Lord Xue Ying
1372 World-Shaking
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Lord Xue Ying
Author :I Eat Tomatoes
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1372 World-Shaking

"We are afraid that he wouldn't come!"

"He might seem powerful, yet once he arrives at Sky Noon City, his strength will be suppressed even further since he is too far away from the Sea of Abyss. Even if the cultivators in Sky Noon City can't deal with the Sea of Abyss Master, they should be able to protect the city easily. By then, the Sea of Abyss Master would change to a different target. He'll head to our Scarlet Cloud City. By then, he'll become even weaker! We would have an easier time defending against him. Perhaps we could kill him also!"

"Right! The previous time we fought, even though we were on the disadvantaged end, and we failed to ambush him, that is because we did not have Monarch Flying Snow! The Sea of Abyss Master led a huge number of Chaotic Origin Lifeform subordinates and we could hardly surround him at all."

"Now that we have Monarch Flying Snow, there is no need to mention those large numbers of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms anymore. We can simply pour our full strength to deal with the Sea of Abyss Master. With the entire city working together, it is entirely possible for us to kill him!"

"This is our opportunity."

"We must grab hold of it and kill him!"

The group of cultivators discussed within the Scarlet Cloud Hall.

If the cultivators were to encounter the Sea of Abyss Master in twos and threes, they would naturally be sending themselves to their deaths! But if all the cultivators in the city worked together, they would be qualified to fight! Currently, the 'Sea of Abyss Master' projected on the magic mirror was still exaggeratedly strong. By the time he reaches the Scarlet Cloud City, he would only be left with 10% to 20% of his original strength!

Xue Ying discussed with the cultivators by his side. He was primarily asking about what happened previously when the cultivators fought with the Sea of Abyss Master. At the same time, he was also paying attention to everything that happened within the magic mirror.

'It seems that any cultivator would die for certain if the Sea of Abyss Master reaches him.' Xue Ying shook his head inwardly.

No matter how much fighting spirit a cultivator had.

Or how much decisiveness and ambition one had, all of them would still be trampled to death by the Sea of Abyss Master!


The Sea of Abyss Master ran for two days straight before arriving at Sky Noon City. At this moment, his strength dropped even further. Even his body was just 900 kilometers high. Compared to the size that he had when he just left the Sea of Abyss, this was much smaller by a few times.

However, with a height of 900 kilometers, he remained the most terrifying Chaotic Origin Prisoner across all of the Sacred World.

"He is here."

"He has arrived at Sky Noon City."

"I wish that Sea of Abyss Master has not improved any further."

The group of cultivators in Scarlet Cloud City continued watching the projected scene on the magic mirror. Even though this battle was happening at Sky Noon City! They could still use that to check out how strong 'Sea of Abyss Master' is.

Even though they had fought previously…

That was in the past! Compared to other Chaotic Origin Prisoners that went out for patrols often, the Sea of Abyss Master would only go out once in a blue moon. And everytime he went out for a patrol, it would create an uproar that turned the entire Sacred World upside down! This huge delay in patrol might perhaps result in the Sea of Abyss Master digging out more of his bloodline potential, allowing him to grasp more mysterious and powerful secret techniques.

Each time his strength increased! It would naturally make him much harder to kill.

"So many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms." Xue Ying could not help but hyperventilate when he saw everything in the magic mirror.

There were so many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that they had completely surrounded Sky Noon City. Not only had the Chaotic Origin Lifeforms covered the land, even the sky was filled with many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

The Sea of Abyss Master could be said to command all Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in the Sacred World, including other Chaotic Origin Prisoners; those Chaotic Origin Prisoners were willing to hear his orders.


Sky Noon City.

Within Sky Noon City, the cultivators were all standing in midair. There was a certain order in the way they stood. Currently, the city walls in the entire Sky Noon City began lighting up. All sorts of arrays were activated. There was even a hundred-layered barrier covering the city that flashed with a vibrant colorful light. There were simply too many colors.

"They are here."

"The Sea of Abyss Master has arrived."

Many cultivators in Sky Noon City were watching from afar. They did not place the surrounding Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in their eyes at all even though there were so many of them! This was the confidence they had in Sky Noon City's defenses. When all the cultivators worked together to activate the defenses, those ordinary Chaotic Origin Lifeforms could not destroy their defenses.

Even though the Sky Noon City was located closest to the Sea of Abyss and was in the most dangerous spot, similarly, they were the one that could grab hold of the opportunity at the earliest!

Because the greatest contributor in killing the Sea of Abyss Master would be bestowed with a gift from the Overlord.

Hence, the experts in Sky Noon City would have a greater hope of succeeding! There were even experts that were sufficiently strong who chose to stay in Sky Noon City after understanding the differences between the five cities!


In the distance within the vast wilderness, the giant towering at a height of 900 kilometers dashed over at a fast pace. His messy hair flowed with the wind. There were even many shackles that were planted in his body, causing clunking sounds to be heard with every step he took. Even as he stood there without moving, he would still feel 'pain'. If he were to dash forward, the pain would increase further.

That simply infuriated him further.

'Aren't you asking me to train these weak little ants? Hmph hmph, I'll do as you wish and wipe out all these ants.' The body of the Sea of Abyss Master was simply too big. The city walls of Sky Noon City were merely constructed to the height of his thigh! At this moment, the Sea of Abyss Master was looking down through the cloud layer at the cultivators in the city.

The cultivators were also staring back at him. They were not afraid. Instead, they were filled with some fervor.

"Hmph hmph." The killing intent of the Sea of Abyss Master became more concentrated.

The other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that had already surrounded Sky Noon City lowered their heads. They were showing their allegiance to the Sea of Abyss Master! Furthermore, there were even more Chaotic Origin Lifeforms rushing over from all other directions.

"Cultivators, die!" The Sea of Abyss Master shouted out furiously. His voice was like a rolling thunderclap that rang incessantly, causing the clouds in the sky to rumble.

At the same time, a pair of huge hands smashed downwards.

Those hands easily bypassed the clouds!

And came down on Sky Noon City!

As both hands moved through the sky, crimson flames began burning around it. The flames were so terrifying that it burned even the void, causing many shackle-like inscriptions to show from beyond the void! This sacred world was completely sealed tight, preventing these Chaotic Origin Prisoners that were out on a patrol from escaping it.

At the same time when both hands slapped down, those fingers also became sharp. Many inscriptions started appearing on those fingertips. They were akin to huge falling swords.

"Chi chi chi chi…"

Those fingertips easily seared through the layers of barrier covering Sky Noon City! Furthermore, many other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms around the place began their assault as well. They roared and started executing their techniques so as to lend the Sea of Abyss Master a helping hand.

"Pu pu…"

The barrier was pierced through successively.

In an instance, more than half the layers had been pierced, causing the expressions on the cultivators in Sky Noon City to change.

"Not good! It seems that this Sea of Abyss Master has become stronger!" They understood that things were amiss.


The cultivators from the other four cities watched the battle unfold in Sky Noon City.

Judging by the first strike that the Sea of Abyss Master struck on the barrier of Sky Noon City, many cultivators in the 'Scarlet Cloud Hall' had been frightened.

"This sieging technique has become more formidable." Weather Leaf said solemnly.

"It seems he has improved further." Wu Xiao was also grave about it.

High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms would slowly increase from 'initial stage' all the way until Grand Perfection High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform! Following that, they could have another breakthrough. This breakthrough was similarly difficult. To advance into a 'World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeform' from a 'High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform' was not any less easy than breaking through from an ordinary Chaotic Origin Lifeform into High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform!

Because High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were the most commonly seen Chaotic Origin Experts in the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension! There were many of them.

But World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms were considered apex experts! A cultivator who gained control of an Origin World would be 'unparalleled' within his Origin World. They did not fear even the Overlords! One could see how extraordinary World Realm experts were.

Even though the 'Sea of Abyss Master' was powerful, it was merely because he had a noble bloodline, giving him an extreme strength amongst High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. However, he was still quite far away from 'Grand Perfection'. Naturally, over time, he would be able to grasp more and more secret techniques from his bloodline. Before reaching the 'Grand Perfection Stage', his improvement was still relatively easy.

"Not good."

"Judging by what is happening at Sky Noon City, I doubt they can hold on for long."

Many cultivators were aghast as they watched from the Scarlet Cloud Hall.

Xue Ying felt his heart tightening too! He continued staring at the magic mirror! What was shown on the magic mirror was the Sea of Abyss Master leading many other Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in a siege against Sky Noon City. And it seemed they were about to break apart the arrays protecting the city.

"They chose to flee."

"That's the only option they have."

"I pray for their survival."

The group of cultivators in Scarlet Cloud Hall watched as everything happened. After those cultivators in Sky Noon City discovered that the 'Sea of Abyss Master' had become stronger, they no longer chose to attack. Instead, they fled without hesitation! Furthermore, they had begun their escape in three different teams! There were ultimately too many cultivators——more than 3,000 in Sky Noon City. Even when they coordinated together, they would be able to cover every single aspect holistically.

Hence, the three teams had been exquisitely formed. They were able to maintain perfect coordination.

Each team was comparable to a huge team formed by all 3,000 cultivators.


"Let us head to the Scarlet Cloud City and work with the cultivators there! Over there, not only would the strength of the Sea of Abyss Master become weaker. By then when we work with Scarlet Cloud City, there is Monarch Flying Snow around which would give us hope of killing the Sea of Abyss Master."

"Good luck everyone!"

"Good luck."

The team was decisive. They immediately gave up on the city and began their escape.

The three teams were like three sharp swords that cut through the blockade by the group of Chaotic Origin Lifeforms! They fled rapidly! Even though there were many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, as the team of cultivators had been relatively compressed, only 10,000 or so 'Chaotic Origin Lifeforms' could attack them at any one time! And this number was something the cultivators did not care at all.

At this moment, the Sea of Abyss Master was only 900 kilometers tall. His speed was much slower than before. Those three teams of cultivators even moved into combat formations as they 'fled'! And their focus was on speed. Even as the Sea of Abyss Master chased after them, he was still slower by a whole level.

"Stop them! Stop them!" The Sea of Abyss Master ordered.

"Hurry up and run!" The cultivators were all madly rushing with their lives. The moment they were chased, without the terrain advantage from the city, and with so many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms helping the Sea of Abyss Master, a team of over 1,000 cultivators would most likely be wiped out! After all, there was only one 'Monarch Flying Snow'. If Monarch Flying Snow was around, the Sea of Abyss Master would not have any help from others. His threat would also drop by half. And a team of cultivators would gain the courage to fight with the Sea of Abyss Master.

What a pity that Monarch Flying Snow was located far away in Scarlet Cloud City!
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