Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 839
The old woman glanced at the two of them, and her face was filled with a trace of a strange sense of contempt.

"It's good that you know it's shameful!"

She snorted, picked up her walking stick, and rushed out of the cold pond.

XuanAo and the Virgin of the River immediately followed.

As the three of them landed, the Holy Mother of Rivers and Rivers immediately held onto the old woman, reverently and attentively.

The old lady did not reject, and only said lightly: "My disciple, there are so many places in the Ten Thousand Worlds, and so many powerful Spirit Cultivator. If you did not choose, how could you have come to such a small world? And even found such an impotent man to be their dual cultivation partner? Don't you think it's not worth it? "

When Xuan Ao heard this, his face turned ugly, but he did not dare to get angry, or even say a word, and just followed behind.

However, she said softly, "Master is right, but in order to find the dual cultivation partner, it is not to find strong people, but to find the right person. I think the Sovereign King is very suitable for me."

"What a fool."

The Void Spirit Saint snorted, he turned and stared at Xuan Ao, and said: "It's your honor for my disciple to be able to become your dual cultivation partner, but how did you treat me?"

"What do you mean?"

Xuan Ao hurriedly said.

"Send the army of Jiang Country to surround me and take me down. Is this how you treat your guest?" The Void Spirit Saint said coldly.

When Xuan Ao heard this, he hurriedly explained, "Saint misunderstands, this time it was all because of the person who stole the Dragon Pearl. Our country treats Saint as if he was our teacher, and does not dare to be disrespectful in the slightest! Please calm your anger, Saint! "

Finished speaking, Xuan Ao turned his head, and shouted to the general beside him: "Which battalion was it that went down the cold pond?"

"Reporting to Your Majesty, it was General Xu Sihu who led the seventh battalion."

the general answered immediately.

"Along with Xu Sihu, all the generals will be executed!" Draw out their souls, refine them into a Myriad Soul Pill, and offer it to the saint! " Xuan Ao said solemnly.


The general was stunned.

"What is it? You want to be refined into a Myriad Soul Pill? "

Xuan Ao frowned.

The general quivered and said, "This general …" "This lowly general will do it right away."

Saying that, he left with heavy footsteps.

Seeing this, Xuan Ao cupped his fists towards the Void Spirit Saint and said, "Please calm your anger, Saint."

"For your sincerity, I'll forgive you." The hollow spirit saint snorted. Her attitude was extremely haughty, but the smile in her eyes could not be concealed.

The Myriad Souls Pill was a high grade pill that could only be refined with the souls of 10,000 people above the fifth stage of Sky Spirit Master. Although to a Void Spirit Saint, the soul of a fifth stage Sky Spirit Master cultivator was not difficult to obtain, but ten thousand was an extremely difficult task.

"Thank you for your understanding."

Xuan Ao hurriedly bowed again.


The Void Spirit Saint nodded and then said indifferently, "Disciple, why did you invite me to this small world? That Dragon Abyssal Pearl … What's going on? "

"Master, this time, please help me!"

Of course, she knew her master, if she were to be bullied by him, she would definitely not let him off. This person was extremely protective of her, and it was not an easy task for her to kill him.

Sure enough, when the Void Spirit Saint heard that, he immediately became angry and shouted: "Such big guts! You hurt my disciple and even stole my disciple's precious treasure! Who was this person! I will capture him alive and throw him into my Void Spirit Battle, so that he can experience the suffering of the Void Spirit's erosion for all eternity! "

"However, he has already escaped from the Jiang Han territory. It would be as difficult as ascending to heaven to retrieve him."

Xuan Ao shook his head and said indifferently.

When he and the Holy Maiden of the river had arrived at the island, they had already sensed that something was amiss. Although the entire island was shrouded in a blood-red mist, there was no other presence within this mist.

Xuan Ao used a divine technique to dispel the blood mist, and realised that the blood mist was only a substitute that Su Yun had set up.

When he realized that he had been lulled out of the mountain, he immediately rushed over through the teleportation formation with the River Goddess, but in the end, he was still a step too late. Su Yun had already passed through the boundary and left, and now that he had entered the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, he had entered the Ultimate Martial World, which was the central realm of all the realms in the world, and was connected to the countless number of realm, so no one knew where he was going.

However, the Goddess of the river refused to give up.

"Don't worry Sovereign King, actually, I was already prepared for this matter. When you were preparing the defense here, the river had already entered the cold pond and personally placed a spirit mark on the entrance. Once he passes through, I will be able to lock onto his spirit and use his spirit mark to find his location."

"However, this person has most likely already swallowed the Dragon Abyss Bead. What is the point of finding it again?"

Xuan Ao shook his head.

Even if he had a place to absorb it, it wouldn't be too much of a problem. We can kill him, imprison his soul and body, and bring it back to refine the pill. Although the medicinal pill refined from it is not comparable to the Dragon Pearl, it is still considered a supreme treasure. The Virgin of the River said.

When Xuan Ao heard this, his eyes instantly lit up.

If that was the case, it could be considered compensation.

"Good!" "Since that's the case, Mother, lock onto him quickly and find out where he is. I will immediately send experts to capture him."

"Send out experts? If there was an expert in this little world, would you still need my disciple to invite me here? " The Void Spirit Saint snorted.

Xuan Ao's expression was ugly, but he held himself back. He bowed to the Void Spirit Saint and said, "Saint, although this person's cultivation is not high, he has a supreme treasure that protects his body. I would like to ask the Saint to help me capture him."

"Sure, sure."

The hollow spirit saint said, "However, you said that this person can't enter with swords and blades and has a treasure protecting him. Does that mean this person must have a divine object?"

"Most likely."

"I can help you capture this person, but you must give me his treasure."

"This …"

In truth, the reason why he was still persevering till now, was not only because of the Dragon Abyss, but a part of it, was actually because of the treasure on Su Yun's body that allowed him to be invulnerable to swords and spears. With this divine object, the existence of Su Yun's Spirit Emperor could actually ignore the army of the Jiang Country.

"What?" You don't want to? "Since that's the case, then forget it. Since you can't catch him in the Jiang Han Realm, what else can you do to him after we get out of the Jiang Han Realm?"

The Void Spirit Saint sneered again and again.

When Xuan Ao heard this, he was silent for a moment before he finally chose to compromise. "If the Saint is willing to act, then everything will belong to the Saint. Xuan Ao will only take the Dragon Sea Bead."

The hollow spirit Saint snorted and turned his head to look at the Saintess of the river, saying: "Disciple, go investigate that person's location, we will make our move now, since he has just left the Frigid River World, he must have not gone far, we will move now, and chase after that boy, he should be able to catch up."

"Yes, Master!"

The Goddess of the river nodded without hesitation. She sat down with her legs crossed and closed her eyes. Her snow-white hands moved quickly, forming a spell.

A ray of light overflowed from her forehead and shot straight into the clouds. Following that, the light split apart, turning into eight tiny streams of light. They flew into the distance, collided with the void, and disappeared.

The Goddess of the River opened her eyes and looked straight ahead.

Her eyes suddenly became transparent and extremely cautious. There seemed to be something flashing in between her pupils. After a while, everything disappeared and everything returned to normal.

The facial expression of the Holy Mother of Rivers and Rivers was somewhat dull. After continuing for a while, she suddenly trembled and recovered.

"Disciple, have you locked onto his position?"

The Void Spirit Saint at the side immediately asked in a deep voice.

"It's locked!"

"Master, Sovereign King, this person just entered Ultimate Martial World, he is currently fleeing in the direction of the Demonic Blood Road."

"Devil Blood Road?"

Xuan Ao frowned: "This road leads to the True Devil Realm, could it be that he wants to escape to there?"

"It's definitely possible!"

A trace of malevolence flashed past the eyes of the Mother of Rivers and Rivers, "When I fight against this man, I realized that the profound qi he is using contains a trace of devil qi, maybe he is someone from the True Devil Realm!"

"True Devil Realm... The current True Devil Realm is extremely complicated and hard to deal with, especially the True Devil Sect s inside the True Devil Realm.

Xuan Ao hesitated, "The Jiang Han Realm is not close to the True Devil Realm. If we send experts there to capture this person, it will be difficult …"

"What is it? Are you scared? " The hollow spirit saint beside him coldly snorted and said, "With your character, you think you are worthy to be the ruler of a country? How laughable, to be so cowardly, it's better to go into hiding! "

In the face of the Void Spirit Saint's mockery, Xuan Ao didn't dare to refute him, and could only silently endure.

He secretly clenched his fists and didn't say a word.

On the other hand, the Holy Mother felt that the atmosphere was not right. She could tell that her master did not like the king, so she asked, "Master, what should we do now?"

"What else can we do? Go straight to the True Devil Realm! "

The Void Spirit Saint snorted.

"Since Master has decided, I will definitely support you. Sovereign King, what do you think?"

"I will send my expedition team to the True Devil Realm."

Xuan Ao took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice, "I, Xuan Xing, need something, but I can't get it!"

"Good, you have guts. This is what a king of a country should say." The Void Spirit Saint finally praised Xuan Ao and said: "You can rest assured. With this old one here, even if that fellow hid in the True Devil Sect, I will definitely be able to find him!"

"Sage, when are we leaving?"

"Gather the experts immediately, we're leaving immediately!" My disciple's spiritual imprint won't last for long! "


Xuan Ao nodded, and immediately called for the general beside him.


he growled.