Su Zhinian squinted when he noticed the long cotton coat that Song Qingchun was wearing. He noticed how it billowed in the wind, and a thought came to his mind.

The shadow was facing away from the light, so Song Qingchun could not see his face. She tried her best to focus, but the sunlight was too blinding. All she could see were bursts of light halos in her vision. Among those blinding halos, Song Qingchun felt like she could see the familiar and handsome face that belonged to Su Zhinian.

Is this my mind playing tricks on me before I die?

Song Qingchun stared at the visage and unconsciously felt like reaching out to touch Su Zhinian's face. However, the moment her fingers twitched with motion, the focus of her eyes started to disperse. The hand that originally reached upwards instead moved toward the zipper of her clothes.

The winds rushed into her open coat, and it ballooned up with air. Even though the coat was not really a parachute, the air resistance offered after it fully opened up was still strong enough to slow her fall.

The distance between them slowly closed. When they were almost at the same level, the man agilely reached over to grab her wrist. At the same time, he released the control he had over her mind. Her expression was one of confusion. She first turned to look at her wrist because she felt something was holding her there. When she saw the watch on his wrist, her expression froze.

Their contact made it possible for him to read her thoughts. Am I dreaming? Why is there suddenly another person falling beside me, and why is this person wearing the same watch as him?

Before she finished her thought, Su Zhinian pulled on her wrist to drag Song Qingchun right into his embrace. Then his other arm circled around her waist.

His action caused the girl to shake. Her long and curly lashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly before she slowly turned to look upwards.

As she slowly did so, Su Zhinian's perfectly carved face gradually fell into her gaze. The perfect jaw, thin lips, aquiline nose, dark and dreamy eyes, manicured brows…

The light streamed from the back of his head, casting his face in a golden halo. It heightened the best of his features, which was pretty much his whole face.

The scene before her eyes was so pretty that she believed she had to be dreaming. She stopped breathing and stared with extreme focus at Su Zhinian.

I'm dreaming… I have to be…

When Song Qingchun thought about the death that awaited her, her eyes that settled on Su Zhinian were colored with a hue of sadness.

While she was falling, she slowly reached out to touch his face. To her surprise, her fingers did not phase through his skin. Instead, she felt warm skin.

Song Qingchun frowned slightly as her fingers started to move quickly around Su Zhinian's face. When her fingers landed on the top of his lips, she could feel the tickle of his warm breath on the back of her skin.

Song Qingchun's fingers shivered as a drastic thought settled in her head. Once more, she whipped her head up to meet Su Zhinian's eyes.

At the bottom of his dark eyes, she could clearly see the reflection of her own face.