Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 859
The fourth statue of the Devil Cultivator.
This was a very strange statue of the Devil Cultivator.

The statue wore a huge robe and looked like an old man. He didn't have the tall and sturdy build of the great devils from before, nor did he have a frightening aura. All he had was a hunched body and a smiling face.
When Su Yun approached the statue, the surrounding devil qi leaked out, and an aged voice came out from inside.
"Hehe, the new Demon Lord? I've been waiting for you for a long time! "
Su Yun looked at the statue and realized that he did not have any blades on him, nor did he have any Puppet Equipment s. He did not know what methods he had, so he cupped his fists and said: "Junior greets senior."
"He is a junior who understands etiquette. Not bad, not bad!"

The old man seemed to treat Su Yun quite well, and laughed: "Come closer."

Su Yun hesitated for a moment, then took a few steps forward.

"Do you see the bottle under me?"
The voice came again.
Su Yun turned to look, only to see that at the bottom of the sculpture, there was a black bottle with blood traces.
"This is …"

"This is a medicinal pill I concocted specially for you."

The old man chuckled, "I'm not good at anything else, I only know how to make pills, but don't provoke me, the pill refiners are like carp in the river. If someone asks me for a pill, it will depend on whether I'm in a good mood or not."
"Ugh …"

"I am specially concocting this flavor pill for the Demon Lord who is preparing to enter the old tomb. It is something that I have spent my entire life trying to refine. The ingredients that are used are extremely rare. The things that you have obtained before are nothing compared to this pill!"
Bullsh * t? Anyone.

Su Yun secretly despised him, but did not refute him.
Each of the treasures he'd gotten in the past was more astonishing than the last. How could this pill compare? This old man's tone was not small. Wait until he had completed his test, then he would see just what kind of treasure it was.
"Senior's medicinal pellet is so powerful, it really makes one salivate. However, I wonder what junior should do to obtain this medicinal pellet?" Su Yun asked.

"Of course it's to pass my test." The statue of the old man chuckled, "The furnace that I refined the pills on is called the Heron Spirit, and it was crafted from the bones of egrets. When I entered the ancient tomb, the spirit furnace of the Heron Spirit was destroyed, and I left this Heron Spirit here as a shadow guard to carry out the Practice on the Devil Lord!"
"Oh? Is that also for me to defeat the shadow guard? "
Su Yun asked.

Hehe, of course not. My shadow guard is not as strong as those few guys' shadow guards. After all, it was created using the Heron Spirit.
"Then what are they good at?"

"Refine pills."
"Could it be that senior wishes to compete with me in pill forging?"

Su Yun was suspicious.
Although he himself had done quite a bit of research into medicinal pills, his level was still considered decent in the Tianwu Continent. However, in the Ultimate Martial World, especially against an alchemist master like this … That would truly be a hoax, not something he could show off.
"Just accept it."
The old man did not explain anything, but laughed and exhaled. Following that, a large amount of devil qi leaked out from his body and formed a shadow guard in front of him.
This shadow guard was completely different from the two shadow guards that he had seen before. Its body was bloated, like a huge bucket, and above the bucket were two red eyes that stared straight at Su Yun.
With such a fat and large shadow guard, Su Yun didn't feel that it was hard to deal with. Just by looking at its body, he could tell that its speed was probably low.

But Su Yun did not dare to let his guard down, since this old man dared to let him deal with him, perhaps what he saw was completely different.

"Sir Demon Lord, are you ready?"
The old man asked with a smile.
"Senior, you can start at any time."
Su Yun nodded his head and said.
"Alright then, boss, let's begin."

The old man said.
With that, the fat shadow guard moved.
It slowly moved towards Su Yun with its round belly that was as big as a ball. Its speed was extremely slow, like a snail that was crawling.

Su Yun did not dare to approach him carelessly, and threw out his Lotus Star Sword and attacked with his sword.

The snow-white Lotus Star Sword smashed directly onto the shadow guard's body.
The blade of the sword penetrated its body, and then directly passed through its back.
However, the shadow guard's body only trembled a little, but it did not have any effect. Its body was even less dim and continued to move forward.

Was he immune to attacks?
Su Yun was secretly surprised.
The fat shadow guard made a strange sound.

Su Yun kept his Lotus Star Sword and looked at the Shadow Guards who were slowly approaching them. The fingers on his left hand moved slightly as he secretly activated the Yin Yang Manifestation Art.

A circle of spiritual fluctuations silently rippled outwards, and a spiritual domain exclusive to him had formed around his body.
However, it was in that instant that …
The shadow guard that was approaching Su Yun suddenly stopped, its extremely fat body trembled, and then an eye-piercing scene happened.

Several thin red lines suddenly appeared on his round stomach. Following that, his entire huge stomach seemed to have bloomed like a flower. It was completely opened, just like a big mouth!
Su Yun was stunned, before he could even react, the 'flower' had already surrounded him, and swallowed him whole.
The 'flower' returned to him, wrapped Su Yun up and returned him back to the round belly of the shadow guard.
But at that moment, Su Yun had already been eaten by it, and even that Imperial Battle Robe was not activated in time.
"I wasn't on guard at all, and I wasn't on guard at all. I just ate it …" Youngsters these days, they really don't have cool hearts. If they had been prepared in advance, how could they have fallen for it so easily? "Hehehehe …"

The old man's statue let out a strange laugh. His expression was sinister, completely different from his previous kind and amiable attitude. It was as if the current him was the real him.

At this moment, Su Yun's vision had already been replaced by endless darkness.
The fat shadow guard's speed was surprisingly fast the moment he opened his mouth to shut it. Even someone like him, who could release over a thousand sword strikes in a single breath, could not react in time. The shadow guard's stomach was filled with a terrible stench and a sour energy. Su Yun did not dare to be careless, and activated the divine power of the Imperial Battle Robe.
In an instant, the shadow guard's stomach swelled. It was clear that this divine force was something even the shadow guard was afraid of.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately planned to use the protection of his God Power to break through the shadow guard's stomach, but right at that moment, the dark vision suddenly flashed, the surrounding darkness suddenly became crimson red, the temperature also frantically increased, a large quantity of flames rose all around him.
When he looked at the shadow guard's stomach again, he discovered that it had already turned into a thick and solid cauldron furnace wall. The shadow guard had already turned into a huge cauldron, planning to refine Su Yun directly!
"So that's how it is. Senior, is this the test you gave me?" You want me to rush out of this cauldron? "

Su Yun looked around and asked indifferently.
"Haha, not bad, young Demon Lord, as long as you are able to rush out of this cauldron formed by the spirit of the egret, you have completed my test and I will gift you this medicinal pill that was specially refined for you. If you are unable to break through, it is best to surrender in time and I will release you. If so, you can't blame me. "I don't want to turn my true devil lord into a pill. If I do, I'll become my true sinner …"
The old man's voice came out from the statue again, sounding a bit sinister.
"Surrender? Senior, you don't understand me, but I, Su Yun, am someone who doesn't give up until the end, how could I surrender so easily? "
Su Yun laughed.

"Oh? Is that so? You sure have a stubborn temper, you should continue living in there. My Heron Spirit Cauldron furnace is extraordinary, I am going in … "It's not that easy to get out."

The old man smiled.
Su Yun was not nervous at all, he only looked around him, and the flames burned even hotter than he had expected. The temperature had already surpassed Su Yun's expectations, and even with the protection of the saint armor, he could still feel the heat of the flames.

The Imperial Battle Robe could dissolve the profound strength, but it could not ignore material objects. This was a weakness of the Haotian Sacred Robe era.

He fixed his attention on the walls of the cauldron not far away. Taking a deep breath, he pulled out his black blade and charged forward.
He ignored the raging flames as if they were nothing at all. He stepped on the flames and crashed into the wall of the cauldron.
The black blade anxiously swung out several dozen times, causing its strength to increase by several folds. He raised the spinning blade high into the air, directly slashing it into the wall of the cauldron.

A loud sound echoed out.
The cauldron trembled violently.
The old man seemed to be slightly surprised.

'This guy seems to have some ability … ' It wasn't easy for me to refine a magic pill. This is a treasure that I am proud of. If I let him take it away so easily, then where would I put my old face?
He thought to himself as he increased the intensity of the flames in the cauldron.
At one point, the temperature rose exponentially above the surface of the sun.
However …


The astounding sounds seemed to never end, one after the other, the shadow guard could no longer hold on, his round body trembling violently.

The old man's statue went silent, unable to imagine how shocked he was at that moment.

This fellow's strength … It didn't seem to be the same.


In less than half an incense's time, a thin, red crack appeared on the shadow guard's belly. A terrifyingly high temperature overflowed from the crack.
"Senior, this Heron Spirit Cauldron is a good treasure. It's best that you quickly take it back, lest I accidentally destroy it."
Just then, Su Yun's voice came out from the cauldron.

When the statue of the old man heard this, he was flustered and exasperated.

"Apricot …" "Don't be too proud, my cauldron won't be so weak. Come out yourself if you have the ability!"

The moment those words landed …

The shocking sound spread throughout the entire ancient tomb.

The Egret Spirit Cauldron was torn into pieces, terrifying flames spewing out in all directions, like fireworks.
The old man in the statue was instantly stunned.