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1373 Preparation for The Battle

In the vast sacred World.

The Sea of Abyss Master was 900 kilometers tall. Part of his body was even above the clouds. As he rushed, even though he was slightly slower than any of the three escaping team of cultivators from Sky Noon City that had executed their combat formations, he was still frighteningly fast.

'It seems I can't chase them anymore.'

The Sea of Abyss Master continued chasing after one team for the time taken to brew a cup of tea. Once he found their distance increasing, he chose to give up.

He merely changed direction and continued dashing towards 'Scarlet Cloud City'!

"He is no longer chasing after us."

"He has given up on us."

This team of more than 1,000 cultivators sighed a breath of relief.

"We have also used various scouting techniques on our surroundings. Even if there were large numbers of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms coming to stop us, we have already taken a detour over them! Even if we can't, we can simply choose to charge through the weakest link! The Sea of Abyss Master is already slower than us. Hence, if he continues chasing after us, it is unlikely for him to reach up to us forever." These cultivators began conversing between one another.

"If he continues chasing after us, even though it is unlikely that he'll reach us, the moment he did so, we'd be doomed."

"Alright. Let's not talk about this anymore. Fellow cultivators, currently, we can determine according to the direction where the Sea of Abyss Master is heading to be the nearest Scarlet Cloud City." The strongest cultivator in the team, Vice-City Master 'Xun Yi' said, "Even though he is slightly slower than us, he is moving in a straight line without anything obstructing him. As for us, we have to avoid the territories of those Chaotic Origin Prisoners! We are also slowed down by the large number of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms around us. It seems that the Sea of Abyss Master will reach Scarlet Cloud City way before us."


"Right, judging by the time taken for us to detour the territories of the Chaotic Origin Prisoners, it'll take us 50% longer."

Without the threat of death, all of them desired to participate in the battle of 'hunting down the Sea of Abyss Master' still. But now it seemed that the Sea of Abyss Master would be reaching Scarlet Cloud City before they did.

"Scarlet Cloud City has Monarch Flying Snow. They are definitely confident of themselves and would likely choose to deal with the Sea of Abyss Master before we reach."

"The Sea of Abyss Master isn't that easy to kill!"

"And it seems from the previous exchange that the Sea of Abyss Master has become much stronger."

"Let us just rush over! If they were to kill the Sea of Abyss Master before we reach, then we can only say that their Scarlet Cloud City is formidable!"

The team of a thousand cultivators continued rushing.

At the same time——

A towering figure that stood above a turbulent golden river looked in the direction of Scarlet Cloud City. He ordered nonchalantly: "Children, set off towards Scarlet Cloud City."

Within a deep valley, black fog could be seen pervading the place. A blurred figure standing amidst it gave out an order: "Everyone, set off for Scarlet Cloud City."

Orders came down in different places.

In the entire Sacred World, every huge Chaotic Origin Lifeform tribe that had a 'Chaotic Origin Prisoner' leading it began heading towards Scarlet Cloud City. Even the Chaotic Origin Lifeform tribes that originally attacked 'Sky Noon City' had headed towards Scarlet Cloud City too.

Furthermore, many more Chaotic Origin Lifeform tribes that did not have any Chaotic Origin Prisoners leading them had to be relayed the instruction by the 'Sea of Abyss Attendants'.

The Sea of Abyss Attendants represented the Sea of Abyss Master! They could easily order those Chaotic Origin Lifeform tribes.

"Hear the orders from the King. All of you must set off now for Scarlet Cloud City."

The Sea of Abyss Attendants were rushing all over the place passing down the order.

Ultimately, the Sacred World was too big and the Sea of Abyss Attendants were too slow. It was fortunate that they had great numbers. Hence, by splitting apart and passing down the orders to the different regions, a month was all it took to contact all tribes across the Sacred World.


Many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were rushing over to Scarlet Cloud City at this moment. The Sea of Abyss Master was also personally coming.

"Indeed, they are coming to our Scarlet Cloud City." Within Scarlet Cloud Hall, Xue Ying and the other 3,000 cultivators were staring at the magic mirror. The magic mirror showed many different regions across the Sacred World and also occasionally at 'the Sea of Abyss Master'.

"He attacked Sky Noon City because it is closer." Wu Xiao said solemnly, "In addition to the incredibly strength Sea of Abyss Master had initially, he could stride through a distance beyond 100 million kilometers easily. That is why his speed was so fast initially. But after covering more than half the journey, even though his strength is constantly decreasing, he spent just a total of two days reaching 'Sky Noon City' from the Sea of Abyss."

"And to reach Scarlet Cloud City from Sky Noon City would require approximately six days." Wu Xiao deduced, "Such a long time is sufficient for more Chaotic Origin Lifeforms to gather and attack us!"

"This isn't just the case." Great Emperor Heaven Calamity said seriously, "The Sea of Abyss Master should know of how formidable Brother Flying Snow's soul technique is! Hence, this time, he could very well treat Scarlet Cloud City as the most important battlefield. He'll definitely dispatch sufficient Chaotic Origin Lifeforms over to attack us. And right now, we aren't clear how strong the Sea of Abyss Master has become. Sky Noon City was attacked, and their protective arrays had easily been broken apart. The cultivators in Sky Noon City chose to escape after that. Hence, there was no battle at all. We can't determine the current strength of the Sea of Abyss Master. What we discovered is that his array sieging techniques have become much stronger."


All of them were solemn.

They desired to kill the Sea of Abyss Master. However, it seemed they were not really clear how strong the Sea of Abyss Master was.

"Why are we thinking so much about this?" Mo Shu sneered, "So what if he has become stronger? He shouldn't have reached the Grand Perfection Stage yet. With Monarch Flying Snow around, we can still fight him head-on. No matter what, we have to try. Perhaps we might succeed?"

"Mn, when the time comes, we'll just fight with all our strength." Weather Leaf nodded, "Fellow cultivators, let us practice with our combined combat formation once again. After all, Nine-Headed has already become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform. Of the three combat formations… we'll have to greatly alter one of them."


"Let's familiarize ourselves with the combat formation."

Familiarizing with the combat formation was simple. Those who had experienced the previous battle with the Sea of Abyss Master had grasped it before. It was only the newcomers that had to get familiar with it like Xue Ying and Great Emperor North River for instance.


A terrifying energy started gathering within the Scarlet Cloud Hall. The power of the combat formations began activating.

Weather Leaf asked Xue Ying: "Brother Flying Snow, would your participation in the combat formation affect your soul technique? No matter what, your soul technique is still the most essential! At the worst, you can stand within the combat formation and not join in its control."

"It's fine! I won't be affected by it." Xue Ying chuckled.

He had great heart force that far surpassed experts at the same level.

And he was only responsible for controlling a tiny node within the formation. The consumption of his heart force did not even reach 10%! Of course, half his heart force was essentially around 30% to 40% of most apex experts. Even though the apex experts were all extraordinary and had experienced many opportunities, Xue Ying's soul had been nourished with the core blood from the Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother. And more importantly, his attainments in the Dao of Soul was simply overpowering, allowing his heart force to reach a tremendous level.

Time passed…

While he familiarized with the combat formation, Xue Ying was also looking forward in his heart: 'If I could kill the Sea of Abyss Master, I would be bestowed with a great reward from the Overlord. Hearing what Wu Xiao said, by then, I can meet the Overlord and ask something from him. Most Bloodline Cultivators would definitely succeed to become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform! This reward is frightening enough. Even if I were the one asking for something, I believe the final reward would be significantly helpful for my cultivation.'

'My soul technique can suppress many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. Furthermore, I am also participating in the combat formation. By the time if we succeeded in killing the Sea of Abyss Master, it is highly possible that the greatest contributor will be me.' Xue Ying thought.

Though there was a difference in strength, resulting in the core of the three teams in Scarlet Cloud City to be taken up by Weather Leaf, Wu Xiao and Great Emperor Heaven Calamity respectively! Their combat strengths were all incredible. Being the core of the combined combat formations, the three teams would be able to maximize their strength!

And Xue Ying's soul technique…

Under normal circumstances, Xue Ying would still have the largest hope of being the greatest contributor, with Weather Leaf following up closely! And after that… it would depend on who could take the last hit of killing the Sea of Abyss Master during the battle. Regardless, everything would be determined by the 'Guiding Hall Spirit'.

'Even if I do not get anything.' Xue Ying thought, 'This battle would be a huge training for me. This Sea of Abyss Master is also the biggest opponent I'll ever face in this Sacred World.'

'By the time this battle ends, if I do not get anything, it is also time for me to leave this Sacred World.'

Xue Ying planned out in advance.

The assistance that the Sacred World had for him was already negligible!

Previously, he had gone ahead to deal with several Chaotic Origin Prisoners, killing three in total. As a result, all the Chaotic Origin Prisoners in the Sacred World knew about the famous 'Monarch Flying Snow'. As a result, whenever these Chaotic Origin Prisoners chose to leave their territories, they would not dare to travel too far away. They would rather enduer the frightening torture then to be killed! As such, the difficulty of killing them had become much harder.

'The opportunity provided by Yuan enables me to head to three worlds.'

'I've already experienced the Lightning World and the Cultivation Sacred World. Now, I am just left with one last final world.' Xue Ying was curious about the final world. The Cultivation Sacred World had already gathered so many cultivators that reached the Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body Level! Furthermore, there were even dozens of High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms locked here. How would the third world be?

According to his estimation, the three worlds would have a gradual increase in difficulty.

'It is very hard for me to grow further now.' Xue Ying sighed inwardly.

He had no choice.

The Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm was just a slight bit away from the final realm. It also had the greatest chance of breaking through.

As for the Dao of Void, he had already reached the Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body Realm. If he wished to have a breakthrough? Xue Ying did not have much hope in it. He only had the dream of 'fusing his fleshy body and soul'. Hence, Xue Ying looked forward to reaching the final realm in his Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm. He looked forward to the fusion that would follow after.