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609 Accidental Discovery 3

He already said he doesn't like me. Was he just being mindful of my drunken self? How could he allow me to walk over him like that with no shred of impatience?

Just as Song Qingchun was confused beyond reason, Su Zhinian, who had been completely quiet while he was writing, suddenly repeat the words that she had just made him write. "Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun."

The way he read the statement was slow, like he was voicing every syllable as he wrote them down.

The bathroom was silent except for his low, sexy voice and the tapping sound of the lipstick hitting against the wall. Song Qingchun knew he was talking to her, but standing before the sink counter, listening to those words, a warm feeling rushed through her heart, filling it with joy and satisfaction.

Song Qingchun had no idea whether she heard it correctly or not, but she swore Su Zhinian's voice had softened after he finished writing that statement. "Is that enough?"

"Not enough, not enough!" the drunken woman said. Then just like before, she dragged out her "hmm" before adding, "You need to add, Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun the most!"

"Okay." This time Su Zhinian conceded easily and started writing without hesitation. Similar to before, he voiced out the sentence that he wrote. The moment he finished, the girl demanded, "Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun more than most!"

He grunted in reply. Then it was followed by the sound of lipstick on the wall. This time, he did not read out what he was writing. Then, there was the sound of something landing in the trashcan, probably because he had finished the lipstick. After that, her slurring voice began again. "Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun more… Wait, the number of words is wrong! Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun more… Su Zhinian, you liar, why didn't you write Su Zhinian loves Song Qingchun more than most! Liar Su!"

Then the girl started to cry because she did not get her way. He sighed helplessly and seemed to pull her into a hug. It sounded like he placed his finger on the wall and read to her one word after another. "Sorry, I heard you wrongly. I wrote, Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever and ever."

"Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever and ever…" She followed her finger to match the words on the wall. Finally, she broke into a smile. "You're right, you didn't lie to me… It is really 'Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever and ever'…"

"Of course, I wouldn't lie to you."

"Stop, why are you playing with my hair? It's no fun…"

"Indeed… Su Zhinian will love Song Qingchun forever and ever…"

Even though it was not technically a confession, Song Qingchun's heart still warmed with joy upon hearing it through the phone. Perhaps it was the recording or her own wishful thinking, but when Su Zhinian repeated that phrase, it sounded like he was making his wedding vows, the greatest promise in the world.