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Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess


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Daughter of the Feng Family, born a waste. Forced to marry a fool in an attempt to expel evil influences. When the first killer from the 21st century possessed this body, the sky and the earth surged. She was indifferent and cold-hearted but she let her guard down around him alone. She thought he was a pleasant sheep but didn’t expect him to be a gray wolf in disguise!

《Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess》 Text
Chapter 1: Returning back home
Chapter 2: Wants to die
Chapter 3: Then drive them out!
Chapter 4: You can get lost now
Chapter 5 : Hitting faces to apply makeup
Chapter 6: Get everything back.
Chapter 7: Melee
Chapter 8: The domineering Miss
Chapter 9: Itchy powder
Chapter 10: I’ll call you A Chen
Chapter 11: You came through here, too?
Chapter 12: Grow up to marry a wife
Chapter 13: The Narcissistic king
Chapter 14: Achen will definitely grow more beautiful than the first most handsome man.
Chapter 15: Forced to marry the Yun Family
Chapter 16: Feng Xianxue’s trick
Chapter 17: Treating each other her own way
Chapter 18: Feng Zhaoyang’s shock
Chapter 19: Chuge, come back.
Chapter 20: I’m supposed to be that cool.
Chapter 21: Achen wants to grow up
Chapter 22: A change of hear
Chapter 23: Di Jue Chen The emperor
Chapter 24: The man you are thinking of
Chapter 25: Beautiful and worthy
Chapter 26: Deb
Chapter 27: Compensation of 38 million 2.
Chapter 28: An outsider occupy the Feng Family?
Chapter 29: Feng Chuge is ho
Chapter 30: Refined the drug
Chapter 31: No fever~
Chapter 32: Maternal Uncle?
Chapter 33: Super ugly girl
Chapter 34: A stack of ‘Tian’ silver cheques
Chapter 35: Underground marke
Chapter 36: It’s mine.……
Chapter 37: The kitty assumes an awe-inspiring stand
Chapter 38: Foresigh
Chapter 39: Woman, I’m hungry….
Chapter 40: Defeated without a figh
Chapter 41: Support the future lady
Chapter 42: Pulling the pitiful act ~~
Chapter 43: Why is he so arrogant?
Chapter 44: Feng Chuge in everyone’s eyes.
Chapter 45: Femme fatale!!
Chapter 46: A man with faulty vision….
Chapter 47: Under a big tree, the shade is plentiful
Chapter 48: Stony-hearted
Chapter 49: Second sister is still young, and youth shouldn’t be wasted
Chapter 50: This Prince doesn’t want to marry!
Chapter 51: The shortcut to Tiandi Fu
Chapter 52: I’m her future husband.
Chapter 53: Feng Chuge, fight!
Chapter 54: Bet, ruin your own appearance
Chapter 55: Kicking the ball ~~
Chapter 56: My wife has always been the bes
Chapter 57: Modified version of the itchy powder
Chapter 58: Hands up, no need to thank me
Chapter 59: Pacifists
Chapter 58: Hands up, no need to thank me
Chapter 60: I’ll offer you a toas
Chapter 61: Must be ravaged back
Chapter 62: Feng Qianxue is lonely…
Chapter 63: To give somebody a taste of his own medicine
Chapter 64: Marry a chicken, Marry a pig, marry a dog, but never marry you
Chapter 65: Drugged herself?
Chapter 66: Anyone who swallows grievances when wronged is a silly X!
Chapter 67: Danger on the road
Chapter 68: Jumping clowns
Chapter 69: The fall of the Feng Family
Chapter 70: Dispel the regression poison
Chapter 71: Playing cute
Chapter 72: Young man, please don’t look at me so
Chapter 73: Cook a meal for a lifetime
Chapter 74: Your family’s young miss is too formidable!
Chapter 75: Grumpy child
Chapter 76: Achen is missing
Chapter 77: The forest appointmen
Chapter 78: Patricide!
Chapter 79: The flesh is too old making it difficult to swallow
Chapter 80: Tiandifu is in mess
Chapter 81: First beautiful man
Chapter 82: Achen’s uncle
Chapter 83: Afraid of having a pig-like teammate.
Chapter 84: Hero saving the beauty
Chapter 85: Do not worry, cousin
Chapter 86: Really wordy
Chapter 87: Strange background
Chapter 88: Who made the world sentimental
Chapter 89: Will not be disappointed in you
Chapter 90: Symptom of love sickness
Chapter 91: Bandit’s Inn
Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess
Chapter 92: Feng Chuge, what the hell are you doing?
Chapter 93: Rotting powder
Chapter 94: You don’t hate this prince?
Chapter 95: Basic Etiquette
Chapter 96: Inferior people
Chapter 97 Zilan has long been in the advanced level of a Spirit Master.
Chapter 98: You’re so obsessed with yourself, have you taken a good look at yourself?
Chapter 99: Test prelude
Chapter 100: My Number One goddess.
Chapter 101: Some people are just jealous, that’s it ~~
Chapter 102: Enemies on a narrow road
Chapter 103: Too late!
Chapter 104: Don’t try to push it, but try to drive it straight~
Chapter 105: Brotherly love
Chapter 106: Came to be an instructor
Chapter 107: Third Prince, you’ve let me win….
Chapter 108: Laughing audaciously ~~
Chapter 109: Innocent, wise and virtuous kitten
Chapter 110: What a loser!
Chapter 111: Too much love can kill you
Chapter 112: Good show ~~
Chapter 113: Do you want to have a taste of this medicine?
Chapter 114: Don’t dirty our place
Chapter 115: She won’t live long to make trouble
Chapter 116: His elbows shouldn’t stretch outwards
Chapter 117: Be my apprentice
Chapter 118: Can’t put all eggs in one baske
Chapter 119: Just kidding.
Chapter 120: Little sister-in-law
Chapter 121: When a woman pursues a man…
Chapter 122: Mr. Zhu
Chapter 123: To teach without severity, is the teacher’s laziness.
Chapter 124: Do you deserve it? + leave of absence
Chapter 125: Little Shimei is too formidable
Chapter 126: Won’t let anyone bully
Chapter 127: Time to go back home.
Chapter 128: Execute him
Chapter 129: The temporary Yun Qianche
Chapter 130: The difference between a goddess and a psycho
Chapter 131: Meet a bully on the road
Chapter 132: Qian Ba VS Xiao Shimei
Chapter 133: Paper tiger
Chapter 134: What a loser!
Chapter 135: Too dark
Chapter 136: Stop Miss…. Poor review!!!
Chapter 137: Come bite me!
Chapter 138: Strut around
Chapter 139: Well done
Chapter 140: Dog Leg
Chapter 141: How dare you compare?
Chapter 142: Wasting my time.
Chapter 143: Scared silly?!
Chapter 145: Agreemen
Chapter 146: Stay with me, I’ll spare you.
Chapter 147: Justifiable defense
Chapter 148: Shaking a beautiful teenager to the core
Chapter 149: the existence of the curse
Chapter 150: With this master here, who’d dare mess in?
Chapter 151: Storage space
Chapter 152: A 16 or 15-year old Senior spiritual great master
Chapter 153: What would my brother do if something were to happen to you?
Chapter 154: Self-deception is wrong.
Chapter 155: Genuine and fake beads
Chapter 156: Drop out! Drop out!
Chapter 157: Your master is a charmer
Chapter 157.2
Chapter 158: Help me save him
Chapter 158.2
Chapter 159: Why does she call her little sister-in-law.
Chapter 159.2
Chapter 160.1: Shouldn’t have trusted her…..
Chapter 160.2
Chapter 161: Unseal
Chapter 162: A 16 or 15-year old Senior spiritual great master
Chapter 162: You are indeed a wonderful master
Chapter 163: Teach you how to behave
Chapter 164: Fight!
Chapter 165: Too grand a meet-and-greet.
Chapter 166: Advanced!!
Chapter 167: Whose spiritual power got crippled?
Chapter 168: The hidden weapon from Yan Qing shijie
Chapter 169: The tides changed
Chapter 170: Against the general!
Chapter 171: Di Jue Chen comes
Chapter 172: Injured
Chapter 173: Its…you…
Chapter 174: Tried to move this lord’s woman?
Chapter 175: Healing wounds
Chapter 176: Cheating a youngster
Chapter 177: The young lady of Tiandifu
Chapter 178: Freshman is here
Chapter 179: Xiao Chen Chen, is it really you?
Chapter 180: Grgrgr…Grandpa, I was wrong.
Chapter 181: I’ll show it you alone
Chapter 182: Wu…. there’s evil here!
Chapter 183: Superficial woman…
Chapter 184: Better know your place
Chapter 185: Arrogant and shameless pervert!
Chapter 186: You have to compensate me with a lady
Chapter 187: You have to compensate me with a lady 2
Chapter 188: You have to compensate me with a lady 3
Chapter 189: You have to compensate me with a lady 4
Chapter 190: You have to compensate me with a lady 5
Chapter 191: Flirty White-Clad beauty 1