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Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess
Author :旖旎妖娆
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Chapter 191: Flirty White-Clad beauty 1

“Rest assured Meatball, I’ll definitely give you justice.” Another line from Feng Chuge caused Meatball, who has nestled down, explode once more —

Meatball screamed twice —

Meow … no need to give him justice, just drive that person far away …

Feng Chuge brought Meatball back to the room, and let Zilan brush her hair.

“Miss, you’re in bad shape today. Was your nightmare last night horribly terrible?”

Feng Chuge’s eyes narrowed into slits as she replied: “Last night … did you hear anything?”

It stands to reason that last night’s tussle was pretty loud, and the three maids next to her should have heard of it.

“No, I slept very well last night.” Zilan answered.

Luzhu and Biluo also nodded.

Last night, they slept soundly until dawn.

Feng Chuge frowned dubiously. She glanced at Zilan’s hands, but saw that Zilan’s palms were slightly red.

Her eyes flashed coldly!

Well played Di Jue Chen!

They’ve been drugged!

No wonder these three were able to sleep until dawn!

She gritted her teeth tightly–

Di Jue Chen, you’ve just started a feud!

Inside Class 7 classroom, Achen has been waiting inside.

This little child has been a wonder to everyone in the seventh class.

Since Achen arrived in the classroom this morning, a group of people gathered around him.

This child is just too cute!

Not only the women in the seventh class, but even the men, were looking at him with pink bubbles bursting from their eyes.

“We heard from Xiao Shimei, your name is Achen, how did you come to the college? You are so young …”

“Yeah, did you know Xiao Shimei before? I think Xiao Shimei treats you differently.”

“Xiao Achen, don’t worry, since you are covered by Xiao Shimei, you’ll also be our person. No one will dare to bully you, and whoever dares to treat you badly will have to get through the entire seven class!!”


As the crowd rambled on, Achen remained unresponsive leaning on his chair, with narrowed eyes and no other expression on his face.

With not even a half-hearted response was harvested from him, the crowd felt like they’ve been courting a snub.

However, their curiosity about Achen intensified.

When Feng Chuge arrived in the classroom, she headed straight towards the scene crowding Achen.

Seeing the crowd squeezing around him and the impatience apparent on his face, Feng Chuge asked cuttingly, “What are you doing?”

The crowd were jolted at Feng Chuge’s arrival and scattered instantly, “Xiao Shimei, you’re here. We were just entertaining Xiao Achen when he arrived early.”

“Really?” Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes lightly.

She crossed the crowd and sat beside Achen.

“Have they scared you Achen?”

“How could I be scared?” Achen swept a glance through the crowd with a light tone.

“Don’t be scared.” Feng Chuge glanced at the person next to her, “It’s almost time for class, everyone should sit in their places.”

“Okay … okay …” Since Feng Chuge has spoken, everyone dared not obey. oOne by one, they went back to their own positions.

Now, Feng Chuge has already become an object of admiration for everyone in the seventh class.

Having survived that duel, if everyone weren’t to look at Feng Chuge differently, they’ll be really dumb.

Furthermore, the fact that there’s a female high-ranking master in Class 7 really makes the whole class proud!
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