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1168 The Invasion by Eight Silk Island Master

The civilians in Fu Jun City looked upwards with hope. They watched as enormous distorted spatial cracks appear from the horizons, stretching through the sky before turning all devils into ashes.

Some were so excited that they teared up.

And some began kneeling down bawling.

All sorts of emotional manifestation could be seen in the city.

After all, cultivators would temper their Dao Hearts over time. The only difference between cultivators would be the level of their Dao Hearts. Nonetheless, most that lived for a long period would have sufficiently strong beliefs! The stronger their beliefs, the more things they were involved with and the more unwilling they were to die; there were simply too many things they wanted to do in their lives.

When the Blood Sacrifice descended, they felt unwilling yet helpless at the same time! Hence, when Xue Ying pulled them out of their nightmarish abyss, it was normal for their emotions to manifest out.

"It is that terrifying expert again?" The Cosmos God from Eight Silk Island who was controlling the spatial isolation secret treasure watched in terror as the spatial cracks appeared in the sky. He immediately fled!


A cold voice sounded in the mind of this Cosmos God.


Following that, an unseen ripple blasted on his body, causing this Cosmos God Devil to collapse and dissipate. All devils who participated in this operation were completely wiped out.


And in Eight Silk Island.

Eight Silk Island Master sat at the highest position with his subordinates scattered across the palace hall. They were currently watching the proceedings happening in Fu Jun City through the Heaven Observation Mirror.

When Xue Ying roared and executed his large-scale killing move.

"Him again?" The incomparably fat figure of Eight Silk Island Master started shaking in anger. His pair of small eyes were observing everything projected on the Heaven Observation Mirror.

Eight Silk Island Master was a peak Cosmos God. Being an absolute tyrant of an area, he was incredibly overbearing and unparalleled existences could not kill him at all! Hence, it had been far too long since someone dared to offend him. Previously, he treated it as a coincidence, but when the same thing happened again, Eight Silk Island Master understood that everything was not a coincidence at all!

How vast was the Realm Heart Great Land?

How could it be so coincidence for him to meet this expert twice? And furthermore, that mysterious expert only acted after a short period when the Blood Sacrifice began!

It appeared that this mysterious expert should have rushed over after receiving news of the Blood Sacrifice.

"This is simply slapping my face!" Eight Silk Island Master stood up furiously.

The entire palace hall turned quiet.

They looked at their Island Master.

"Si la."

Eight Silk Island Master abruptly extended his hand. His two hands seemed to control a heaven-defying strength that pulled the void. "Si la"–and a huge spatial door was torn apart. On the other end, one could see the Fu Jun City! That huge fatty figure of Eight Silk Island Master took a step before stepping through this spatial door and arriving outside of Fu Jun City.

"Island Master is about to fight with that mysterious expert." And the group of Cosmos God Devils from the Eight Silk Island within the palace hall were becoming anxious as they waited for the impending battle.

"That mysterious expert dealt against the team from our Eight Silk Island the previous time. This time, he did it again. Could it be possible that he has some enmity with our Eight Silk Island?"

"We do not recognize him. Maybe it is Island Master who he has an enmity with."

"When Island Master fights against that mysterious expert, Island Master would not fear for his life since he is powerful. But if that mysterious expert chose to deal with us, it'll be troublesome."

These Cosmos God Devils were panicking.

"Rest assured. This island contains many arrays that were constructed by the Island Master over many years. Hence, Island Master could even fight against unparalleled existences head-on without losing. So there should not be any danger for us if we remained on the island."

"Unless we are going to be hiding on the island forever?"

As they discussed, they were also watching the scene outside Fu Jun City through the Heaven Observation Mirror.


Outside of Fu Jun City.

Xue Ying wiped out that Cosmos God Devil before collecting the secret treasures left behind by him, including that spatial isolation treasure. At the next moment, he felt the space being torn by the side, and the sound of a fatty taking a step before crossing through a huge distance–he was coming out from this torn spatial door.

'It is him, Eight Silk Island Master?' Xue Ying understood it in his heart.

Every expert who reached the final realm had unfathomable and profound techniques.

Like Xue Ying, due to the level-two Chaotic Origin Refinement Body of his, after perfecting it, his fleshy body could be comparable to the final realm body cultivators. But he could not compete with body cultivators in flesh controlling techniques. Like Old Monster Stone and the others, their bodies could be scattered and gathered at any location within the entire Origin World. Using their bodies as the main conduit, they were able to sense the Origin World and scour through every single part of the world…

These techniques were what Xue Ying did not have!

But in the Dao of Void, after integrating the supreme secret impartation technique, , what Xue Ying executed were techniques even peak experts in the Dao of Void could not comprehend. Their capabilities in the usage of Chaotic Origin Energy were far weaker than what Xue Ying could do. Hence, even though Xue Ying was weaker in his grasp of the Dao of Void, he could still exert strength at the final realm.

'Eight Silk Island Master is known for the 'Dao of Strength'. The Dao of Strength is also famous for being overbearing and tyrannical. Once one reaches the final realm in the Dao of Strength, they would become incredibly skillful in all areas. He is a formidable opponent.' Xue Ying thought.

Across the Realm Heart Great Land, there were only two who reached the final realm in the Dao of Strength. One was Eight Silk Island Master and the other, World Extermination God-Emperor! World Extermination God-Emperor owned a supreme-graded secret treasure was had a more scary power.


Eight Silk Island Master had already tried his best to rush over, yet he was still one step too slow to save that Cosmos God subordinate of his. He felt so furious at this moment.

Even though he had more than ten Cosmos Gods underneath him, two of them died in this short period. Would he not get angry over this?

"Are you deliberately targeting me?" Eight Silk Island Master stared at Xue Ying. The surrounding void began distorting. "Chi chi chi", unseen ripples started spreading out with Eight Silk Island Master at the center. It enveloped the surroundings, and also suppressed and restricted Xue Ying. It was clear how angry Eight Silk Island Master was feeling now.

And the surrounding space was being stacked up in layers around Xue Ying. The technique of Eight Silk Island Master could not touch the true body of Xue Ying at all.

"I wonder when did I, Eight Silk, become enemies with you? Do tell me so that at least I understand why." Eight Silk Island Master growled. His pair of small eyes were glaring at Xue Ying with killing intent.

"Become enemies? This is the first time we meet." Xue Ying replied.

"First time?" Eight Silk Island Master frowned, "Unless my subordinates killed your good friends and loved ones?"

"That hasn't happened either." Xue Ying shook his head.

"Then why are you targeting me time after time? Killing my subordinates?" Eight Silk Island Master angrily retorted.

Xue Ying coldly answered: "Why, since your subordinates dared to send a city for Blood Sacrifice, can't I kill them as a result?"

"Just because of the Blood Sacrifices which led you to kill them?" Eight Silk Island Master was in disbelief.

"Right, it's precisely the Blood Sacrifices! Those devils naturally had to die." Xue Ying indifferently declared.

Eight Silk Island Master was still filled with slight disbelief.

It seemed there was really such a madman on the Realm Heart Great Land?

"There had been many instances of Blood Sacrifices happening in the Realm Heart Great Land until now. Why have I yet to see you move against them? And instead, you chose to target the Blood Sacrifices organized by my Eight Silk Island twice consecutively?" Eight Silk Island Master growled.

"Because prior to this, I have yet to break through and is too weak. There is naturally no need for me to act." Xue Ying answered.

"Hmph hmph, it seems my Eight Silk Island is really fortunate." Eight Silk Island Master stared at Xue Ying, "With your strength, you are definitely a famous person so tell me, who are you?"

"Must I be famous if I am strong?" Xue Ying indifferently replied.

Eight Silk Island Master understood.

There might be a possibility–could this be an expert living in seclusion? Of course, the greatest possibility would be for this expert to conceal his identity. After all, he was prepared to tear all decorums with their Eight Silk Island if he dared to commit such acts. If his identity was publicized, this absolute tyrannical devil, Eight Silk Island Master, would naturally take revenge!

"My subordinates are all devils, and I am their commander. Why aren't you planning to kill me?" Eight Silk Island Master sneered.

"Unparalleled existences can't even kill you, and I temporarily could not do so either. Hence, there is no need to waste the effort." Xue Ying said.

"Oh? Your meaning is that if you could kill me, you would?"


"What a pity… nobody in the Realm Heart Great Land could do so!" Eight Silk Island Master's eyes let out a frightening killing intent, "Before me, you can't hide your identity."

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His plump fists smashed out at the surrounding void, transmitting an endless force onto Xue Ying.

There were only these few peak experts in the entire Realm Heart Great Land, and those who comprehended the Dao of Void were even fewer! Hence, it was possible to deduce the identity of this mysterious person through his combat style! Eight Silk Island Master planned on doing so to find out who this mysterious person was, and to let him understand why devils were called devils!

"You came at the right time." Xue Ying felt his fighting spirit arising.

He wanted to break through to the final realm. Hence, he needed to temper himself using combat!

He wanted to frighten all devils under the world, and had to prove himself through battles!

And the final realm expert 'Eight Silk Island Master' was precisely the most appropriate opponent for him currently.