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There was a point in the Yin-Yang Wanxiang Secret Art that was extremely well described. Between the fake and the real, it was as real as the palm, while between the fake and the real it was as real as the real one. Sister-in-law Sokol said "net, see the most dubious girl you said"
Those with strong minds could release a mental curtain that would envelop the opponent. Those who entered the curtain would have their mind corroded. If they couldn't resist it, they could be controlled by the opponent.
Back then, this was the case for the Holy Virgin of River and the Void Saint. With the protection of the Imperial Battle Armor, Su Yun was invulnerable and they intended to shatter Su Yun's psychological defenses. However, compared to the Yin-Yang Wanxiang Spell, their methods were far inferior. They were only trying to shatter the opponent's defensive line without thinking of inserting a mental flaw into the opponent's defenses to numb the opponent and even gain control of them.

Currently, Su Yun was fusing his own mental fluctuations with Ling Qingyu's, so his consciousness did not set up any defensive lines, and was even completely open to Su Yun, allowing him to easily enter her consciousness.

This was a type of guidance, a guidance from Ling Qingyu.
There wasn't enough time, so in order to let Su Yun cultivate this mental cultivation method as soon as possible, Ling Qingyu had no choice but to sacrifice himself and dual cultivate with Su Yun using his own mental consciousness.

It was hardest to accept a beauty's kindness. Although it was only in spirit, Ling Qingyu's sacrifice was still not small.
When the mental ripple made contact with Su Yun's mental ripple, he felt that the scenery around him was quickly distorting, and his own consciousness underwent a slight change.
This must be Ling Qingyu's spirit.

The colorful light barrier formed by the Hundred Treasures Pouch had already disappeared and what replaced it was white clouds and mist. Within these clouds and mist floated a white jade platform. On top of the cloud and mist was a magnificent palace. In front of the palace, there was an incomparably large stone sword, facing right at the entrance. The palace had eaves and arches, golden bricks and jade tiles, it was noble and beautiful, and the current Su Yun was standing right in front of the palace.

He looked around and realised that this place seemed to be the scene inside the Sword World. However, he had never seen this palace before.

"Why are you still standing there foolishly? "Come on in."
At this time, a rebuking voice came from the palace.

Su Yun was startled, it was Ling Qingyu's voice.

"Hurry up, there's no time. Come in quickly."
She looked anxious, but her voice was shaky.

In the end, Su Yun was not an idiot, and understood what Ling Qingyu meant at that moment. He quietly swallowed his saliva, took a deep breath, and walked inside.

The palace was extremely beautiful, inside, it was resplendent with beautiful decorations, Su Yun did not know that there was such a palace in Sword World, but at the moment, he did not care about it, because in his line of sight, a huge bed appeared.

It was a bed made entirely out of gold and jade, situated in the center of the palace.
The bed was very big. The bones were inlaid with jade, and a curtain like a silver veil hung down. The person within the bed was reflected by the silver veil, creating a graceful silhouette.

When she saw Su Yun coming in, her body slightly trembled, as though she was a bit nervous. Su Yun who was standing at the door seemed to be able to hear her panting. Although it was only the sound of her breathing, which caused her heartbeat to quicken, the man heard it. It was so tempting.

She sat down cross-legged and said in a low voice, "Why aren't you coming over?"


Su Yun took a deep breath and walked over.
As he approached the bed, he could smell an intoxicating fragrance. He stood there for a moment, lifted the curtain, and what entered his eyes was the alluring beauty.
Her eyes were half closed, and her red lips were lightly pursed. Her snow-white skin was covered in a layer of faint pink due to her bashfulness, making her look especially adorable.

~ Is this Ling Qingyu?
Su Yun felt his consciousness enter a trance, and was in a state of disbelief …
"Come up."
Ling Qingyu lowered his head and said.

"Ugh …"
"Su Yun, when did you become so naughty?" Seemingly a little angry, Ling Qingyu suddenly had the courage to raise his head and stare at Su Yun: "This is just our consciousness. Frankly speaking, it is just your imagination and mine, nothing that happens here will change anything, what are you worried about?"

You're right.

Su Yun secretly nodded.

This time, it was all thanks to Ling Qingyu's good intentions, if he was still shy about it, he would be looked down by Ling Qingyu.
Immediately, he climbed onto the golden jade bed and sat in front of Ling Qingyu.

This was not just one person's consciousness, but was instead a world created by two people's consciousness! Ling Qingyu could already feel Su Yun's actions, but seeing that he was already seated in front of him, the originally angry Ling Qingyu tensed up once again.

There wasn't much time left, so Zhang Xuan couldn't help but hesitate.
Su Yun took a deep breath, he immediately extended his hand out and touched it.
"Ugh …"
Ling Qingyu's body trembled, her breathing became hurried.
"This is fake. It's all an illusion."
Su Yun immediately replied.
"I … I know that time is of the essence … Hurry up."
"I have to take off my clothes first," Su Yun said helplessly.
Ling Qingyu did not say anything, and only turned his gaze over, the meaning was already obvious.

Su Yun was not an idiot, he immediately took off the white robe on Ling Qingyu's body.
The robe slid down along her soft white skin, exposing her creamy skin to the air.
Perfect collarbone, elegant lines, heart palpitating whiteness, and soft breasts half covered by a robe
Su Yun was completely dumbfounded.
Ling Qingyu often lived in the Sword World, and rarely interacted with others in the outside world, much less made contact with them. She did not use the slightest bit of makeup, and only focused on training, her mind consciousness being controlled by them, but now that she was inside, her body was no different from the one she had in reality.

Su Yun gently pushed at his robes, revealing the white soft spot in front of him.
Ling Qingyu shut her eyes tightly, her delicate body was already trembling extremely fiercely, she wanted to reach out to cover her breasts, but just as she raised her hand, she resisted.

"This is just an illusion. It's all fake."

Su Yun hurriedly comforted her again.

"I … I know. Hurry up!"
Ling Qingyu said with his eyes closed, but his face was drenched in sweat.

Although it was only a spiritual Duo Cultivation, it was hard for her.

Su Yun laughed bitterly, he immediately took off his clothes, reached out to grab her hands, closed his eyes and started to cultivate.

The two of them stared at each other, but as the Duo Cultivation Technique slowly activated, the two of them began to breathe heavily.
Su Yun did not know, but at the moment, his spirit energy undulations and Ling Qingyu's spirit energy ripples were fusing together very quickly, and the treasure box beside the two of them was releasing a circle of silver white light aura, enveloping the two of them.
After a moment, Ling Qingyu's delicate body became hot, her eyes started to become hazy, it was a very strange feeling, it was the first time she had experienced it, although she understood it, but when it truly applied onto her, it was different from the description.

After finishing her preparations, Ling Qingyu felt as though she was about to be melted by the man in front of her. All the strength in her body disappeared without a trace, and she directly collapsed onto the bed, unable to sit still.

It's all an illusion! It's all an illusion! It's all right, it's all right!]
Ling Qingyu consoled himself in his heart.
At this time, the man slowly opened his deep eyes and stared at her.
Ling Qingyu bit her lips, her small hands grabbing onto the silk handkerchief on the bed, she turned her beautiful neck, not daring to look at Su Yun.
However, in the next second, a body brimming with masculine energy and muscles as hard as rock came crashing down on him.
Ling Qingyu's body trembled more and more violently, but before she could say anything, her cherry lips had been covered by her mouth.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the face in front of her.

A numbing sensation spread throughout his body like electricity.
Her breath quickened, making her feel like she was suffocating.
It took a while for her lips to part.
At that moment, Ling Qingyu's body felt like it was on fire.

"It's all an illusion."
Su Yun whispered.
Ling Qingyu let out a voice as soft as a mosquito's.
"Then let's begin."

Ling Qingyu's performance made Su Yun feel even hotter. She was so elegant and refined, peerlessly beautiful. She was like a treasured sword that had never been unsheathed, sharp yet captivating. At this moment, she had already lost all of her strength. It was as if she was a porcelain doll …

She closed her eyes tightly, not daring to look. Although she had always been implying to herself that all of this was just an illusion, her true feelings made it hard for people to believe that it was an illusion.
A tearing pain suddenly came over him.

Caught off guard, Ling Qingyu almost cried out, both her eyes also suddenly widened.
Although this was her first time, she wasn't stupid. However, what was with this feeling?

This was only the two's mental world, everything that happened inside was based on their imaginations, Ling Qingyu had never experienced such a feeling, and it came from Su Yun, so it means that this was something that happened with her previously, right?
What entered his eyes was that man's gentle and loving face. Ling Qingyu was a little stunned, this was the first time she had seen Su Yun show such an expression to her.
Su Yun lightly kissed his forehead and muttered, "Qingyu, thank you."


Ling Qingyu pretended to be in a bad mood as he said that, but in his heart, he inexplicably felt joy.

Ling Qingyu felt that it was strange. To the Spirit Cultivator, this feeling should be ignored, so why was it so obvious now? Could it be that he subconsciously thought of this as substituting for this mental hypothesis?


Before she could think about it, an even more wonderful feeling surged through her body.

She could be said to be a blank sheet of paper who didn't understand anything. However, all of this was brought about by a spirit that didn't belong to her.

In an instant, she almost lost herself.
However, at this moment, she understood that it was impossible for such a feeling to appear alone. At this moment, their consciousness had already completely merged into one. A new consciousness was born from their consciousness, and it dissolved into theirs, enriching their consciousness …

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