Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 861
A eunuch dressed in plain blue hastily ran towards the palace of the Zi Yue Immortal Kingdom.
Entering the palace and bowing to the empress dowager, the eunuch panted for breath before saying, "Reporting to the empress dowager, the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace's people have arrived. They are waiting outside the palace."

"Oh? "He came rather fast."
The empress dowager put down the spiritual tea in her hands and waved her hand. "Bring them into the palace."

"Yes, Majesty."
After the eunuch left, not long after, three beautiful women dressed in purple and red came in.

Her eyebrows were like willow trees, her lips were like sunset, her skin was like snow, and her figure was graceful. There was not the slightest bit of incompatibility between her body and her body, and she seemed to be the most perfect masterpiece created by heaven.

For such people, no matter if it was a man or a woman, they would never be able to forget it in their entire lives, even if it was just a single glance.

However, it wasn't the first time that the empress dowager of the Kingdom of Zi Yue had seen this woman. Her expression was indifferent and she didn't reveal any great changes. She said indifferently, "Long time no see. Palace Head Shangguan, how have you been?"
"I ask for Empress Dowager Liu's blessings." Shangguan Qing Cheng said indifferently, her voice was like an oriole, clear and bright.
"I wonder why Palace Master Shangguan has come to our Zi Yue Kingdom?" Empress Dowager Liu continued to pick up her tea and take a sip, neither serving it to Shangguan Qingcheng nor looking at the seats.

However, Shangguan Qing Cheng and the rest weren't angry, they only heard his voice, "Why does Empress Dowager Liu know the answer? My daughter came to your country a few days ago and was imprisoned for some unknown reason. As your mother, I am not here for your daughter, what else can I do? "

"You also know that you are a mother? If you don't discipline us properly, you will behave atrociously here? " Empress Dowager Liu's face darkened, "Shangguan Mei Yang came to my Immortal Kingdom. I was good to entertain her, but she and her disciple destroyed the forbidden grounds created by my ancestors and committed heinous crimes. Did you know that?"
"Why did my daughter destroy the forbidden area?"
"How would I know?"
"Then has the empress dowager ever seen my daughter do it?"
"Naturally, someone saw it."
"Then ask him to come up and confront me. If he sees it with his own eyes, I have nothing to say. If he is only relying on his own judgement, then I hope that your country can prove that it was my daughter who destroyed it. Otherwise …"
"How about you?"

Empress Dowager Liu raised an eyebrow.

Shangguan Qingcheng lifted her head and looked quietly at Empress Dowager Liu. "Otherwise …" My Divine Cloud Immortal Palace can only forcefully take them away. "

"Forced arrest? Just with your Divine Cloud Immortal Palace? "

Empress Dowager Liu's face scoffed coldly, "Palace Head Shangguan, you have quite the prestige, what kind of place do you take my Zi Yue Kingdom to? Your Divine Cloud Immortal Palace is just a small sect in the Tianwu Continent, how would you dare spout nonsense here! You better hurry up and leave this country and return to your Tianwu Continent. Otherwise, don't blame me for not showing mercy. "
Shangguan Qing Cheng frowned slightly when she heard that, but her expression remained calm. She lowered her head and mumbled to herself, then said lightly: "So that means Empress Dowager Liu doesn't plan on letting them go?"
"I must give my ancestor an explanation."
"If that's the case, I'm afraid you won't be able to give that person an explanation."
she said softly.

Empress Dowager Liu frowned. "Who?"
"Who else? of course he is sister Yang's father. "
Finished speaking, Shangguan Qing Cheng turned and walked out of the palace.

Empress Dowager Liu's expression changed for a while as she stared fixedly at the gradually fading back, but didn't say another word.
Although the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace was just a sect in the Tianwu Continent, but everyone knew, the palace master of the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace had connections. Even though she had a daughter, no one knew whose child she was with.

When Shangguan Qing Cheng left, the atmosphere in the palace became tense.

"Empress Dowager."
At this moment, a person walked into the hall. He looked around and saw that it was Sun Xianyan.

"Beauty, you're here."

Empress Dowager Liu spoke indifferently.
"Appearance greets the Empress Dowager." Sun Qiyan bowed, then said, "Empress Dowager, I'm afraid this matter has nothing to do with Little Sister. She suggested that we let Little Sister go, or else the Kingdom of Zi Yue might cause trouble."
"Trouble? "What kind of disaster?"
Although the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace is weaker than my Zi Yue Immortal Kingdom, the power behind the Immortal palace cannot be underestimated. She heard that the dual cultivation partner of the palace master is an extremely powerful supreme expert, it seems that they are connected to the Immortal World, but the two of them are separated, and even so, the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace cannot afford to offend her, so even if the supreme expert does not care about the master, he would definitely not let his daughter go. If we were to continue like this, supreme expert, or even if it is a major power, wouldn't we bring disaster upon Zi Yue? "The forbidden area has already been destroyed and can no longer be restored, so punishing junior sister right now is of no use. Let's not talk about whether this is related to junior sister, even if she did, she can't recover the forbidden area."

"What do you mean?" Empress Dowager Liu's expression turned ugly, and she said angrily: "I am a dignified purple moon immortal country, could it be that I am afraid of her Divine Cloud Immortal Palace? Could it be that the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace has people, and we don't have them? "What's there to be afraid of?"
The empress dowager's tone was fierce, clearly infuriated by Sun Xianyan's words.

"But …" The empress dowager …
"Beauty!" Don't forget, although that is your Master, I am your grandmother! Who exactly are you facing? "
"This... "This …"
Sun Xiangyan was in a dilemma and did not know what to say.

"Beauty, you can leave now. I'm tired."
Empress Dowager Liu spoke in a low voice, as if she didn't want to say anything more to Sun Qiyan.

"Empress Dowager …"


His words were unusually serious.
Sun Qiyan opened her mouth but ultimately chose to remain silent. After bowing, she slowly withdrew from the hall.
With her departure, the hall regained its calm once more.
Empress Dowager Liu gripped the armrest tightly, the anger on her face gradually showing. She seemed to have been suppressing her emotions all this time …
"Shangguan Qingcheng... You sure are impressive! It's a pity that this is the Violet Moon Immortal Country! " Empress Dowager Liu gritted her teeth.

However, at this moment, outside of the prison, a group of people were rushing toward the inside of the prison. The person leading the group was none other than Sun Li!
"Ah?" "Yes your majesty, your subordinate pays his respects."

The guards outside the prison bowed in salute as they saw the newcomer.

"Open up the cell! I've come on the orders of the empress dowager to take these two away! Hurry up and open the cell!"
Sun Li walked towards the inside with large strides while shouting.

The guard didn't dare to delay so he rushed over to open the cell.
Everyone quickly walked towards the innermost cell of the prison. Sun Li almost directly walked towards the cell, his gaze never leaving the cell.

The two female soldiers who were monitoring Shangguan Mei Yang and Su Qing'er immediately stepped aside, the head of the prison took out the key, opened the seal, and opened the door.
Seeing that, Shangguan Mei Yang's expression became serious, she hugged Su Yun tightly and asked coldly: What are you all planning to do?
"Come with me!"

Sun Li had a light smile on his face.
"Where to?"
"Cut the crap." Sun Biao waved his hands and said, "Take them away!"
"Yes, Your Highness."
Several experts who were behind entered the cell, preparing to drag the two women away by force.

But just as they were about to take action, Shangguan Mei Yang suddenly summoned her Qi and threw it towards the expert.

However, she was not strong enough, so when she made her move, those experts immediately saw her move. A mysterious force was sent directly towards her.
Shangguan Mei Yang's chest received a heavy blow, she retreated a few steps, her small mouth spitting out a mouthful of blood. But just as she was struck, her tender and tender hands loosened and threw a magic treasure.

The magic treasure exploded as a ray of light enveloped her and Su Yun who was at the side. The two of them merged into the light and immediately disappeared.
"It's the Legacy magic treasure!"

Someone shouted.
"Now that the seal has been removed, they have an opportunity!"

"They are using it so quickly, and with two people, I'm afraid the can't send them far, I'm afraid they are still in the palace!"
"Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and catch him! Bring them back to me quickly! "

Sun Di shouted out with all his might, "Everyone, go and find them! Quickly! "Faster!"
"Yes, sir!"
"Wait!" Sun Li shouted again, "This must not be known to Her Majesty, understand? Be quiet, and if the empress dowager finds out, your heads will all fall to the ground! "
"Yes …"

Everyone answered and immediately left the prison.

What they said was not wrong, Shangguan Mei Yang and Su Qing'er were still in the palace.
In fact, she could have used the magic treasure long ago, but the magic treasure could not bring the two of them to much distance, and not even the palace could be spread. If she wanted to escape from the Kingdom of Zi Yue, it would be like a fantasy, and it was precisely that, she did not use the magic treasure, but she had no choice but to use it now, because she understood why Sun Li had come.
He must be doing it for Qing'er.

Initially, when he was talking with Sun Xiangyan in the prison, Qing'er had said that there was someone outside, but Shangguan Mei Yang and Sun Xiangyan did not notice, so it was obvious that his methods were powerful. Shangguan Mei Yang never thought that there would be someone watching her, and even more so, that the matter of Su Qing'er's Divine Body was exposed.
Sun Wei was afraid that he had heard of the divine body before, so he was definitely taking the risk this time, wanting to snatch Qing'er's body and become an eternal sage.

In a situation where he had no choice, Shangguan Mei Yang could only bring Qing'er and escape in a hurry.

Right now, running out of the palace was simply suicidal. With the two of them, they wouldn't even be able to see the door. The only one they could rely on at the moment was Sun Xiangzi.
Immediately, the injured Shangguan Mei Yang supported Su Qing'er and rushed back to Sun Xianyan's palace.