Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 836
Cultivation was a gradual and circular process. Whoever broke this process would have a variable outcome. As for whether or not this change was good or bad, it would depend on the conditions.

The Supreme Sect Lord's cultivation had probably already surpassed the Spirit Emperor, and he was an expert of the Spirit Sage, but he was helpless against the fierce sword. Not to mention the Spirit Sage, even if it was an even more powerful existence, they would still be burnt to ashes by it, and Su Yun had swallowed his soul by a fluke.

His cultivation level had already reached the peak of the seventh stage of the Spirit Emperor, but even so, Su Yun knew that he would not be able to stay there for long, the divine object's protection and cultivation speed was also increased by a thousand Li, with such a high speed, it was unknown how many Spirit Cultivator felt that they were unable to catch up.

Three days later, the Dragon Abyss Pearl in his lower abdomen dimmed. The light emitting from its surface was extremely weak, like a candle that had reached the end of its life.

Su Yun slowly opened his eyes and a wisp of smoke leaked out from the corner of his eyes. At that moment, it was as if there was a cycle in his pupils. The sun and moon intertwined in the depths of his pupils, and an indescribable feeling of vicissitudes floated about in all directions.

Su Yun stood up, and felt as if every drop of blood and every piece of flesh in his body had come to life, as if he was alive. He lowered his head to feel his surroundings. Everything within thousands of miles of him could be heard. He raised his head to look at the sky. The stars in the sky were all in his eyes. His senses, speed, power, etc. were all undergoing a tremendous change at this moment.

This was not a change brought about by leveling up to the seventh stage of Spirit Emperor.

Instead, it was a change that had been brought about by the power of the Dragon Abyssal Pearl.


Just then, a crisp sound came out from Su Yun's abdomen, only to see the light of the Dragon Abyss Pearl suddenly dim, and stop spinning.

All the power inside it had been used up.

And the ill intent in Su Yun's body had completely disappeared as well. Supreme Sect Lord's soul had been completely digested.

He opened his mouth and spat out the gray stone.

What came out was a greyish black color. Its surface was uneven. As soon as it fell on the ground, it turned into powder and completely disappeared before it could make a sound.

This precious treasure that had caused the war between the Jiang Country and the Han Nation had now disappeared forever from the Phoenix's Cry Lake.

Su Yun took a deep breath, he did not move left and right, but sat down cross legged and closed his eyes to recuperate.

Although the Dragon Abyss had combined the power of the evil aura and the Supreme Sect Lord, it still used its own divine power as a guide and complemented the power. Then, it poured this power into Su Yun's body.

Whether it was the power of the Dragon Abyss or the ruthless aura and the power of the soul, none of these were things that Su Yun could resist, nor were they things that Su Yun could accept. Su Yun originally thought that the Dragon Abyss would be able to help him offset this power, but today, he realized that what the Feng Chi Sage had said was not entirely true.

It wrapped Su Yun's power into a circle around the evil aura and the power of his soul, and intended to spread it all over Su Yun's body, completely fusing them into his body.

At first, he had thought that it was because of Long Qingzhu, but now, he felt that it wasn't the case.

However, the divine power of the Dragon Abyss was not like the evil qi, it could devour a person's soul at any time. Its power was after all due to the feminine power, and it would not affect Su Yun in the least, but right now, it would need time to digest this power, so it could slowly integrate with Su Yun.

If the evil aura in Su Yun's body was slow before. Poison, then, it could be said that Su Yun had taken a medicinal herb now, and this medicine had mixed with chronic. The poison combined and turned into an unprecedented tonic that was applied to his body.

The amount of energy given by this tonic was immense, and today's seventh stage of the Spirit Emperor was only the first wave of the effects of the medicine, which would only stop when they were completely used. In other words, the current Su Yun's cultivation speed was even faster and fiercer than before. He did not even know how many times faster he was compared to ordinary Spirit Cultivator.

However, just his cultivation alone was not enough, he needed his mental state to be able to do it, if not Su Yun would be like the princess of Han State, with an empty cultivation realm and a temperament like that of a child.

However, cultivating the mind was even more difficult than cultivating the body.

Crash! *

Suddenly, from ten thousand miles away, a strange sound floated in.

Su Yun had already felt everything that everyone around him possessed, and their words and actions were all in Su Yun's ears and eyes. However, this voice was especially special.

Once he rushed into Su Yun's perception range, he immediately rushed towards the island in the center of the lake, he was in a hurry, obviously he had a goal.

Su Yun turned his head and looked in their direction.

It was a Spirit Cultivator dressed in river robe!

It seems like Xuanao still won't give up.

Su Yun frowned.

When he was near the island, he stopped. He placed a few magic treasure on the ground, circled around the island, looked at the situation on the island, and then left in a hurry.

Afterwards, more and more Jiang Country Spirit Cultivator s appeared from all directions, they surrounded the island in a ring shape and laid magic treasure s on the ground. From their movements, it seemed that they were not only peeping at the situation on the island, but also laying down some formation array barrier …

Su Yun stood up, and scanned the surroundings. These Spirit Cultivator s did not know, that all of their movements, were all under Su Yun's watch.

Although the current Su Yun was not afraid of the Jiang Country, he had no choice but to avoid all of the troubles. Since he had already digested the Dragon Abyss, leaving this dangerous place as soon as possible was still the best choice.

With that thought, Su Yun immediately leaped into the air, and landed ten thousand li up in the sky. He then stepped on his sword and flew quickly, and started to rush towards the entrance of Jiang Han Realm.

Jiang Guo's eyes only saw a thin line jump into the clouds and disappear. He had no time to tell if it was a person or something else.

Su Yun's current speed was extremely fast. If it was before, it would take him at least half a day to travel from Phoenix's Nest Island to the Jiang Han Realm. But now, in the time it took for an incense stick to burn, he had reached the border.

As they approached the boundary, the air rippled like water vapor.

Su Yun's face turned gloomy, he sensed that something was amiss and immediately stopped.

He took a deep breath and silently activated profound strength, he looked towards the entrance of the boundary and although he was still thousands of miles away, he was able to see every single blade of grass and tree.

They had formed ten lines of defense lines, each defense line had nearly ten thousand soldiers of the Jiang Country, and there were even close to a hundred experts. The Spirit Emperor's existence was endless, and even after being defeated, they were still able to call out so many people, showing the power of the Jiang Country.

From the looks of it, Xuanao knew that he would be detected by his men, and had already made preparations to seal off this border. This place was at the intersection between the Jiang Han and Han kingdoms, but after the great defeat of Han, all the land in the city was occupied by Jiang Guo, and this place was also part of Jiang Guo's territory.

At this moment, Xuan Ao, the Holy Maiden of the Rivers and the rest of the experts were all standing in front of the cold pond. There were even guard of honor set up around the pond, as if they were greeting something.

XuanAo and the Holy Mother of Rivers were unable to do anything to him, they had most likely invited some kind of expert to help, if not for this, let alone kill Su Yun, they might not even be able to catch him.

Su Yun stared at the pool and thought.

Opening the pond would take at least twenty breaths of time, if the Holy Maiden of the Rivers and Rivers used a mental technique on him, it would be hard to defend, but under such a rush, he had not set up a mental protection formation, but if he tried to set up the formation now, it would definitely be too late. Even an existence like Xuan Xing and the Holy Mother of the Rivers would have to personally come to welcome him, so Su Yun was 70% confident that they would specially call for the people who were here to restrain him.

He took a deep breath and thought for a while. Suddenly, he thought of something. He turned around and rushed back to the Phoenix's Cry Lake's Heart Island.

His speed was very fast. In the blink of an eye, he had returned to the island in the center of the lake.

Sweeping their eyes around, the spies were still there. However, they were closer to the island, probably because they did not find any traces of Su Yun. That was why they wanted to get closer to investigate.

Su Yun returned to the white sunflower, took out the Lotus Star Sword and injected it with the profound qi. The Lotus Star Sword immediately released sets of beautiful lights that shot into the clouds and arranged all kinds of mysterious patterns in the sky, looking extremely beautiful.

Those spies were all attracted by this phenomenon. Some of them immediately turned around and dashed towards the entrance of the boundary.

Seeing that, Su Yun did not hesitate and retrieved a few ingredients from the space bag and started to draw on the ground.

Immediately after, he took out the White Sunflower, and injected it with the and the God Power of the Imperial Battle Robe, and in that moment, the White Sunflower was enveloped with a rainbow light, which was extremely brilliant.

He drew a skeleton pattern on the ground and killed two Spirit Beasts from the two islands. Then, he took their blood and imprinted it on the formation.

This piece of cloth was too rushed. The materials had been found on the spur of the moment, so its power wasn't great, but it was enough to use.

After the array was set up, Su Yun placed the White Sunflower in the center of the array, then picked up the Lotus Star Sword and gently waved it towards the array.


With that shout, the Lotus Star Sword released a white light that enveloped the White Sun Sunflower, and in the next moment, the Sunflower changed. It turned into Su Yun and sat on the Array Seal with both of its eyes closed, it did not move at all, as though it was training.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately turned and flew into the sky, stepping on the clouds, flying straight for the entrance to the realm.

At the same time, a large number of Jiang Country experts appeared below him. These people seemed to have gone crazy as they rushed towards the island at an extremely fast speed. Anxiety was written all over their faces, as if they were rushing something.