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1033 Can You Forgive Me? 4

Even though they had already had sex many times, this was only the third time he had ever kissed her.

The first time was when he was drunk and mistook her for Song Qingchun.

The second time was on the nameless hill, when he brought her to see the stars and to trick her to fall into his trap.

This was the third time…

The previous two times, he didn't really mean it, but this time…

Cheng Qingchong could feel the temperature in the room rising. She was so nervous that she found it getting hard to breath. It was not until she was almost out of breath that he finally stopped. His mouth was stuck to her lips, and when she opened her mouth to gasp for air, it caused the man to chuckle to himself. Then he slowly started to bite on her lips. It was intimate and gentle as he patiently used his tongue to play and lure her tongue out.

The temperature of both of their bodies started to rise. He grabbed hold of her waist and pushed her close to his body. The suppleness of her skin caused his kiss to turn violent. His hands that were originally on her hand started to wander toward her skirt. As his hands caressed her bare skin, her body started to quiver.

The atmosphere continued to heighten. Qin Yinan's lips fell on Cheng Qingchong's neck as he continued to move downwards. Even the man's breathings had gotten fast and hard as he immersed himself in the sweetness of the moment. He licked her svelte skin and mumbled, "Qing…"

He only said one syllable when his sound disappeared, and he stopped moving.

I almost called out 'Qingchong'. Why would I do that? Have I lost my mind?

Qin Yinan swallowed twice and pulled his lips slightly back from her skin. He could feel the desire for her body coursing through his veins. Suppressing the desire within him, his lips tensed in thought before he suddenly raised his head to reach for her ear. He bit on her earlobe, and as he sensed the woman's body relaxed in his arms, he whispered, "Qingchun…"

He could feel the woman in his arms tense and petrify into stone almost immediately.

Pretending not to notice it, he moved to dominate her lips, adding another moan. "…Qingchun."

Her body shuddered, and he could hear her hands fall on the pillow beside his head.

"Qing…" Qin Yinan groaned for the third time, and before he could finish the final blow, he pretended to be overwhelmed by alcohol and went completely dead. He tried his best to calm his breathing, to make it sound like he had really fallen asleep.

After some time, the woman who was lying on top of him slowly and gently extricated herself from his embrace.

When she stood up, two tears dropped on his face. His hands, which were now hidden underneath the cover, tightened to grab the mattress. He tried his best to keep up his sleeping façade.

He could sense the woman standing beside his bed for a while before turning to leave silently.

He could hear her move toward the balcony. Then there was the sound of the door being opened and a cold draft coming into the room. Very quickly, the door was closed, and the room reverted to a state of silence.

Qin Yinan then slowly opened his eyes; they were filled with complicated emotions.

After he got the contract from Golden Wings Investment, he was supposed to go to a celebratory party with all the workers, but he soon left the venue and told his driver to send him home.