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994 The Death of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master

Many scenes floated in the eyes of the thin small old man… The incarnation of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master observing from outside the Ancient Sacred World before becoming delighted due to the death of Xue Ying… Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master deliberately revealing the information… Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master requesting his teacher for help… Myriad Realm Tavern Master assassinating Xue Ying… Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master urging Myriad Realm Tavern Master to act…

Following along this path where Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master had been to, the old man unraveled a tremendous amount of information that the incarnation and true body experienced recently.

Clearly, this old man was more formidable than the Sacred Master in the scouting aspect.

And the outcome of the investigation was clear–Sacred Master did not lie! Everything had been instigated by Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master, though Myriad Realm Tavern Master wasn't committed to it.


The thin small old man glanced at Sacred Master before disappearing from the place.

Sacred Master stood there. His eyes were cold: "Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master? Hmph, thinking of making use of me?" It was okay if he did not suffer from any losses, and he would not care that Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master had made use of him. Nevertheless, the loss he sustained this time was too high. Naturally, he had to pull Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master into this whole scheme as well. He could not kill the other party, which was why he thought of Old Monster Stone who was at the same level as him.

Old Monster Stone had similarly reached the last final realm. Comparatively, Old Monster Stone focused on internal cultivation. 'Developing the inner self to bring external strength'–it was not just his fleshy body's cultivation, even his body control towards the entire primal chaos void had reached a profound level.

With a thought, his fleshy body could appear at any location within the primal chaos void.

His powerful willpower could forcibly investigate through everything that happened in the past!

His strength was utterly his own.

What he sought… was to reach an ultimate stage in his body, and to break through of the confinement of the entire primal chaos void.

And what Sacred Master sought was to control the entire primal chaos void and become its owner! By then, he would naturally leap out of this prison. Since they walked different paths, their techniques were naturally different.

Old Monster Stone cultivated his body to an extreme stage. Just by imparting part of his techniques to 'World Ancestor', Sacred Master could not harm a single strand of hair of World Ancestor.

Even though Old Monster Stone was heavily injured during the previous fight, that deciding strike actually came from the strongest technique Sacred Master had–to burn the energy of the entire Ancient Sacred Incarnation and charge them into one single move. After that, Sacred Master could no longer be able to use that technique temporarily and could thus not threaten Old Monster Stone at all. But after the drastic reduction of Old Monster Stone's strength, he could not harm Sacred Master too. After all, Sacred Master had merely lost his Ancient Sacred Incarnation; his true body remained perfectly fine.


Primal chaos void, Heaven Green World.

Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master was currently enjoying himself as beautiful women served him. He was drinking in contentment. His current mood was splendid.

'Fight with me?'

'He died so simply without suffering from any pain. This is making it too easy for him.' Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master drank and sneered. To kill that Dong Bo brat by making use of Sacred Master who had high status, Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master felt satisfied. After all, it wasn't everyone who could make use of the Sacred Master. Furthermore, Sacred Master remained seated there acting like nothing had happened despite being made use of.

It was due to the presence of his avatar that prevented the other party from killing him.

"Mn?" Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master frowned as he looked ahead.

A thin small old man clutching a walking stick crossed right through the door in front. The guards outside the palace hall somehow froze, and the entire space seemed congealed.

Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master felt his heart trembling. He felt a horrifying threat at this moment.

"Senior is?" Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master immediately stood up with respect. He knew when to lower his head. This existence in front of him had given him an unprecedented feeling of threat. He felt that he was not any worse off than Sacred Master. He had experienced being killed once by the Sacred Master, though he survived due to his avatar technique.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying has not offended you. You want to kill him just because he is able to employ the Destructive Realm Teleportation technique?" The thin small old man looked at this scarlet-browed male in front. He had investigated the past of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master and discovered that this person was incredibly selfish. Furthermore, Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master was someone that made use of his teacher. With the temper of the old man, he hated such cultivators the most, and would never be willing to accept him as a disciple.

And it was precisely this fool that made use of the greed of Sacred Master to harm his disciple.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying? I, I did not kill him. I can't kill him either." Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master hurriedly added, "Senior, please look at this objectively. This matter is really unrelated to me. My senior disciple brother has indeed acted before, but he can't deal against Dong Bo Xue Ying either. Dong Bo Xue Ying is too strong, and he has his secret protective treasures and Destructive Realm Teleportation technique. Only the Sacred Master is able to kill him."

From how Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master sees it, he had done everything really cleanly, and would naturally not admit to the whole affair.

"You aren't planning to admit to it?" The thin small old man, Old Monster Stone, began chuckling. His laughter made Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master feel a chill down his spine, "Do you think you can hide from me about what you have done? Alright, just die obediently."

The entire place was somehow frozen in place.

Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master felt his heart trembling. He could not move.

'Everything is fine. So what if he is strong? I have my avatar technique, and even Sacred Master can't kill me at all.' Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master thought. He merely felt heartache, 'The treasures and weapons I have on me will be lost. What a pity.'


The thin small old man in front gave a cold chuckle. He was able to perceive the other avatar of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master using his true body. Even though that avatar was heavily protected–filled with many beguiling and interference techniques, this old man cultivated on the path of internal cultivation and could easily suppress the primal chaos void and break through all disturbances. Hence, he was able to discover the body that was seated in a cavern-dwelling deep within a concealed space of the primal chaos void.

The thin small old man suddenly disappeared.

Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master was stunned.

He disappeared for a moment! Following that, the thin small old man was grabbing another Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master in his hands.

'This, how could this be possible…' The eyes of that avatar which had just been captured were filled with panic. The Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master standing behind the long table was similarly shocked.

Those of their lineage had reached a deep understanding in the void aspect. The cavern-dwelling where his avatar was hiding in had been protected by an array constructed personally by his teacher. He felt that it was impossible for anyone to discover that avatar of his! But now, reality showed otherwise. This mysterious old man actually captured his avatar alive.

"Teacher." The two great avatars of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master hurriedly called for help.

"Mercy, I plead senior to spare my life." The two avatars were begging.

Suddenly, an unseen fluctuation descended.

The thin small old man, Old Monster Stone, lifted one avatar of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master. He chuckled coldly at this scene. He was not in a rush to kill Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master. Instead, he was watching that unseen fluctuation condense.

Closely following that, a transparent figure appeared. It was a bird-headed human.

"Teacher, save me!" The two avatars of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master were shouting for help.

The bird-headed humanoid figure turned towards that thin small old man, Old Monster Stone. Those slightly transparent eyebrows of his frowned somewhat. For a moment, he could not recognize the identity of this thin small old man. He felt somewhat suspicious. Other than that Sacred Master in this primal chaos void, it seemed there was another formidable existence as well?

"You are the one that entered our primal chaos void sneakily?" The thin small old man, Old Monster Stone gave an uncanny sneer, "I have always been sleeping and am too lazy to acknowledge you. Such dare."

"This Dao friend, how about giving me some respect and spare the life of this disciple of mine?" The bird-headed transparent figure stated.

"Give you some respect? Just because it's you?"

The moment he finished speaking.


The body of Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master that was in the hands of the thin and small old man exploded. The Scarlet-Browed Mountain Master that was standing behind the table similarly blew. Both of them shattered into nothingness, and he directly died!