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When he passed through the boundary, Su Yun had already felt that something had snuck into his mind, wanting to pry into his consciousness. Although this thing was weak and wouldn't last long, it was extremely difficult to remove it.

The Mother of Rivers was truly worthy of being a Spirit Master, Su Yun had never seen this kind of thing before.

However, since it couldn't be removed, he could only wait for it to be eliminated.

Su Yun did not know what the specific use of this spirit mark was, but after careful consideration, it was extremely likely that it was locking onto him. The energy stored inside was not strong enough to kill a Spirit Emperor, so this was the only possibility.

Maybe XuanAo and the Virgin of the River would still not give up and would come looking for trouble with him.

Su Yun did not think that Xuan Hun would let him go so easily. With his temperament, he would never give up easily.

If he returned to Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain now, it would only add to the troubles of his previous master. Once Xuan Ao went there, it would only cause chaos in the Sacred Plains. No matter what, it was still the territory of the Devil Cultivator. As the Demon Lord, Su Yun would more or less still be protected.

Although he went to trouble Chi Gou again, the situation was special. Su Yun was also not willing to get entangled with the people from Jiang Han Realm, so he settled the matter in one fell swoop.

The devil qi was already floating on the Demonic Blood Road, the closer they got to the end, the thicker the devil qi.

After walking through the devilish blood road, Su Yun passed through the gate and stepped into the True Devil Realm.

However, just as he stepped out of the door, a hard barrier blocked his path.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sound of air colliding sounded out beside his ears. Su Yun's body seemed to have been blocked by countless of large hands, he was caught off guard and almost fell back.

In a moment of desperation, he hurriedly activated his Imperial Sacred Battle Robe, spreading out his divine power, and the pushing force dissipated.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

At the same time, an innumerable amount of pitch-black figures rushed over from all directions. The devil qi enveloped Su Yun in an instant, but when they came into contact with the divine power, they were completely devoured.

"Who is it?"

A cold shout came out.

Su Yun looked over to see several Devil Cultivator s standing not far from him!

"I am the true Devil Sect's Demon Lord, Su Yun! "Who are you?"

Su Yun did not hold back, he immediately took out his order badge and shouted.

"Demon Lord?"

The leading Devil Cultivator was startled for a moment, he looked at the order badge in Su Yun's hand, then walked over and knelt down.

"So it's Lord Demon Lord …" This subordinate has offended you. Lord, please punish me! "

"Those who do not know are innocent. Besides, this is the first time that I have met you two. It is only right that you do not know me."

Su Yun said, then looked around, only to realize that there were dozens of extremely terrifying enchantments placed at the entrance of Devil Realm, each of them were wrapped in a layer, densely packed, and the Spirit Qi floating above them, was definitely not something a Spirit Emperor could do.

Did something happen in True Devil Realm?

Su Yun frowned and asked: "What's going on? Why are there so many enchantments at the entrance? "

"Reporting to our Lord, this is an order from the Eight-toothed Vice Sect Master. Seven days ago, he had already ordered the sealing of the borders. Without his permission, no one is allowed to enter or leave the True Devil Realm."

The Devil Cultivator said.

"So it's like that …"

Su Yun frowned. Wasn't the Supreme Sect destroyed? Logically speaking, the real Devil Sect should not have any enemies, what was the purpose of making such precautions? And against whom?

"Where is the Eight-toothed Grandmaster?"

Su Yun asked.

"Milord, the vice head just happened to come to the defensive line to inspect. He is in the tent behind us."

"A tent?"

Could it be that the real Devil Sect had formed an army?

Su Yun was slightly stunned, then said: "Quickly, bring me to him."

"Yes, Lord Devil Lord, this way please!"

Devil Cultivator led Su Yun to the camp at the back, while the other Devil Cultivator continued to stand guard outside the gates.

The Devil Cultivator s opened their barrier and Su Yun walked out. It was only at this moment that he realized what he had seen at the barrier earlier was only the tip of the iceberg …

The area around the True Devil Realm's entrance was densely packed with people. They are all Devil Cultivator!

Countless tall platforms, countless formations, countless Puppet Equipment, countless blades …

All of this surrounded the entrance of the world and not even a drop of water could trickle through.

The murderous aura swayed in the air along with the devil qi. In this pitch-black world, pairs and pairs of bloody eyes were flickering, like stars in the night sky, giving off a solemn and frightening feeling.

When Su Yun walked down, these Devil Cultivator s all raised their heads and looked at him.

The tens of thousands of pairs of bloodshot eyes gave off an indescribable sense of oppression.

"This is the Great Demon Lord of the True Devil Sect. Why don't you all hurry up and pay your respects?"

Devil Cultivator immediately shouted.

With that said, the Devil Cultivator stood up and cupped their fists and bowed to Su Yun.

"This subordinate pays his respect to the Demon Lord!"

"Greetings, Demon Lord!"

As the cheers continued, the surrounding people stood up and shouted. Those who heard it in the distance also stood up, clasping their fists as they shouted out.

As a result, the news spread far and wide, and all the Devil Cultivator who were scattered all over the mountain stood up and began to shout loudly.

Seeing that, Su Yun could not help but smile bitterly. He didn't even need to look for Octagon Aniseed, he must have already headed over here …

Sure enough.

This loud shout didn't last long, and from afar, a grand sound once again rang out.

"We pay our respects to Vice Sect Leader!"

"We pay our respects to Vice Sect Leader!"

"We pay our respects to Vice Sect Leader!"


The two kowtowing voices seemed to overlap as the scene was abnormally noisy, and the sounds directly shook the heavens.

Su Yun looked ahead, to see that Octagon Aniseed and a group of True Devil Sect's higher-ups were walking over quickly.

There was a trace of excitement in Chi Chi's eyes, and the elders of the True Devil Sect s had blazing expressions, excited to the extreme.

After the battle of the Supreme Demon, Su Yun had lost his trace, and Octagon Aniseed had sent people everywhere to look for him. In the end, he obtained the information from the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain.

Previously, if Su Yun did not protect Chi Gou and the rest, the number of people who could stand here would have been reduced by at least half. Seeing that Su Yun had returned safely, the demons were overjoyed. They now had a new understanding of Su Yun's strength.

To be able to face off against so many experts by himself, not only did he successfully hold them back, he even escaped unscathed. Just what kind of strength did someone have to be able to do this?

"Hahaha, Lord Devil Lord, your safe return is truly great. Hahaha …"

That unique, girlish voice of Eight-Tooth drifted over once more.

He was a delicate, young and white like a child, walking in front of a group of Devil Cultivator s who were three big and tall with bloodshot black eyes, making him seem out of place. However, he was the renowned vice sect master of a True Devil Sect, and no one dared to look down on him.

A smile appeared on Su Yun's face as he walked over.

Before he could do anything, Octagon Aniseed stepped forward and gave him a big hug.

"Welcome back."

He chuckled softly.


Su Yun nodded his head, he wanted to say something, but felt that if he were to talk about anything else now, it would be more interesting.

Clenching Su Yun down, he sized Su Yun up and down, and his eyes revealed a look of surprise.

"It's been so long since I last saw you. Your strength has increased quite a bit, Demon Lord. "Not bad, not bad …"

"A fortuitous encounter? But it's not a good fortuitous encounter. "

Su Yun laughed bitterly.

"What is it? What happened? "

Octagon Aniseed asked.

"It's a long story, let's go back first." Su Yun sighed.


Chi Gou nodded, then led Su Yun to the big tent at the back.

The tent was heavily guarded, and there were guards inside and out of it. Not only that, there was also a barrier and trap that made it look like a fortress.

The more Su Yun saw, the more he was puzzled, he contacted the army outside and could not help but ask.

"Octagon Aniseed, what's going on? Where did the Devil Cultivator outside come from? The real Devil Sect doesn't seem to have that many people, right? "

Unless Octagon Aniseed and the True Devil Sect s that were sweeping the floor were dragged over as well, it would be impossible to gather so many Devil Cultivator s.

"These are my consolidated army, and many of them are elites from various forces in the True Devil Realm. I have arranged for them to be stationed here, forming defensive lines to face the incoming enemies."

Octagon Aniseed said.

"Enemy coming?" Su Yun frowned: "Who?"

"The people from Supreme Sect!" He said in a deep voice.

"People from the Supreme Sect?" Su Yun's heart jumped, he glanced at the people present, all of them were True Devil Sect Elders, all of them were people who were following the sect master, and thus, he trusted them, so he took a deep breath and said: "The Supreme Sect has been destroyed, how can there be anyone else?"

As soon as he said that, the entire tent fell silent.

The two demons and the others' hearts jumped, their eyes opened wide as they looked at Su Yun.

He fell silent.

He waited for the atmosphere in the tent to freeze to the point that it could turn into ice.

"Actually, I had already guessed it a long time ago. The Supreme Sect was destroyed by you."

"I should have told you, but the situation was a little urgent."

"I understand."

"Don't want to know how I did it?"

"That's not important." Chi Gou smiled slightly: "I only know that the Demon Lord of our True Devil Sect has not disgraced our True Devil Sect. This is enough."

But to destroy this sect, no matter what methods one uses, no matter what kind of experience they had, it was impossible for ordinary people to understand. Furthermore, there was no need for Chi Chi to care about this, all he needed to know was that it was all done by the Demon Lord, and that was all he needed to know, what was the meaning of asking so many questions? Sometimes understanding is more important than understanding.

The other elders of the Devil Cultivator s were also silenced, but at the moment, they were not only looking at Su Yun with respect, but also with endless worship, with their eyes burning with passion.

Such a magnificent feat was definitely one that only existed once in all the heavens!

"Then, who exactly are those people from Supreme Sect?"

Just then, Su Yun asked again.

This question was what Su Yun was most concerned about.