Song Qingchun finished packing everything when it was about 3 pm. Song Menghwa was listening to an audiobook while leaning against the headboard. Song Qingchun, who was feeling a bit tired, was about to sit in the sofa to rest when someone knocked on the door.

"Qingchun…" Song Menghwa took off the headphones and called Song Qingchun.

"Coming…" Song Qingchun said as she stood up to get the door. She was surprised to see the guest was Su Zhinian's mother. She quickly recovered from her shock, smiled, and greeted her politely. "Auntie Su."

Then Song Qingchun stepped back to let her come in. When Song Menghwa saw the guest, he quickly paused the audiobook and signaled for Song Qingchun to serve tea. When Auntie Su accepted the hot tea from Song Qingchun, she smiled as she engaged her in conversation. Most of the conversation was Auntie Su praising her.

Song Qingchun's lips curved into a smile as she listened patiently to Auntie Su before she returned to the sofa and started preparing the fruit plate.

"Why are you at the hospital today?" Song Menghwa asked.

"I came to collect my physical exam result, thought I'd drop by to see you," Auntie Su answered before asking, "When are you leaving the hospital?"

"Tomorrow. If I stay in here any longer, I'll miss Qingchun's wedding…" Song Menghwa was probably quite bored from his long stay at the hospital; his tone was quite excited when he answered.

Auntie Su smiled indulgently. Then she suddenly reached into her purse to take out a velvet box. She handed it to Song Menghwa. "This is the wedding present I prepared for Qingchun."

Song Menghwa opened the box for Song Qingchun. Inside it sat a white jade bangle. The clarity of the jewelry was a testament to its high price.

"You shouldn't have! Why waste money on something so expensive?" There was an undertone of fault in Song Menghwa's words. Auntie Su merely smiled and did not reply.

Song Menghwa continued. "By the way, how is Zhinian? I remember he is the same age as Song Cheng, isn't he? It's about time for him to settle down as well…"

The peeling knife Song Qingchun was holding stopped in mid-air. Then she heard Auntie Su sigh. "Don't remind me. I've urged him until there's no breath left in me, but there's still no sign of anything."

"Is it because he hasn't found someone he likes?" Song Menghwa had quite a good impression of Su Zhinian the first time he met him, so he was truly concerned on Auntie Su's behalf. "How about I introduce some girls to him? I do know quite a few young ladies from respectable families…"

Auntie Su shook her head and continued to sigh. "Don't bother, I've introduced who knows how many girls to him already, but he simply refuses to meet them. There's nothing we can do…


Auntie Su suddenly changed her tone, "…Zhinian does have a girl that he likes…"

"That's wonderful news. Tell him he's not getting younger; if he has someone he likes, he should get married soon."

"That's what I said, but he refused to bring this girl for me to see. Speaking of which, I'm still angry at him for this. If not for an accidental discovery, he probably would have continued to hide the fact that he has someone he likes from me … I really don't understand the way young people think these days. Why wouldn't he just save the person's name on his phone but insist on calling her some person hiding in his memory?"

Song Qingchun's hand shook, and the knife fell from her grip. The edge of the knife slashed a small cut on her finger, and blood trickled out from the wound.