Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 843
The Void Spirit Saint and the Holy Maiden of the Rivers also walked out of the boundary. When the two of them saw what was happening around them, their faces turned serious.

"How can there be so many Devil Cultivator s? "What's going on?"

When the Virgin of the River saw the scene before her, her face became deathly pale.

For no reason at all, why were there so many Devil Cultivator s gathered at the entrance of the True Devil Realm? Were they resisting something? Or could it be that these Devil Cultivator were here to deal with Jiang Han?

The generals had quickly arranged for the army to come out, but facing the violent Devil Cultivator from all directions, these Jiang Han troops were nothing compared to them!

The Jiang Guo soldiers looked at the countless of people in front of them with trembling hands, all of their weapons started to tremble, the devil qi of the heaven and earth was so dense, it was enough to suffocate them, but at that moment, they could only muster up their courage and stand here.

Xuan Ao's expression was extremely ugly, and his heart was in chaos.

Although he was here with his own army, he had not even stepped into the border and yet he already had such a strong advantage over his men. Could it be that the Devil Cultivator knew that Jiang Hu was here and wanted to spread his power?

If that was the case, then the people of Devil Realm were too passionate.

It was just that …

Xuan Ao never knew which power in the Devil Realm had such a large army, the lowest cultivation level here was all at least at the fifth stage of Sky Spirit Master and there were countless Spirit Emperor existences there. Whether in terms of numbers (or individual strength, who knows where Jiang Yu got to, what possibility do they have to contend against him?

"Don't be afraid, with this old one here, these Devil Cultivator won't be able to do anything to you!"

As if sensing the fear of the surrounding people, the Void Spirit Saint opened his mouth.

She walked over with her walking stick. Looking at the surroundings in the dim light, she was not afraid in the slightest. Instead, her arrogance was not concealed in the slightest.

The hollow spirit saint's words were a comfort to Xuan Ao.

He cupped his fists and said: "The saint is here, Xuan Ao is not afraid of the Devil Cultivator."


The Void Spirit Saint nodded, he looked at the Devil Cultivator which was everywhere and said, "But this is too abnormal, why are there so many Devil Cultivator s gathered here? Are they here to deal with us? Heh, if that's the case, then these Devil Cultivator s are too cowardly.

Her words were full of ridicule and she did not try to cover it up. Her voice was slightly bright and it spread far and wide.

When the people of Jiang Country heard this, their tensed nerves relaxed a bit. Although they didn't know what kind of existence the Void Spirit Saint was, when they saw XuanAo being so respectful towards them, they also felt that he must be an extraordinary character.

"Sovereign King, Master, that person is here!"

At this moment, the Holy Mother of Rivers suddenly called out in a low voice.

Upon hearing this, the two of them immediately looked forward.

In the distance, the pitch black Devil Cultivator tide suddenly split open, and a group of Devil Cultivator s walked over.

As for the two people in the front, they were especially conspicuous. One of them wore a loose and large robe, and his face did not look as sinister as the other Devil Cultivator, but instead was extremely delicate and pretty like a child. The other person was the fellow who had seized the Dragon Pearl.

Su Yun!

The person standing beside Su Yun slowly walked over, his movements seemed somewhat clumsy, a faint smile hung on his face, and when he reached a place not far from Xuan Ao and the rest, he stopped, and spoke with a clear and pleasant voice: "Who are you?"

"Stinking brat, who are you?"

The Goddess of the river said calmly.

"Me? I am a little Devil Cultivator. "

That fellow simply smiled.

Who would believe it?

Everyone despised him.

He scratched the back of his head and said: "Then, who are you? Why are you attacking the barrier we have set up? Are you attacking the True Devil Realm? I'm so scared to bring so many people … "

Seeing this child's face filled with fear, Xuan Ao felt as if he was being looked down upon. Feeling angry, he snorted and said: "It's fine, I have not come here to find the Devil Cultivator for bad luck, but for that fellow, to pick up an item!"

Xuan Ao stared at Su Yun.

"Oh? You came here for him? "

That guy shot Su Yun a glance, shrugged and said: "What did he take from you? Is there a need to gather so many people? "

"That is something that belongs to me!" XuanAo growled.


That guy widened his eyes and said, "You call yourself Zhen? Are you the king? "

"I am the king of the country of Jiang, the Realm Master of Jiang Han territory!"

Xuan Ao snorted, his tone revealing a sense of arrogance.

"Wow, how amazing!" "Formidable!" He revealed a surprised look, then looked up and down at Xuan Ao, then shook his head: "But if you don't speak, I really can't see that you are the Realm Master, tsk tsk, no! "It doesn't look like it!"


Xuan Ao suddenly flew into a rage!

"But even though you are the king, you can't break the rules so easily, can you? This is the True Devil Realm, we painstakingly built this enchantment, how can you act so casually? "That won't do."

"So, what do you want?"

Without waiting for Xuan Ao to speak, the Void Spirit Saint snorted and said, "If I'm not wrong, then this person is the famous Eight Tooth Sect Vice Sect Leader, right?"

"Oh? "You know me?"

That guy was stunned as he said.

"Outsiders say that the eight-toothed appearance is completely different from the other devils. For example, a young boy, all of the Devil Cultivator here have extraordinary strength, but their eyes were filled with respect when they looked at you, so I guessed that you are most likely eight-toothed."

The Void Spirit Saint said in a neither fast nor slow manner.

As he heard this, he clapped his hands and laughed, "Good eye, good insight. You guessed right, I am a good judge!"

"Hehe, hearing your name is not as good as seeing you again! The Eight-toothed Sect Leader is indeed like that. "

The Void Spirit Saint chuckled. It was unknown if it was praise or sarcasm.

However, he didn't care at all. He stared at the Void Spirit Saint and the others as he smiled and said, "Alright, stop with these useless words. Hurry up and give me an explanation."

"An explanation?" "What kind of explanation?"

Xuan Ao frowned.

"Do you still need me to say that?"

He revealed a cold face in front of everyone, his voice was filled with killing intent and hostility, he said coldly: "Who allowed you to attack the enchantment laid by my Devil Sect? What? Are you guys selecting our True Devil Sect s? "

His words revealed an extremely domineering aura!

As soon as these words were said, Xuan Ao's face suddenly became pale white.

It was only a matter of time before he would take over the entire Jiang Han Realm. However, he understood that even if he really did become the Realm Master of the Jiang Han Realm, he would still not be able to contend against the true Devil Sect.

This power! But even the Supreme Sect was defeated!

"What a big hat!"

The hollow spirit sage snorted, "We didn't know that you had used a barrier to seal the entrance to the world, which was why we attacked. If you didn't seal the world, how could we have done this? Eight Tooth Sect Leader, this old one does not like trouble, but I am not afraid of trouble either. We only request for Long Ming Zhu, if you ask him to hand over Long Ming Zhu, we will leave immediately! "

"Dragon Abyss Bead?"

"It's been used by me for a long time!"

Su Yun said indifferently.


Xuan Ao clenched his fists, and looked at Su Yun with eyes full of hatred.

"Did you hear that? Since the Dragon Sea Pearl has been used up, we cannot give you the Dragon Sea Pearl! "

"It doesn't matter if it was used." The Void Spirit Saint said, "As long as the Eight Tooth Sovereign gives this person to us, it would be the same!"

"Give him to you?"

Hearing this, his eyes suddenly turned blood-red.

devil qi and baleful qi surged out from his body like floodwaters. In that instant, his entire being seemed different from before, menacing and terrifying beyond compare.

All of a sudden, he was no longer polite to these people. Instead, he was full of hostility!

The Void Spirit Saint's expression changed slightly as he retreated, Xuan Ao and the rest could not handle the aura and retreated quickly, the soldiers in the front row were already trembling from the the aura, some of them even fell to the ground.

At the same time, all the Devil Cultivator who were spread all over the place stood up.

Their devil eyes were even redder, and their devil qi was even more powerful. Moreover, within this devil qi, there was a terrifying murderous intent.

They walked down the mountain as they walked step by step towards the entrance. Their auras were oppressive and their might was so strong that it was suffocating …

The people of Jiang Han panicked and all of them moved towards XuanAo. The formation was about to collapse.

"Steady!" All of you, steady yourselves! "

The generals ran around shouting.

No one understood that these perfectly fine Devil Cultivator would actually act in such a way, and treat the people of the Jiang Dynasty as their enemy!

The same was true for the Void Spirit Saint. She had long noticed that something was amiss. His pair of dark old eyes were fixated on the eight teeth in front of him.

He raised his hand.

In that instant, all the Devil Cultivator stopped their movements and stood still as they looked at these people from the Jiang.

The eight-toothed man looked at the Void Spirit Saint and said in a low voice, "Do you know who he is?"

He pointed at Su Yun, but Su Yun remained calm.

The Void Spirit Saint raised his eyebrows.

But he continued.

"He is my true Devil Sect's Demon Lord! Do you want us to hand over the Demon Lord? "

His voice grew louder and louder until the last three words were almost shouted out!


In that instant, all the Devil Cultivator who were everywhere in the mountains and sky were enraged, and all of them shouted with all their might.

Those blood-red eyes were filled with killing intent that seemed to be able to swallow all these people whole!

They wanted the real Devil Sect to hand over the Demon Lord! How could the Devil Cultivator tolerate this kind of thing?

The Void Spirit Saint was finally unable to calm down. She gripped her walking stick tightly and looked around with an ugly expression.

At this moment, Xuan Ao and the others finally understood that the person who had seized Long Qingzhu was actually the Demon Lord of the True Devil Sect!