Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 850
With the help of the treasure, Su Yun did not rush to look for the next sculpture. Instead, he sat down cross-legged on the ground, rested for a moment, put on the armor, and threw the pitch black blade into the sword sheath, this was the first time Su Yun had placed the blade inside the sword sheath, if one were to talk about the effects of the blade, Su Yun was not an expert in using it, but the increased power of the blade was very suitable for him. Although he did not understand the technique of the blade, he did not rely on it to defend himself.

Opening the space bag s, in that moment, the unique treasures of the space bag s entered Su Yun's line of sight.
There were not many magic treasure inside, but the materials and pills were so dazzling that people could not even look at them, causing them to feel dizzy.

Su Yun took out the pills one by one and laid them on the ground to study them.
Meridian Purification Pill!

After consuming it, one could wash off the Qi Meridian, repair the areas where it was damaged, remove the impurities, and raise the strength and purity of the Qi Meridian to a whole new level.

The Ten Consolidating Pellet!

Strengthening his flesh and blood would increase it to ten times its original strength.
A thousand Good Fortune Pills!

After consuming it, he would be able to open up all the meridians in his body, increase his cultivation, strengthen the Spirit Core, and speed up the production of profound qi.

In addition, there were also a large number of refining ingredients that were rarely seen in the world. Most likely, these ingredients were all collected by the great devil with great effort. It was like living in a dream.
But what made Su Yun puzzled was that why did all the great demons set up cenotaph and disappear?
You don't even want these treasures?
Are they dead? Or could it be that they went to a realm with an even higher high grade?
high grade realm...
A word suddenly flashed past Su Yun's mind.
In the Immortal World.
I'm afraid that in all the worlds, only the Immortal World is able to stand above the rest.

Did they all go to the Immortal World?

But didn't the Immortal World loathe the Devil Cultivator to the extreme? If a great demon like this went to the Immortal World, other than facing countless enemies, there probably wouldn't be any other result.

Forget it, why bother thinking so much?

After consuming all the pills, Su Yun began to digest them by luck, but after a while, his body became hot again.
This was a sign of a breakthrough.
However, his current breakthrough was not as impatient as his breakthrough at the Phoenix Pond, it was an abnormally natural breakthrough, there was no sign of discomfort, and the Qi Meridian Spirit Core in his body released waves of warmth, it was extremely comfortable.
He sat cross-legged quietly and observed the changes in his body bit by bit, feeling the profound qi slowly rising. That kind of feeling was self-evident.

Eighth Rank in Spirit Emperor …
Su Yun greedily enjoyed the feeling of his strength increasing.
Most people would not be able to believe that in such a short span of a few years, Su Yun had directly broke through from the first stage of the Spirit Emperor to the eighth stage, something that countless people would never be able to do in their entire lives. However, such a quick breakthrough, was completely normal for Su Yun at the moment. Whether it was the support of the Imperial Armour or the increase in the strength of the Supreme Sect's soul, his cultivation was like a rocket, soaring up to the clouds.
After being promoted to the eighth stage, Su Yun felt that the profound qi in his body had increased exponentially, his strength and speed had reached a whole new level, but it was only secondary, the most important thing was his comprehension of the profound qi. In the initial stage, during the period of the Spirit Novice Disciple, people's understanding of it was only their desire and pursuit of a certain type of power, they wanted to know how to obtain this power, and how to obtain more of the profound qi, but they ignored its nature.
Su Yun still remembered the teachings that the sword ancestor had given him back then in the Dark Place, as well as the Eternal Sword that was taught to him. Everything had their own intelligence, even the profound qi. Su Yun and the profound qi had already experienced three stages.
The desire to pursue and pursue, to treat it as an object, to immerse it in slaughter, to treat it as a martial art. And now, it was time to integrate it completely and treat it as a friend.
The current Su Yun felt that the profound qi in his entire body was like his own right hand, like his own friends.
He had never experienced such a feeling before.
After sitting quietly for about eight hours, Su Yun finally slowly opened his eyes. He stood up and carefully stretched his muscles. After recovering to his peak state, he walked towards the next statue.

The statue below was much smaller than before.

The owner of the sculpture looked like a thin and weak youth. He wore cloth clothing, and his clothes were unadorned. He looked like an eight-toothed statue, but he was not as delicate and pretty as the eight-toothed statue. Looking at the statue, its owner should not be a Devil Cultivator.

He did not have any equipment on him, but there was a very large space bag hanging on his waist. Just as Su Yun leaned over, he was attracted by that space bag.
"Yo, I didn't expect you to be able to complete that foolish knife's test. Not bad, not bad. The new Demon Lord still has some ability, at least he didn't let me down."
At this moment, a mocking voice came from the thin statue.
Su Yun was startled, he turned to look, only to see that on the surface of the sculpture, a black circle of devil qi also appeared.

Could it be the same as the sculpture from before? Was it all cast by the owner of the statue?

Su Yun thought for a moment, then cupped his fists towards the statue: "Junior greets senior."
"Ai, don't be so courteous, I am very easy to talk to." The voice came out of the statue again, seemingly indifferent.

Although her words were true, Su Yun did not dare to listen to her completely. Would he be able to use words to win the Practice and obtain the inheritance of the Great Demons?

Defeating my shadow guard, you will be able to obtain my Hundred Treasure Bag. In this Hundred Treasure Bag, there are one hundred treasures that I have put away. If you can obtain it, I guarantee that your strength will leap one thousand miles, and that no one will be able to compare with you. Was he moved? Why aren't you moving? "Hee hee …"
With that said, the devil qi on the surface of the sculpture turned into a shadow and directly landed in front of Su Yun.
This was the shadow guard of the statue.
The shadow guard was extremely small and thin, with two empty hands, it did not have any weapons, and even the profound qi on its body was extremely indistinct, it did not seem strong at all.
However …

How could a person who could be called a Great Demon by the True Devil Sect be an ordinary person?

Su Yun stared at the shadow guard vigilantly, the Lotus Star Sword in his hand was tightly clenched.

He didn't know what type of attack he was going to use, nor did he know if he would recover back to his original state after touching the statue.
"Fight to your heart's content. Don't hold back. I'm afraid that if you hold back, you will never have the chance to make a move again."
The voice from the statue was filled with a sense of amusement.
These words were extremely arrogant and full of contempt. Su Yun was naturally unhappy in his heart, but he did not say much, after all there was a heaven above the mortal world, and such an existence's words of contempt was not enough to anger him.
After saying that, the shadow guard in front of Su Yun moved.
It took a step forward.
It was just a single step, without any terrifying speed or astonishing strength.

Then, it formed a fist with one hand, and a palm with the other. It actually took on a fighting stance in front of Su Yun.

If this was done by someone who looked like an adult male, then it would be nice. However, the person who posed such a gesture was a very thin and frail youth. This caused people to be unable to restrain their laughter.

"My shadow guard is about to attack. You have to be careful."
The voice from the statue rang out once again.

Su Yun tightly closed his eyes.

The shadow guard moved again.
He immediately spread his legs and ran towards Su Yun step by step.

It was extremely slow, at about ten meters per second. This kind of speed, in front of Su Yun, was like a tortoise's speed.
If its running speed was so slow, then what about its attacking speed? Could it be the same? If that was the case, then Su Yun had the victory in his grasp, he could suppress his opponent with his own speed.

The shadow guard rushed to Su Yun's front and struck towards him with his palm. Bang!

With such slow movements, how could Su Yun not catch it? He immediately turned around, dodging the incoming palm, and slashed the shadow guard's neck with his backhand.
The shadow guard made a strange sound and its figure dimmed a little.

Was he hit so easily? Everything seemed to be going as he had expected.

Su Yun thought.
However, before long, his entire body was struck by a mysterious power and he was sent flying. He spat out a few mouthfuls of blood as he fell into the distance.
Su Yun immediately stood up, holding onto his chest, he wiped the blood from his mouth, his eyes filled with shock.
What was going on?
He had already dodged the opponent's attack, but why was he still hit? Did the shadow guard hit me?

His heart was filled with surprise.
At this moment, the shadow guard attacked once again.
His speed was still as slow as before, and he still did not have any imposing manner. Just like that, he ran over, and the hand that had formed into a fist smashed towards Su Yun.

Although he was confused, but that was a weakness, how could Su Yun let it go? He immediately dodged the fist, his body turning, one hand holding the death sword, the other holding onto the sword sheath, he pulled out thousands of swords, directly pouncing towards the shadow guard, his imposing manner piercing through the sky, with the intention of directly defeating the shadow guard.

However …
The strange scene appeared again.
This time, Su Yun was not even able to touch the shadow guard's side when he was suddenly struck hard. The profound qi around his entire body started to shake, causing the to tremble and the Spirit Core to sway.

Blood was coming out of his mouth again. He had almost lost his life in these two moves.

"Why did I dodge your fist and end up injured? What exactly is going on? "
Su Yun clenched his teeth, feeling both shock and suspicion.

"Young Demon Lord, let me give you a hint. The attacks you see are all fake. The real attacks are hidden within these fake attacks …"

Then the statue spoke again.
A fake attack?
Could it be that all the punches he had seen before were all feints?