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53 The Person Hiding in My Memory 3

"So, you're telling me that the contacts I have cultivated over the last two years have all been taken over by Tang Nuan in less than three months?" There was an obvious anger bubbling under Song Qingchun's question.

Her assistant raised her head carefully to steal a look at Song Qingchun. Then, she nodded lightly and replied in a voice that could not be smaller even if she wanted to, "Yes."

As if hearing the best joke in the world, Song Qingchun chuckled to herself; her chuckles were amplified by the relative quiet of the room. The spooked assistant took several steps back. Song Qingchun maintained as much grace as she could as she waved her assistant away. After the door closed, she sighed audibly.

Tang Nuan… Tang Nuan… It had been eight years since the owner of that name had waltzed into her life, and in this eight years, whenever the name was brought up, bad things definitely followed.

She did not notice it when she first peered through those front-page headlines, but now she realized that from the eight news articles that had made the headlines, five of them came from her once contacts. Yes… Once… She only vacated her seat for three months and the world had changed when she returned.

She knew from the very beginning that Tang Nuan, like her, was vying for the anchor-woman position. She should have known that ruthless woman would kick her when she was down. There was no way she was going to miss out on her misfortune.

However, Song Qingchun did not expect Tang Nuan would be so cruel as to send her back to the state of a nobody… But did she really think she could get rid of Song Qingchun so easily?

A hue of derision appeared in the bottom of Song Qingchun's eyes. Tang Nuan had indeed overestimated herself. If she, Song Qingchun, could use one year to break the record of six consecutive headlines set by the previous anchor-woman, then she would be able to once again do the same with Tang Nuan in the shortest amount of time!

After Song Qingchun's mood settled, she left her office to use the toilet. Along the way, many of her co-workers greeted her, but as she passed, they started gossiping among themselves.

"Song Empire is over; this means that Song Qingchun is no longer the same rich young lady…"

"You're right, she used to come to work dripping in silver and gold, but now look at her and that simple get-up…"

"I hear she came to work today in a taxi…"

"What happened to her Ferrari? She sold it?"

Some of her co-workers had difficulty gauging their speaking voice, and parts of their conversation drifted into Song Qingchun's ears. She acted like she did not hear them as her stiletto with a long and thin heel clicked across the office floor, and she walked gracefully into the bathroom.

After Song Qingchun came out of the toilet cubicle, a slender figure was reapplying her make-up at the counter, facing away from her.

The figure noticed the sound of movement behind her and raised her head to catch Song Qingchun's eyes through the reflection of the mirror. It was Tang Nuan.

They held the eye contact for almost half a minute before Song Qingchun moved to stand beside Tang Nuan. She twisted open the tap and leisurely washed her hands under the running water.

Tang Nuan pouted her lips to apply her lipstick using the mirror. Then, she glanced sideways at Song Qingchun and opened her mouth to say, "Song Qingchun, tell me, how does it feel to have your stuff taken away again?"