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1371 Trample Down

Scarlet Cloud City.

"The Sea of Abyss Master is out for a patrol! The Sea of Abyss Master is out for a patrol!" Xue Ying was currently researching on the Quiet Icy Mountain Master corpse placed in his underground palace when he received this message abruptly; he was greatly shocked by it, 'What? The Sea of Abyss Master?'

He could not care about anything else. Waving his hand, he kept the corpse.

Xue Ying immediately rushed out of his underground palace towards the Scarlet Cloud Palace.

"Sou sou sou…"

For a moment, the entire Scarlet Cloud City was filled with streams of light flashing about. All 3,000 over cultivators had arrived without any of them missing. Including those that had 'gone closed-door cultivation', immediately rushed out the moment they received this news.

"Sou." Xue Ying also entered the Scarlet Cloud Palace. Currently, the Scarlet Cloud Palace was gathered with a large number of cultivators. Some were solemn, and some were filled with looks of feverish expectation.

"Fellow cultivators, please have a look."

A golden-robed old man who was holding on to a wooden cane took out a mirror on his hand. The mirror was currently showing the scene at the Sea of Abyss. A towering giant currently stood within the Sea of Abyss with the sea level raised to just his waist level! He was so big that the Sea of Abyss felt like a small pond to him. Many shackles that were illuminated in golden light permeated directly into the body of this giant. He could not escape from those shackles at all.

'He is out.' Many cultivators present became restless.

Every single assembly ground had done an arrangement for some cultivators to be responsible for guarding the Sea of Abyss! The cultivators had varying techniques. For instance, there was one in Scarlet Cloud City who owned a unique 'magic mirror' that gave him the ability to constantly observe what was happening at the Sea of Abyss! This magic mirror had always been placed in the Scarlet Cloud Palace, allowing the puppets in the Scarlet Cloud Palace to stay on a constant look out at the Sea of Abyss.

The towering giant 'Sea of Abyss Master' stepped ahead. He took two steps before getting up onto the land. Those shackles restricting his body began activating, causing the inscriptions on them to revolve and causing his body to start shrinking. Just stepping onto the land from the sea saw his body shrinking down to one-third his original size.

He continued walking step by step.

Initially, his pace was frightening. After all, the Sea of Abyss occupied one-tenth of the entire Sacred World. With his huge stature, he took two steps just to cross the entire Sea of Abyss.

Even as his figure shrank to one-third his original size, each stride was frighteningly large. One step allowed him to cross through many mountains and plains, crossing a distance much further than that could be covered by the cultivators in several hours.

At the same time as he continued moving forward, his body began shrinking smaller and smaller. One-tenth the size, one-hundredth the size, one-thousandth the size…

"Hu, hu, hu." He continued moving further and further. At the same time, his body continued shrinking.

It's just that over time, the degree of his figure shrinking became smaller as well.


Within the Scarlet Cloud Palace, the group of cultivators were watching the scene projected on the magic mirror. This magic mirror had fixed itself on that Sea of Abyss Master.

The Sea of Abyss Master traveled really quickly. He did not need to bring any subordinates at all. But at this moment, no other cultivators dared to challenge him! One had to know that even if he came to the region just around Scarlet Cloud City, his strength would drop to a level that he could still fight with all other cultivators in the city. It might be hard even for the cultivators to win.

"Finally out. He is finally out again."

"This is the biggest danger that we would face. It is also the biggest opportunity for us!"

"Previously, we weren't able to kill him. This time, we must do it."

Many cultivators present were fanatical about it.

Because the greatest opportunity one could have in the Sacred World——was killing the Sea of Abyss Master. As long as the Sea of Abyss Master dies, the greatest contributor would be bestowed with something from the magnificent Overlord!

If it was a cultivator with a Chaotic Origin Bloodline, he would definitely succeed in an Ultimate Awakening!

Even as a Dao Cultivator, one would still gain a frightening reward. For instance, an Overlord might even give the cultivator a chance to spread his religion so as to grasp an Origin World!


The reward would be something that could make any cultivator drool.

'My bloodline could be traced back to my old ancestor. It is the most perfect bloodline.' Wu Xiao thought, 'Overlords are unable to help me with my Ultimate Awakening. But, other Bloodline Cultivators do not have such a strong bloodline like I do. They would almost be able to awaken if they were bestowed with a reward from an Overlord. Even I… Mn, I could always ask 'Luo City Lord' for his help. This Sacred World is currently within the region governed by Luo City Lord. In the end, it would also be Luo City Lord who presents the reward to us.'

Wu Xiao looked forward to it.

Many other cultivators in the hall were also discussing this. The weaker ones merely prayed they could survive and not fall in this calamity. As for those that were stronger, they were filled with desire. They did not fear danger. Instead, they hoped to grab this huge opportunity presented to them.

After all, in the history of the Sacred World, the Sea of Abyss Master had been killed before.

Of course, when one was killed!

A new Sea of Abyss Master would appear. This Sacred World was created to temper the cultivators, allowing the batches of apex cultivators to breakthrough amidst their training. Even though many more would die, as long as a Chaotic Origin Expert emerges, it would be worth the price. Of course, those that were willing to come to this Sacred World had to be prepared in their hearts to pay with their lives.

Like Xue Ying and Great Emperor North River for instance, they both tunneled through the huge stone in the 'Snake Teeth Corridor' within the Broken Tooth Mountain Range and had similarly prepared themselves to encounter all sorts of danger.

"He is extremely quick."

"It is because of his huge body."

Everyone was watching the scene projected on the magic mirror.

The Sea of Abyss Master had messy hair. As he rushed over with huge strides, his speed was several hundred times faster than the fastest cultivator. Though over time as he dashed forward, his body became smaller, and his speed was also slowing down.


On a piece of vast snowy land.

A team of cultivators were rushing through the sky with frightening speed. They did not care about concealing their presence anymore. Instead, they were rushing at top speed.

"The Sea of Abyss Master is currently rushing in our direction. Hurry up! Hurry up and escape from him!" The cultivators in this team revealed looks of anxiety. They were from cultivators from the Sky Noon City. And Sky Noon City was also the closest to the Sea of Abyss out of the five assembly grounds.

"Too fast."

"It is impossible for all of us to escape."

These cultivators were becoming more anxious over time.

This was not the first time the cultivators fought with this Sea of Abyss Master. They were clear of some techniques the Sea of Abyss Master had, and knew that the Sea of Abyss Master could easily sense the location of any cultivator! Currently, the Sea of Abyss Master was rushing in this direction and would most likely be dealing with this team of cultivators.

"Fellow cultivators, it seems we can't escape from him. Right now, there is only one thing we can do to survive. We have to split apart completely! All of us should move by ourselves. Perhaps some of us might be able to return to Sky Noon City alive."


"Let's do it. Let's disperse and move independently."

"Fellow cultivators, let's hope that we can meet once again in the Sky Noon City."

"Haha, if we were to meet again, we must go for a drink!"

These cultivators were decisive. They started running in different directions.

Because according to experience, even if they split into five or six smaller teams, even though each of the smaller teams might have a higher chance of fleeing back to Sky Noon City alive, the speed of the Sea of Abyss Master could easily chase down all five to six teams and wipe them out! But if the team of cultivators scatter completely, the Sea of Abyss Master would have a hard time dealing with them one by one.

'I hope I can escape back to Sky Noon City alive.' A black-robed girl stealthily moved through the sky. She was escaping with a frightening speed.

'Not good!' The black-robed girl turned around and saw a towering figure appearing behind not too far away.

It was too fast.

So fast that the figure of the other party was still blurry.


Even if the other party had shrunk by a million times, his foot was still as big as a mountain. Trampling down on the black-robed girl, she did not have the time to dodge and was simply turned into paste! The gap in strength was simply too big. This trample was just like stepping down on an ant.

After all, the strength of the Sea of Abyss Master was too terrifying. Even if he arrived at the 'Sky Noon City', the decrease of his strength would still reach a level that he could easily fight with several thousand cultivators, much less now! Killing a Grand Perfection God Emperor was as simple as lifting his hands.



The eyes of the Sea of Abyss Master were filled with killing intent. He continued rushing forward with his huge strides, killing one cultivator after another.

'I've come to the Sacred World for such a long period. And here I am, encountering the supposed danger that will cost me my life for sure?' A white-robed old man looked up as a towering figure descended rapidly, 'Breakthrough, breakthrough! Either I die or I breakthrough.' Before death, all sorts of profound mysteries were clashing in it. He was trying to break through to the next level!



A leg came down and another cultivator fell.

These cultivators could face death calmly. They even wished to make use of the pressure from this danger for a chance and gamble to reach the Chaotic Origin Level!

Nonetheless, reaching the Chaotic Origin Level was never an easy task!


As the cultivators were escaping in all directions, the distance between them was huge, forcing the Sea of Abyss Master to alter his direction time and again. That delayed him for quite some time, though it was just an hour. In the end, he trampled more than 20 cultivators to death. After an hour, the remaining few cultivators were even further apart. He would have to spend a much longer period if he planned on chasing after the cultivators.

"Hmph." The Sea of Abyss Master immediately gave up. He then rushed in another direction. He could easily sense that there was a team of cultivators in that direction too.

After all, the Sea of Abyss Master could sense every single sentient being on the Sacred World.

"He has given us up!"

"It seems he has given up on chasing after us?"

When the scattered cultivators received news from Sky Noon City, they let out a sigh of relief. Their strategy of escaping had also changed as they became more careful.

Even though the Sea of Abyss Master might not chase after them, they were currently in another predicament——that is they were all trying to return to the city independently!

That was difficult.

Hence, it was destined that few would return alive!


Scarlet Cloud Palace.

More than 3,000 cultivators were currently watching as things happened. They saw as the cultivators stop running from the Sea of Abyss Master. Instead, they chose to face him. These cultivators understood that the others had made their decision. Everyone understood that they would most likely do the same thing as well, taking the last gamble right before death. It's a pity that becoming a Chaotic Origin Lifeform was too difficult.

Those scenes where the Sea of Abyss Master trampled on the cultivators and causing those cultivators to explode made them taciturn. Their eyes were flashing with killing intent.

"Looking at the direction where he is dashing at, it is likely that the Sea of Abyss Master is most likely planning to deal with the Sky Noon City first." Weather Leaf said, "If this is just like the previous time, the second assembly ground he'll be dealing against is most likely our Scarlet Cloud City."