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Gulp …

A strange sound rang out from the center of the island.

The sound was like the sound of wild beasts devouring food. When the spirit beasts on the island heard it, they all fled in panic.


A seven-colored whirlwind suddenly blew out from the center of the island. The wind was divided into two, and started to revolve around the island, like the ribbon of a fairy. It was extremely beautiful.

The seven-colored tornado spun for a full hour before suddenly, with a swoosh, it returned to the center of the island and disappeared.

At the same time, a loud and clear voice exploded from the center of the lake.

It was like a dragon's roar, resounding through the heavens.

The spirit beasts around them were all on their knees on the ground, bowing to the island. As for the water around the island, there were also a large number of ripples on it, and the spirit beasts below the lake were all peeking their heads out to look at the island.

The sudden appearance of this phenomenon alarmed all the cultivators who were hiding in the distance.

The people began to get restless, but no one dared to get close to the island because after the phenomenon had passed, a wave of aura was blown in all directions. All the people who were near the island felt an inexplicable pressure and found it difficult to get near.

Breakthrough! It had to be a breakthrough! Furthermore, he broke through the realm of supreme expert!

Those Spirit Cultivator s were secretly surprised.

This was indeed the case.

At that moment, on the island in the center of the lake, Su Yun, who was by the side of the White Sunflower, had indeed completed her breakthrough. His cultivation was not at the first or second stage of the Spirit Emperor, but rather, he had instantly jumped and stepped into the seventh stage of the Spirit Emperor!

In an instant, he had taken a big step forward! This was no longer an ordinary promotion!

On his abdomen, a seven-colored pearl was slowly swimming around. Around the pearl was a large amount of pitch-black gas, and even from outside, one could see what was going on inside through his skin.

At this time, Su Yun had long ago been moved into another world by the miraculous power of Long Ming Zhu.

Here, Su Yun seemed to be unable to sense any sort of hostility from this place.

The power contained within the Pond of Phoenix was completely affected by Long Sea Pearl, causing it to overrun. However, when it neared the pearl, it was completely absorbed.

It was like a black hole, and also like a mixer. Any energy absorbed by it, would be combined by it, and quickly converted into its own energy, giving it as a gift to Su Yun.

This was a method that was even faster than when absorbing profound coin. However, as the Dragon Abyss Pearl continuously operated, Su Yun could also slowly feel that its internal energy was being rapidly consumed.

This was not a magic treasure that could be maintained for long. When its internal energy was used up, it would lose all of its value and become a normal rock.

This was a process that was not long nor short, the amount of evil aura was not small, but if we were talking about the Dragon Pearl alone, it would still be very taxing, but with the power of the Phoenix Pond Saint and the wutong tree, the Dragon Abyss could barely contend against it, but in truth, Su Yun did not need Long Abyss to dissolve all of the evil Qi in his body, he only needed to fuse it into a single point, a degree that he could accept, the remaining amount of evil Qi was slowly adjusting itself, but the current amount of evil Qi was too huge, if he was careless, his soul would be devoured into a corpse.

After meditating for an entire day, Su Yun enjoyed this wonderful feeling. The power of the Supreme Sect Lord was also being converted by the Dragon Ocean Pearl, and was being absorbed into Su Yun's body, precisely because of this energy, his cultivation was increasing crazily, and his realm was constantly increasing. Su Yun was immersed in the Dragon Sea Pearl's world, and could not extricate himself from it.



Within a magnificent palace.

A general was walking quickly towards the central hall. All the guards bowed along the way, but the general ignored them all and walked quickly, as if he was taking big steps.

After the eunuch passed on the message, the general went up to the hall.

At this moment, the hall was filled with officials, the king of the Jiang Country, Xuan Ao was sitting on the dragon throne, beside him was the Virgin of the River.

Upon entering the palace, the general immediately fell to one knee. "We pay our respects to Your Majesty and the Holy Mother."

"General Lin, please rise. If there is anything you need, please inform me immediately."

Xuan Ao said.

His face was still pale, but his injuries had not recovered yet, the opponent's profound qi was too strong, purifying the profound qi would not be an easy task.

Xuan Ao did not understand either. Su Yun's cultivation was obviously not high, but with the power of the Avalon of Five Elements, he was able to cleanse the place completely. However, the Avalon of Five Elements had to expend a great amount of effort to barely remove a portion of the profound qi.

According to the Holy Mother of Jianghe, this profound qi was actually already past the fifth stage of Spirit Emperor.

What kind of concept was Spirit Emperor level 5? A person of this level should be the marshal of Jiang Country.

This man was only at the first stage of the Spirit Emperor, and to have such a profound qi, if he were to reach the fifth stage of strength, how terrifying would the profound qi be?

At this time, General Lin spoke up, "Reporting to Your Majesty, this general has already found the position of the person who snatched away the Dragon Pearl."


Xuan Ao's eyes lit up, and he hurriedly asked, "Where is he now?"

"It's on the Phoenix's Cry Island!"

General Lin said.

"Phoenix Cry Lake's Core Island?"

Xuan Ao mumbled and turned his head to look at the Goddess of the River: "It was there, Mother of the Heavens, your prediction was correct."

I'm afraid that this person has already been prepared since he obtained the Dragon Abyssal Pearl. My guess is that he also knows that we will still be searching for him. The reason he chose this place is because this place is very close to the World Gate that opens the Jiang Han Realm.

"Heh, since he was found by me, I definitely won't let him escape this time."

Xuan Ao said coldly.

However, his time was too limited, and even though the speed of his cultivation was many times faster than that of ordinary Spirit Cultivator's, he was still not satisfied. It was said that the Dragon Abyss Bead was a divine object that could allow one's cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds, and for this reason, Xuan Ao had started to fully devour the entire Cold Wind Nation.

However, Su Yun had appeared while they were still in the middle of their path to kill. Not only did he injure, he had even taken away Long Ming Zhu. Ever since he became king, he had never suffered such an insult!

"Your Majesty, we need to have a foolproof plan for this mission. The other party might be prepared, and his strength is not as simple as he looks. If we do not succeed this time, I'm afraid he will leave the Jiang Han territory with Long Ming Zhu!"

The Virgin of the River said.

"Does the Virgin have a plan?"

Xuan Ao asked.

His divine object is a defensive magic treasure. Such a magic treasure can protect him, but the defense towards his soul is extremely weak, so it is unable to resist the spirit techniques. However, during the previous exchange, it was a huge mistake for his spirit defense to be there, and he is extremely fast, so if he wants to escape, it is very difficult to catch him. Therefore, we have to use a spirit technique from the beginning, we have to be extremely strong, and not let him escape. Second, find a way to seal him off, slow him down, and prevent him from escaping! "

"But it's not that simple. I heard that when he dealt with the Crown Prince of Han State, Jiao Jiu, and the Great General Li Guangyuan, not only did he not lose, he also captured Jiao Xuanzang alive. Both he and Li Guangyuan are Spirit Emperor existences, and that Li Guangyuan is a Seventh Rank Spirit Emperor expert.

Although Xuan Ao wanted to capture Su Yun immediately, but he was not blinded by his anger.

"If the seventh stage of the Spirit Emperor is not enough, then we invite the eighth stage of the Spirit Emperor. If the eighth stage is not, then we invite the ninth stage. If the ninth stage is not enough, then we invite the saints of the Spirit Sage."

The Goddess of the river spoke indifferently.

"The Holy Mother said it's easy, but the Jiang Han world is so big, where do you want me to find them in a short amount of time?"

Xuan Ao shook his head.

Spirit Sage? It was unknown if there was even one in the entire Jiang Country.

"Your Majesty does not need to worry. Jiang He has already sent a message to the sect. Master, please come to the Jiang Han Realm to help the Sovereign King kill that person and take back the Dragon Pearl."

"Master knows that the Sovereign King is my dual cultivation partner, he will definitely not refuse. We only need to wait two days, then we can go ahead and get the pearl."

"What?" And she's here too? "

Xuan Ao's pupils immediately enlarged, his voice also became softer. This change of his was enough to show the great background of the other party.

"Master's mana is as high as the heavens. It isn't difficult to subdue this person."

"Why did you alarm Master? That's not so good, is it? " XuanAo's face was a bit ugly, and his voice was a bit late.

Seeing this, the Saintess of the river gently shook her head, "Sovereign King, please do not worry. Master will only help us and will not monopolize Long Pozhu. Long Pozhu is definitely yours, no one can change that."

When Xuan Ao heard this, his complexion finally improved.

He nodded his head and said in a deep voice, "Immediately send someone to the border to arrange some guards of honor, ready to welcome the Void Spirit Saint. In addition, General Lin, quickly lead the experts to Phoenix Cry Island, arrange the troops there from the island to the border, establish the sealing line, and do not allow that person to leave Jianghan through the border. If he does not leave, when the Void Spirit Saint arrives, he will definitely die!"

When General Lin heard this, he immediately cupped his fist and said, "General's orders!"

After which, he withdrew.

Xuan Ao got up, his entire body was filled with majesty and tyranny, he swept his eyes across everyone in front of him and said: "The Void Spirit Sage is the Holy Mother's teacher, he is also the State's teacher. You all quickly follow me to the entrance of the realm, welcome the Saint, and when the Saint arrives, he will immediately take the life of the traitor! With a saint here, who could be so impudent? I want to take his soul and refine my Royal Sword! "

"Long live the Emperor! Long live the Emperor!"

The officials kowtowed in unison.