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77 Maniac Su and Sanitary Su 7

Song Qingchun squeezed the cloth in her hands like her life depended on it. After locating the voice that had left her, she said, "Mr. Su, do you need anything?"

After a short pause, Su Zhinian's gaze slowly left the yoga mat and fell on Song Qingchun's face. "Brew me a cup of coffee."

His gaze then purposely lingered on the yoga mat some more before turning away and closing the door behind him.

Song Qingchun heaved a long sigh of relief and was about to pull her phone from underneath the mat when the door was suddenly pushed open again, causing the breath that she was in the middle of releasing to be caught in her throat again.

"Skip the milk and sugar." Then, Su Zhinian closed the door once more.

Song Qingchun stared at the closed door for a full three minutes to ensure it would not suddenly be pushed open again before collapsing to the ground. She clapped at chest as she took two deep breaths.

Living with Maniac Su is like a mental trial. I swear, one of these days, he is going to give me a mental illness…

After her heart rate returned to normal, Song Qingchun ran to the kitchen to prepare the cup of coffee for Su Zhinian as fast as she could. Then, she took it upstairs.

The door to the study was open, and Su Zhinian was sitting in front of the study table, staring at the computer screen with a blank expression. She could hear a male voice coming from the computer giving a long speech in English.

Song Qingchun stood at the threshold and knocked lightly on the door. Su Zhinian turned and lifted his hand to point at a spot beside the computer before turning back to the screen.

Song Qingchun placed the coffee down carefully and voicelessly. As she prepared to leave his study, she heard Su Zhinian's voice from behind her. "Wait."

Song Qingchun had thought he was talking to the person in the computer, so she even helpfully closed the door for him.

"Song Qingchun…" As she pulled the door closed, she heard her name being called. She turned around subconsciously, and the man slowly and clearly said, "I'm planning to go to bed at 12 am sharp, and the time now is…"

Su Zhinian glanced down at his wrist watch and continued, "10:10 pm. You have one and a half hours left. I will check the result of your cleaning by 11:40 pm, and if it is not to my satisfaction, be prepared to stay up all night cleaning."

No way, he still wants to personally check it?

Then, doesn't that mean that my slacking off earlier is going to bite me in butt now? I have barely started!

Song Qingchun stared blankly at Su Zhinian, her face a picture of disbelief.

Even though Su Zhinian appeared to be completely focused on his video conference, he had been closely watching Song Qingchun out of the corner of his eyes.

He saw the full range of emotions that displayed themselves on her face, starting with shock, then it changed into indignation, then sadness, and finally resentment as she pouted and grumbled an unwilling "Okay" at him. Then she closed the door silently and left.

No more than five minutes later, Su Zhinian heard Song Qingchun's anger-filled curses streaming continuously into his ears from downstairs. "Inhumane! Crazy man! Bastard! Beast! Evil!

"Maniac Su, Sanitary Su, Silent Su, Cold-blooded Su…"

As they drifted into Su Zhinian's ears, he could not help but laugh. Earlier this morning, he was only Maniac Su and Sanitary Su, but now he had become Maniac Su, Sanitary Su, Silence Su, and Cold-blooded Su…