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Chi Gou did not know what kind of spell the Void Spirit Saint had used on Su Yun, but when he saw Su Yun coming out of the illusion, his killing intent filled the entire place, it was filled with killing intent.
Although he was somewhat worried for Su Yun previously, when he saw the two swords that floated behind the Void Spirit Saint's back, he was not as worried.
He did not believe that Su Yun had inadvertently placed them on the other side, furthermore, the two swords did not display any offensive abilities, but instead had the feeling of coexisting together.
The current Void Spirit Saint, with his Qi Meridian shattered, the profound qi on his body dispersed quickly, and was suppressed by Su Yun. Being this close, even if her profound qi did not dissipate, it would still be devoured by Su Yun, he would not be able to retaliate at all!
The Void Spirit Saint stomped his feet and struggled, but he was powerless.

She opened her dim yellow eyes and looked at Su Yun weakly: "You … Who the hell are you? Saint... The reincarnation of a saint? "

She had spied on Su Yun's memories and already knew that Su Yun was someone who had reincarnated. However, other than a saint, who could have such a divine ability? Not to mention! Su Yun's rebirth was not as simple as a soul transfer! His rebirth was a reversal of time!
Time Reversed …
Even a saint would not be able to do this!

Su Yun's eyes revealed a sinister look: It has nothing to do with you!

As his voice fell, he suddenly tightened his grip.


The Void Spirit Saint's neck was immediately broken.
The fire tribulation that burned at her chest immediately ignited her entire body, burning even her soul!

The Void Spirit Saint had fallen.
There was almost no way to resist!
Without a powerful mind spell, how weak was she?
Su Yun slowly lowered his hand. The killing intent in his eyes did not dissipate. After a long while, he turned around.

Silence returned to the surroundings, but the sounds of fighting in the distance did not stop.
However, what she saw was the Void Spirit Saint's corpse, which had been burnt by the flames of the tribulation. She instantly let out a tragic cry, but her distraction allowed Er'mo to take the chance and immediately struck her with a devil palm. Like a kite with a broken string, she dropped down from the sky, and when she landed on the ground, she was already at her last gasp.
Xuanao was nowhere to be seen, the river had lost its leader, its morale was in chaos, it had been defeated, it had been defeated, and all the corpses on the ground belonged to the people of the Jiang.

The war had been decided, and there was little suspense in it.

"You were originally not her match, but it's a pity that she was too careless. Otherwise, this battle would continue for a period of time." As he spoke, he walked over.

Su Yun did not speak.
He stood on his tiptoes and patted his shoulder, saying, "Alright, my Lord Demon Lord, he is already dead. We should return."

"Where to?"

"Ah, old tomb. Lord Sectmaster has been warning me every day. If you don't go, I will be punished."
"What does my going to the ancient tomb have to do with you being punished?"
"Sigh, it's a long story. Let's just walk and talk."

"What do we do here?"

"The two Devils will deal with it."

"How should I deal with it?"

"How else?" Eight-Teeth coldly said, "Since you've offended my sect's Demon Lord, there's no other way to make up for it other than death."

Hearing that, Su Yun's expression did not change, but in his heart, he felt that something was amiss.

Why are Octagon Aniseed protecting me like this? Is it really because I am the Demon Lord of the True Devil Sect?
Although Su Yun was grateful to Chi Gou, he did not feel that his entire body was worth Chi Gou's protection. Of course, in terms of appearance, Su Yun was not bad.

The two of them immediately left the large camp at the border, heading straight for the True Devil Sect.
With so many Devil Cultivator surrounding them, the people of Jiang would definitely not be able to escape.
could also see that he was extremely anxious.

"What kind of place is this ancient tomb?"
On the way, Su Yun could not help but ask.

"The cenotaph s of all the great devils of the True Devil Sect."

"Yes, because their whereabouts are unknown. Some of the great devils may have already perished, some may have advanced to an even higher level, some may have hidden themselves in ordinary realm, and some may have ascended to the ninth heaven. Without exception, they were not in the true Devil Sect, but they left behind valuable treasures for the true Devil Sect.

Octagon Aniseed said.

"What?" Su Yun secretly frowned: "If that's the case, surely the ancient tomb contains a supreme magic treasure with a mental cultivation method? With such a treasure, why didn't you open it earlier and let the sect members enjoy it? "
"If it's like this, I would like to, but my ancestor already left a message, True Devil Sect people are not allowed to enter the ancient tomb, even the sect master is not allowed, only one person is allowed to."
"Demon Lord?" Su Yun focused his eyes.
"That's right."
"Why don't you become the Devil Lord?"
"If it were not for me, I would not have been able to complete the memorial service, and so would the grand master."

"You believe in fate?"

"I don't believe you."

"Then why did you say that?"

Octagon Aniseed laughed, but did not continue.

He looked at the dark sky in the distance and took a deep breath. After a long time, he said, "Demon Lord, do you still not understand? No matter if it's the Evil Demon or the Good Devil, neither of them will believe in their fate. If they believe in their fate, can they still be called a demon? "

Su Yun slowly closed his eyes, his mind thinking back to the things that happened in the past.

If he believed in life and let nature take its course, how could it change? If a tragic fate was not changed, it would create a miserable life.

But... Octagon Aniseed had said, "I was not hit." What does that mean?

"This trip to the ancient tomb is not only the legacy of the Patriarch, but is also the great hope that we have for you."

He turned his head, and his bright eyes stared at Su Yun with passion, his pretty face became extremely serious: "Lord Demon Lord, the Immortal Seeking Sect used the Supreme Sect's name to attack the True Devil Realm, if there was no supreme expert leading to resist, my True Devil Realm would not be able to retaliate at all!"
"Aren't you done?"

"I'm just a small Vice Sect Leader?"
"You're still young?"
"Am I not small?" Octagon Aniseed rubbed his head and tilted his head to look at Su Yun with an innocent look.

Su Yun really wanted to ruthlessly knock his head.

"What about the Sovereign?"

"He's young too."
"Don't talk so much nonsense, in the end, you guys just want me to lead True Devil Realm to fight against the Immortal Seeking Sect, right?"

"How is this possible?"
Octagon Aniseed shook his head and smiled, "Even though it is a half-immortal sect, it is still an immortal sect. Lord Devil Lord, it is impossible for you to completely inherit the Great Devil's inheritance in such a hurry. If you were to take the lead, I'm afraid you would be in endless trouble."
"Then what do you want?"
"Let's forge one first." Octagon Aniseed laughed: "I have already sent people to spread the news of the Supreme Sect being destroyed, as for who was it, I have also secretly revealed it, it is my True Devil Realm's Realm Master!"
"True Devil Realm has a Realm Master?"

"What nonsense are you making up? The problem is that no one knows about it?"
"Your bullsh * t skills are pretty good."
"Ordinary." The True Devil Realm has already unified themselves, and this phenomenon has never happened before. If I were to say the existence of the True Devil Realm, many people would believe me, because with the disappearance of the Supreme Sect, there is only one explanation, right now. "

"True Devil Realm's appearance can garner the support of many realm's forces. True Devil Realm has eliminated Supreme Sect and his reputation is on the rise, but there are pros and cons to everything, and they will definitely attract the hatred of others! You have to be on your guard. " Su Yun said.
"So, Sovereign wants you to immediately enter the ancient tomb to obtain the inheritance of the great devils and see what the great devils have left behind to save this crisis."
"If not, how should I deal with it?"
"No …" He then shook his head and said, "I do not care, if not, I will let Sect Master think of a solution, for in the past few days I have almost broken a leg because of the safety of True Devil Realm, he just sits in his cultivation area and sleeps comfortably every day, it is not fair, it is too unfair, I do not care!"

"You are not working for the true Devil Sect, you are working for the true Devil Sect."

"Isn't working and taking responsibility the same? "I'm really tired of being thrown all these crap at me."

He was huffing with a trace of indignation on his face.
"Then let the Sect Leader give you some benefits." Su Yun said.
"What can he give me?"
"Medicinal magic treasure?"

"He uses them for himself."
"Why don't you come to a beautiful woman that's suitable for dual cultivation?"
"Ugh …" This... I don't want this thing. Lord Demon Lord, what have you been thinking about all day? "
It was unknown if he was pretending or if it was real, but Su Yun thought that it was very strange, so why would this fellow blush?

The two of them played with each other as they finally reached the True Devil Sect.

The Devil Sect today could be said to be completely different from before Su Yun had left. There were a large number of Devil Cultivator here, all of them lying on the ground, either seal, carve, or lay down their Array Origin. From the looks of it, they were creating a barrier.

Around the True Devil Sect, more than a hundred gigantic black statues were erected. All of them were vicious beasts of the Devil Realm, constructed from black magic stones, the surface of the statues was inlaid with crystals filled with surging energy, each of them were close to thirty meters in size. The eight-toothed man arranged a magic array around the statues, using the True Devil Sect as the Array Origin, he set up a huge array.
There were still a large number of experts in charge of the sect, and every one of the True Devil Sect s were working in an orderly manner.
Seeing this, Su Yun understood.
The people from the Immortal Seeking Sect might not be as simple as he thought.
"Vice Sect Leader!"
"Lord Devil Lord!"
On the way, when the True Devil Sect saw the two coming over, they stopped what they were doing and cupped their fists in greetings.
"There's no need to bow. Everyone, get busy."

Octagon Aniseed said.
"Yes, Sect Leader!"

Everyone shouted out as they continued working.

Time was tight, the enemies True Devil Realm faced were no small matter, every second was crucial.
After Octagon Aniseed entered the True Devil Sect, his face no longer held any expression of relief. Perhaps on the way, his mood had improved a little when he couldn't see such a scene.

He did not beat around the bush and directly led Su Yun towards the ancient tomb.
It was located right behind the forbidden grounds of the True Devil Sect.

In terms of forbidden grounds, this ancient tomb was the true forbidden ground of the True Devil Sect, no one was allowed to enter … Except for the Demon Lord.