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If it was only a normal existence, Chi Chi Gou would not gather so many people and use the power of the True Devil Realm. The True Devil Sect had always kept a low profile and never became enemies with anyone, but this time it was the Supreme Sect who came looking for them, so they had no choice but to fight.

However, the Supreme Sect had already been annihilated by Su Yun. In that case, who would dare to provoke the true Devil Sect again? After all, outsiders did not know about this matter, and everyone believed that everything was the doing of the True Devil Sect. If this was the case, then the True Devil Sect's voice would definitely be monstrous, and its might would shake the entire world.

"Actually, I didn't say anything about this."

After a long while, Chi Gou, who was sitting on the pillar, sighed and slowly said.

Pairs of eyes looked at him. Everyone's eyes were filled with anticipation.

He had always been secretive and secretive before, but now that things had come to this point, if he were to continue hiding it from the public, he would only harm the group.

"The reason why I did not explain it to you all was because I feared that you all would fear the enemy. However, things have already come to this point, and it does not matter whether I say it or not. You all will know sooner or later.

As these words fell, everyone tensed up.

How soon will he be here? Then who could it be?

They don't belong to the Supreme Sect, but their relationship with him is extremely close. Originally, they would not intervene in the great battle between the Supreme Sect and us, but now that the Supreme Sect is gone, and the Supreme Sect is dead, this enemy will definitely not sit idly by and watch. My guess is, they have already started to plot, and are preparing to make a move against my True Devil Sect to take revenge for the Supreme Sect!

"This sect is …"

"They are a sect that belongs to the Immortal World! It's called the Immortal Seeking Sect! "

"An Immortal sect?"

All of the Elders present were shocked.

"What?" Are you guys scared? "

He said, "This Immortal Seeking Sect is only a power separated from an immortal sect. They don't have a proper cultivation system, so to be exact, they are a half-immortal sect!" Back then, my Devil Sect's Great Demon Chang Gu and Master Yin Mo used their own strength to attack the Immortal King's Palace. That is true contempt towards the Three Realms. My true Devil Sect has already fallen to such a state, are we not even afraid of a Half Immortal? "

When the elders heard this, they all lowered their heads in shame.

"Since you've decided, then let's fight. Don't worry about the power of the Immortal Seeking Sect, if you avoid it, then others will become even more arrogant. Moreover, there is no way out right now, if the opponent is an immortal sect, then their methods are as powerful as the heavens."

Just then, Su Yun spoke out.

"The Demon Lord is right, the magical equipment used by the Immortal is not something that my Demon Equipment can compare to. It is profound and bizarre, and not to mention the entire True Devil Sect, even if an ant were to hide, it would definitely be found by them. Since the enmity has already been settled, other than fighting with them, I have no other choice.

"So you gathered most of the powers in the Devil Realm and gathered them together?"

Su Yun said.

"That's right."

The deities have always hated our Devil Cultivator. If I am not wrong, this time, my True Devil Sect will be exterminated by the Immortal Seeking Sect, and the Immortal Seeking Sect will sweep across the entire True Devil Realm. "Su Yun said in a low voice.

"Sweeping away True Devil Realm?"

Su Yun frowned: "Is that necessary? They asked if the Immortal Sect can contend against the entire realm? "

"Very necessary." Octagon Aniseed nodded his head. "There are two reasons, firstly, the Immortal World has always hated us Devil Realm, because of the formation of the True Devil Realm, which is inextricably linked to the Immortal World. The person who founded the True Devil Realm was someone who came from the Immortal World, and the people of the Immortal World have always regarded the True Devil Realm as their shame. The Immortal Realm cultivators did not dare to fight each other. There were strict rules and regulations there, and if an Immortal were to fall, he would definitely be captured by the law enforcement immortals, and the law enforcement immortals could punish any immortals that violated the rules as they wished, even if it meant that they were alive and well. However, they could find an excuse to justify themselves against the True Devil Realm, and now, they were using revenge as an excuse to deal with it. The Immortal Seeking Sect's cultivation system was incomplete, and it was all because they themselves were too small, so they were unable to request a high level expert to explain it. If they were to plunder the True Devil Realm, it would be enough for them to jump into the ranks of the formal powers in the Immortal World. As for whether or not they can fight against the True Devil Realm s, I can't really say. After all, I don't even know how strong the Immortal Seeking Sect's supreme expert s are. "

When everyone heard this, they immediately understood.

"We must not let them succeed! No matter how strong the Immortal Seeking Sect is, we are not afraid.

Demonheart stood up, his attitude firm.

"That's right, there's and Yin Mo who fought their way to the Immortal World, today we will follow their example and destroy the Immortal Seeking Sect, and kill our way to their lair!"

"Right, fight them!"

The morale of the Devil Cultivator was high.

"I know that none of you are afraid of war." Octagon Aniseed swept his eyes across the crowd and said, "However, this is already a war. A war! "It's not just a matter of whim. It's a matter of brains."

His expression was very serious, and everyone who heard him looked at him in unison, as if they were anticipating his next words.

Su Yun was no exception. He stared at Chi Gou and asked: "Do you already have a plan?"

"This one isn't …"

He suddenly relaxed his face and said with a laugh.


The scene was quiet for a moment, then all the clan elders of the Devil Cultivator turned their heads and looked outside the tent, their expressions all strange and different.

"I say, can you act like the vice head of a sect?"

Su Yun shrugged, and said somewhat helplessly.

"I really can't think of anything."

Octagon Aniseed scratched his head.

"Is there any news from the Immortal Seeking Sect?"

"Not yet, but I've already sent someone to monitor them."

"Oh? What? You even sent Devil Cultivator to the Immortal World? "

"How is this possible? The devil qi is like a drop of chili concoction into your eyes, for immortals, it is extremely stimulating. If I send the Devil Cultivator to the Immortal World, before I get too far, I would probably be eaten alive by the immortals. " Octagon Aniseed opened his eyes wide.

"Then where are you going to keep an eye on them?"

"Supreme Sect." In fact, I do know a little about this Immortal Seeking Sect. There are several spatial rifts within the Supreme Realm, which were transformed into a barrier by the Supreme Sect, and the Immortal World's entrance is one of them, so the people of the Immortal Seeking Sect will definitely enter from the Supreme Sect. At this moment, the True Supreme Realm is filled with my informants, so the moment the Immortal Seeking Sect enters the Supreme Realm, I will immediately know.

"The Vice Sect Leader has already set up many traps in and out of the Supreme Realm. As long as the people from the Immortal Seeking Sect enter the realm, they will definitely fall into them. At that time, even if their vitality cannot be harmed greatly, it would at least cause them to lose face."

The two demons laughed.

The moment he said those words, everyone immediately understood. The reason why he sealed the True Supreme Realm was precisely because of this.

"It looks like you've already been prepared. That's good. If you're prepared, you have a better chance of winning."

Su Yun nodded.

"Let's not talk about this for now."

Chi Gou suddenly stood up and said, "I almost forgot. Demon Lord, Sect Master once said that once you return to the True Devil Realm, you will immediately follow me to the sect."

"What is it? Sect Master has something to ask of you? "

"Something's going on, but it's not tape. It's a place for you to go."

"Where?" Su Yun had a puzzled look.

"Ancient Tomb!"

He said in a low voice.

Hearing that, Su Yun vaguely understood something.

His expression did not change. He thought for a moment, then nodded and said, "Time is of the essence. Let's set off."


Octagon Aniseed turned around and said to the two devils, "Second Demon Elder, you stay here for the time being. You will be in charge of everything here. If there is anything urgent, inform me immediately."

"Yes, Vice Sect Leader." The two Fiendgods nodded.

"In addition, the recruitment must not be relaxed. Any Devil Cultivator who come to the sect must undergo a strict examination before they can be recruited. Those fiendish demons will form a team and let the Evil Demon manage them."


"Yes." Chi Gou nodded, then followed Su Yun directly out of the big tent.

But after walking a few steps, Su Yun suddenly stopped.

"Let's wait first."

Su Yun hesitated for a moment, and said.

"What's wrong?"

"It suddenly occurred to me that there might be something more to deal with."

"What is it?" Octagon Aniseed asked.

Su Yun then opened his mouth and informed Big Chi about the evil aura along with the matter of Long Mingzhu.

After hearing what he had to say, his expression was one of shock. Then he said, "Do you mean that the people from Jiang Han Realm will chase after the True Devil Realm?"

"It should be so. Maybe they are already on their way."

Su Yun said rather helplessly: "I should take care of these people first, then return to the Devil Sect, in case any trouble arises."

"A motley crowd, what's there to pay attention to?"

Hachi Chan was a little confused.

Just at this time, a Devil Cultivator rushed over from afar.


"What's wrong?"

Octagon Aniseed asked.

"Reporting to the vice head, someone has entered the world and is attacking our Spirit Formation."

"Who would be so bold?"

A Devil Cultivator elder said angrily.

"Let's temporarily not know his identity. The spirit formation is extremely thick, and they have yet to break it."

"Go and ask them who they are. If they're from Jiang Han territory, let them in."

Octagon Aniseed said.

"Yes sir!"

The Devil Cultivator cupped his fists and retreated.