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1170 Shocking the Great Land 2

At this moment, the various superpowers in Realm Heart Great Land became incredibly solemn. Even 'Emperor Summer', 'Emperor Cang', 'Ancestor Fan', 'Sky-Rending Great Paragon', and 'Southern Cloud King' who knew about Xue Ying's identity beforehand, felt ripples in their hearts.

Xue Ying merely revealed the power of an avatar of his, and that was sufficient to suppress a final realm expert, the 'Eight Silk Island Master'. With nine great avatars working together, what level would he reach?

Thinking about it startled even unparalleled existences!

"The strength of this mysterious person…" The blue-robed Great Paragon Fuyi was also relying on his Destructive Realm Teleportation technique to watch that battle from afar, "If one avatar is this strong, nine great avatars working perfectly together would mean he has reached my level."

Even with the power heart realm Great Paragon Fuyi reached felt waves being created in his heart.

Final realm experts who did not own any supreme-graded secret treasures might grasp more profound techniques than Great Paragon Fuyi, but they were not necessarily stronger than Great Paragon Fuyi in direct combat.

Great Paragon Fuyi once suppressed an ancient nation all by himself! And even with the intervention of Towering Sky King did he merely get suppressed.

But at the current moment, Great Paragon Fuyi had a feeling that this mysterious person could possibly be comparable to him in strength!


Various organizations were watching the battle nervously. They had a feeling that another terrifying existence would be emerging in the Realm Heart Great Land once again.

"Are you afraid now, Eight Silk Island Master? Don't you want to witness my true power? Now that I am showing you my full power, you are instead terrified from it?" The nine white-robed male lightly tapped out at a single point with their finger.


When the vast void was 'tapped' by the fingers, it abruptly flared up. Numerous tiny spatial pockets formed in the vast region of half a trillion kilometers. Every tiny spatial pocket contained a bubble within that started collapsing from the boundary. Just like a chain reaction, those spatial pockets began collapsing outside in. Given the strong perception of Cosmos Gods, they were able to witness this spectacle from afar.

But the rate of collapse was too quick. Within moments, the popping of those bubbles converged onto the center like a tsunami–the place where Eight Silk Island Master was located at.

Eight Silk Island Master tried fleeing. But with all the movements from the bubbles, he would remain always amidst the bubbles.

This was one of Xue Ying's current three killing moves, the 'Unbounded Illusory Bubble Dissipation'.

It was this move that Xue Ying used to kill Dust Brahman King, albeit he did not rely on the 'Void Fire Lotus Flower' in the past. Even though he did not show the Void Fire Lotus Flower to the public this time, Xue Ying had brought it along and had activated the Void Fire Lotus Flower long before, which was why this technique spanned across a wider area and became even more destructive.

"Damn." Eight Silk Island Master coldly scanned through his surroundings.

His pride as a final realm expert made him disdainful of escaping.

If he chose to run, even unparalleled existences could not hinder him! When the Dao of Strength reached the final realm, the cultivator would treat every inch in the Origin World as his plaything.

But this time, he did not choose to face the attack head-on. Instead, he chose to execute a technique to dissipate the incoming force. After all, who could compete with a Dao of Strength final realm expert in this aspect?

Eight Silk Island Master clasped his palms before his chest.

The surrounding region of about 33 meters around him became hazy. One could see this dull energy rotating in this region with the naked eyes that ground away all incoming force.


Unbounded Illusory Bubble Dissipation!

Eventually, the biggest bubble exploded in the region where Eight Silk Island Master was! At the moment of destruction, an unseen force was directly transmitted onto Eight Silk Island Master. Nonetheless, this force faced an incredibly huge hindrance that caused Xue Ying's expression to shift slightly. It seemed the force coming from this technique he executed was being diverted back to deal with his own technique. But fortunately, this was a technique executed in parallel by nine great avatars using the Void Fire Lotus Flower. Hence, the Chaotic Origin Energy being controlled was sufficiently huge and fierce, that even though a large portion of the force was diverted away, some remnant force still blasted out on the body of Eight Silk Island Master.

Eight Silk Island Master paled slightly. He could feel this shockwave permeating deep into his body.

"Pu." Signs of blood could be seen permeating on his skin. He even spurted out a fresh mouthful of blood.

Eight Silk Island Master stared at the distant Xue Ying.

'What an amazing defensive technique. His rate of force dissipation is so much more profound than my Myriad Untouchable Technique.' Xue Ying felt impressed.

"Under the Supreme Law, the execution of an attack is simply an embodiment of different 'force'." Eight Silk Island Master looked at Xue Ying, growling, "Under ordinary circumstances, I should not be injured once I focus all my energy in defending. Yet I had not expected for you to control so much Chaotic Origin Energy!"

"I have no intention of becoming enemies with you. I only hope for your subordinates to kill less." Xue Ying stated.

He did not want to make Eight Silk Island Master mad.

The moment he became mad…

If Eight Silk Island Master did not care about the lives of his subordinates, just him alone could massacre countless of people! And that was something Xue Ying did not wish to see.

Of course, Eight Silk Island Master did not dare to go overboard. Firstly, if he killed beyond a certain point, he would incur the wrath of many unparalleled existences. Secondly, that mysterious existence of Realm Heart Great Land, 'Yuan', might be happy to see the strong triumphing over the weak. But if he saw a huge massacre happening beyond the limit, that perpetrator would provoke 'Yuan', bringing about dire aftermath.

This was also the reason why Great Devils sent their subordinates to carry out the Blood Sacrifice instead of acting themselves.

'Yuan' was standing from a higher dimension looking down at the entire Realm Heart Great Land. Those who dared challenge Yuan would end up miserable.

Nevertheless, Xue Ying was different from 'Yuan'.

Yuan could feel that some killing was normal for the weak to be eliminated. As long as the killing did not influence the overall order of the Realm Heart Great Land, he would not intervene in the battles.

But Xue Ying felt that it was pointless speaking about the 'order of the entire Realm Heart Great Land' to the weak cultivators! If all weak individuals died, the Realm Heart Great Land could no longer develop further! But if some of the weaker individuals died, it simply represented the normal danger one might face in the path of cultivation. When this logic was applied to a group of ultra-strong devils massacring cities, that would no longer be a form of tempering.

It was here that Xue Ying's ideology differed from Yuan's.

Yuan was too high up. He treated all cultivators as lower-grade lifeforms. He only had to nurture existences that could 'jump out of the cage'! His thinking wasn't wrong. Reaching his level, the countless lifeforms in the Origin World were simply two great levels weaker.

Yuan's ideology was still relatively moderate.

Some of the more cruel and vicious Chaotic Origin Lifeforms did not mind sacrificing countless beings across a dozen Origin Worlds as long as an ultra-strong expert could emerge out of the cage. That was worth the price!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Currently, Xue Ying was still too weak. He could not influence Yuan and others. He could only continue on his own Dao path.

"You only wish for fewer killings to happen?" Eight Silk Island Master stared at the white-robed young man, "Why do you care so much about these ants? So what if a trillion ants die?"

"They have parents. They have wives and children and are also fighting for their fates… how can we treat them like ants, killing a trillion in one go?" Xue Ying shook his head.

"And if I chose to let my subordinates continue?" Eight Silk Island Master said.

"Then I can only continue killing them!" Xue Ying stared back at Eight Silk Island Master, "I shall wipe out every single subordinate of yours who dared to act! Unless you, Eight Silk Island Master, personally acted. I cannot stop you, but if you were to continue massacring millions and millions of beings… when 'Yuan' descends, nobody could save you by then."

The plump face of Eight Silk Island Master twitched.


All final realm existences and unparalleled existences might seem fearless, though, in their hearts, they feared 'Yuan' the most.

Once one reached their level, they would treasure their lives even more.

They desired to take that most important step of jumping out of this cage.

"What about other organizations? Black Devil Great Lake, Western Floating Nation, Devil Cloud Mountain, and Sacred Fire City?" Eight Silk Island Master continued, "Will you kill them as well?"

"Kill!" Xue Ying nodded, "Those who dare to massacre must be killed!"

At this moment–

There were honestly too many organizations spectating this battle. Even though those watching the battle through various items like the 'Heaven Observation Mirror' could not hear what was being spoken, they were all ultra-strong experts! They were able to easily determine through the movements of Xue Ying and Eight Silk Island Master's mouths, as well as the change in their aura, to determine what they were talking about.

And those words which Xue Ying declared just now, was precisely a warning to all devil organizations across the Realm Heart Great Land. Those who dared to massacre would be killed!