subjects where their bodies would be used to test the dangers of particular Sealed Artifacts. There, they would experience all kinds of experiments, and after mutating, they were monsters who acted on instinct. It was also possible to be sucked and eaten by the Sanguine and made into puppets.

These examples had deeply imprinted themselves in his mind. It made his already lacking courage vanish instantly. After leaving his teacher's side, he often stayed in a city for a short period of time, immediately leaving once there was a risk of exposure.

Darkwill tried hard to keep his horror under control, placing his attention on the problem of rescuing his teacher.

... Old Man has been captured for some time. Why is he still imprisoned in the governor-general's office? With the military's abilities, they should be able to gather any information they wish to know. Be it an outright execution, the gathering of materials, or being used as an experimental subject, they would definitely move Old Man... Could it be that Old Man used some techniques to hide his secret, or they wish to make him into a spy? Sigh, just agree to it! Darkwill scratched his head as his thoughts wandered aimlessly.

Gradually, he recalled the last letter he received from his teacher, Roy King.

Old Man often likes to give hints in things that seem to be normal and ordinary matters. Could that letter contain similar information? That letter didn't say a thing. It just said to meet him near the Red Theater and flaunted his gambling techniques. Pui! He clearly relies on luck. He even wanted me to go to Enmat Street's Mabel's Sundry Store and buy a die to make preparations to be educated... I thought I would buy it only after we met, so I haven't been there all this time. Perhaps there a secret there? Darkwill was like a drowning man who seemed to clutch at a straw.

Many of Bayam's streets were named after Loen Kingdom cities.

Darkwill used a few minutes to muster his courage, brought the owl with him, and closed the door to his shop before walking out of the alley.

While waiting for the rental carriage, he bought a copy of the News Report from a paperboy as he flipped through the international and domestic news, as well as news about the archipelago.

Suddenly, he saw a familiar face——it was the adventurer who had informed him of Roy King's location.

In the afternoon, Gehrman Sparrow killed Wormtongue Mithor King who's worth a bounty reaching 5,400 pounds... I actually entrusted a mission to such a powerful adventurer! Darkwill clicked his tongue.

He soon threw the matter to the back of his mind and got onto the carriage and headed straight for Enmat Street and found Mabel's Sundry Store.

The owner of the shop was a genial old lady who said after sizing him up, "The die you want costs 1 pound."

This is a robbery! Darkwill roared angrily in his head, but this only made him more certain that there might be clues hidden in the die.

After paying, he received a tiny ring box and opened the lid. He saw a milky-white six-sided die which had four red dots pointing up.

Although he was puzzled with how ordinary the die looked and how it was stuffed tightly into the ring box with no remnant space, Darkwill still acted cautiously by not studying it on the spot. He placed it into his pocket and walked to another side of the street.

When he came to a secluded spot, he couldn't help but give it a glance, unable to find any problems with it.

At this moment, a carriage flew by and gave him a fright His wrist trembled as he dropped the die on the ground.

The die continued rolling and ultimately came to a stop, a single red dot pointing up.

Darkwill cursed the carriage driver and widened his stride to pick it up.

Just as he took this step, his body suddenly staggered, and he collapsed to the ground loudly despite the lack of any obstacles. All he saw were stars.

His mind went blank for a moment as he lay there, the milky-white die right in front of his eyes.


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