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293 General Ku Meng

Wearing a cold expression, Lord You Lan said, "General Ku Meng, you’re the one who should deal with Dong Bo Xue Ying next."   

"Hmph! Should he even dare try to face me, I’ll take the chance and kill him!" General Ku Meng’s eyes glimmered with indifferent ruthlessness.

Lord You Lan continued, "I’ll be controlling the flow of time in the surrounding area."

General Ku Meng responded with a slight nod.

With a hong, General Ku Meng’s figure rapidly increased in size. His original three-meter-tall figure had before long reached a height of close to two thousand meters; he was essentially a moving mountain! This new silver-colored figure of his had not a single strand of hair on his entire body. His breaths created wind and thunder, and his eyes were just as cold and devoid of emotion.

"His power has increased!" Wu Ma Hai, the golden-armored young man, raised his head to take in the sight of the towering, mountain-like silver giant. "The innate talents of demons from the Dark Abyss give them a great advantage over simple cultivators like us, who rely on Deity-grade secret techniques. We simply can’t train to such a level. Even someone previously weaker than us can cause Deity-level suppression after reaching that size!"  

"His power might have increased after becoming so gigantic, but his defensive ability is actually weaker now," Ba Han, the man with a tall and thin figure, commented from the side.   

Bo Bo shook his head in dismay. "Even so, it’s still stronger than mine. These demonic bodies of the people from the Dark Abyss are truly perverse."

Ordinary cultivation would not result in such strong fleshy bodies. Even those who underwent body cultivation using a Deity-grade secret technique would be limited in the ultimate strength of their fleshy bodies. On the other hand, the demons of the Dark Abyss were born with powerful, tyrannical bodies without the need to cultivate them. The moment they attained certain unique demonic body secret techniques, they could increase the strength of their bodies to a terrifying degree. However, the price of attaining the techniques was huge, and the requirements equally titanic. It was not something any ordinary Demigod-level demon could accomplish.  

"A demonic body alone doesn’t mean much. It is having a deep comprehension of the Laws of Profound Mysteries that’s really important!" Wu Ma Hai exclaimed in slight interest. "Let us then take a good look at just how formidable this Dong Bo Xue Ying’s true combat power is."   

It was not just the team from the Temple of the Earth God who watched with great interest. The Bloodshed Tavern Team, the team which Meishan Clan Master commanded, and Jian Huang’s team also considered this a good opportunity to observe the combat power of the team from the Dark Abyss, while also getting to see just how capable this genius from the Xia Clan World was.   

Back inside the pitch-black Battleship D9, the Demigods of the Xia Clan were nervously watching in rapt attention. They had originally believed that Xue Ying would stop after killing Nuo Nuo An, but he was clearly moving on to the next opponent. Was he really that confident?  

"This silvery giant seems to be more powerful than Nuo Nuo An." Mountain Lord He stared up at that towering figure standing in mid-air.  

Even Battleship D9, which reached a thousand meters in length, seemed small by comparison. The aura emitted by the giant swept across the heavens and the earth, causing winds to form and lightning to crash with every breath. Such might was, by all means, that of a Deity!  

"Inside the Mirage, Xue Ying should be at the very least able to survive without issue," Palace Head Chen began. "Rest assured; Xue Ying was able to kill Nuo Nuo An, so he should have the power to back his words."

Both Lord You Lan and the titanic General Ku Meng were on full alert. Unable to catch even a trace of Xue Ying, they had no choice but to be silent and guarded for any motion, so as to counter as soon as he attacked!   

This True Meaning of Mirage is proving to be very troublesome. At least his comprehension of the realms isn’t that deep, though. I’ve heard that once a cultivator condenses a True Deity Heart, they become even harder to deal with; for now, we just have to keep a look out for sneak attacks, Lord You Lan thought to himself.  

Despite being extremely weak among grade two True Meanings, Demigods still wished they could grasp its secrets. It being weak in power didn’t was inconsequential, since all they had to do was cultivate another True Meaning to circumvent this weakness. Yet no matter how much they wished for it, the True Meaning of Mirage wasn’t something so easily attained.  

With a hu, a revolving spear shot out from within the void in a piercing motion. Its body was akin to a swimming dragon, with additional revolving waves materializing around it as caused by the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. The spear’s origin point was right behind the silvery giant, and its destination was the back of his head!

The silvery giant released a hu sound as it turned around lightning-fast and sent out a palm attack. That single strike generated countless rays, surrounded at the sides by surging airflow. Even its speed was incredible…this was the might of a Deity!  

The spear ultimately reached near enough to pierce the silvery giant’s head. A small portion of flesh broke off from his skull, almost like a fragment of marble falling off a great sculpture, and was eventually destroyed.  

The very moment the spear tried pulling back, it was met with the incoming slap from the giant.

As the two clashed, a tremor was released that seemed like it could shake the very heavens and the earth! This single clash was so powerful, it did not lose out to the self-destruction of the Ten Thousand Ghost Body! The difference, however, was that the power of the palm was focused on the spear it had clashed into.  

"Die!" What General Ku Meng saw through the expressionless eyes of his silvery giant form was the flow of countless particles.   

The True Meaning which he had grasped, as well as the True Meaning which he had used to condense his True Deity Heart, was precisely the True Meaning of Particles!   

The body of the spear released a weng sound as it began to bend.  

The scene inside the Mirage, however, was different. The terrifying power of that strike couldn’t be transmitted fully inside, and its might was rapidly shaved off under the influence of the Laws of the Mirage! Even then, Xue Ying’s arm holding onto the spear was forced back from the impact, twisting and revolving as he worked to dissipate the remnants.

Xue Ying was startled at the sight. Such incredible strength. His pure physical ability together with the True Meaning of Particles allow him to send a greater portion of his power inside the Mirage!
Usually, it would be hard to transmit one’s pure strength inside the Mirage.   

A pity for him, however, that my True Meaning of Star specializes in strength and defense. While Xue Ying’s right hand was moving to dissipate the leftover force, his palm was not even numb in the slightest, much less trembling! After all, Xue Ying’s True Meaning of Star allowed him to reach a similarly vigorous condition, and his every action was close in strength to that of an Era Suppressor!

Such strength meant that while he could not compete head-on with the silvery giant in the real world…he could easily do so inside the Mirage.  

He wasn’t slapped away? General Ku Meng’s appraisal of Xue Ying was that he possessed a weak fleshy body. He had assumed that after the spear began bending, it would quiver so much from his full-power strike, which was combined with his True Meaning of Particles at the True Deity Heart realm even after passing through the boundary of the Mirage, that Xue Ying would no longer be able to hold onto the spear, causing it to naturally fly out into the real world.  

Is it that he has a Deity warrior which he depended on to hold onto the spear? General Ku Meng could only guess.   
With another hu, the revolving spear once more reached out from the Mirage and pierced the back of the giant’s neck.

Every single action General Ku Meng took in his silvery giant form tore space itself apart, formed howls of wind, and caused countless rays to appear at the edges of his body.  

Time and time again, he sent out his palm in a slap. Assisted by the True Meaning of Time Deceleration, General Ku Meng was able to counter each spear strike with his own palm attack! Under normal circumstances, that terrifying slap alone would be powerful enough to deal with any Era Suppressor—not even Nuo Nuo An himself could clash against it directly and would be left heavily injured by it.  

As the two continued this back and forth, General Ku Meng began to ponder, He must be just barely withstanding my attacks. Not even a Deity warrior could resist my assault! He’s surely injured…just a few more attacks, and he should die.  

But time went by, and with each attack, another small fragment of his body would be destroyed. Once could be overlooked, but after twenty of thirty of these attacks, even General Ku Meng couldn’t hold on any longer!  
Lord You Lan transmitted, "Just give up, Ku Meng! He must have a very powerful defensive True Meaning or some sort of unique treasure! Since he can just keep attacking, there’s no point in you doing this any longer."  

Even General Ku Meng himself wouldn’t have dared keep such a pace up.   

A hu sound marked the shrinking of the nearly two-thousand-meter-tall giant back into the silvery person close to three meters in height.   
Another spear strike released a chi sound as it approached at lightning speeds, piercing all the way through the neck of that silvery person!   

General Ku Meng revealed an ugly sneer at the sight. His gigantic figure had caused his power to skyrocket, but now that his body shrunk back to its previous size, his defense rapidly instantly increased at the cost of his previous offensive ability! It was at this size that his defense was the strongest, and not even Xue Ying’s formidable offense was enough to injure his tyrannical demonic body. Back in the Dark Abyss, due to the miraculous act of condensing his True Meaning of Particles into a True Deity Heart, he was able to cultivate his demonic body to where it made him invulnerable to ordinary existences at the same level as him. When he exploded out offensively, on the other hand, his power reached the Deity realm, while his defenses were weakened. Naturally, his techniques became simpler as well, but they were still at the Deity realm in terms of power. This was precisely why Nuo Nuo An had been so meek and quiet in front of him.   

Unfortunately for General Ku Meng, Xue Ying could hide in the Mirage, and his defenses were similarly formidable. He was also helpless to do anything to him.