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Xuan Ao lowered his head to look, a snow-white longsword had already pierced through his abdomen, not only that, a terrifying divine force started to float around his body, directly sucking in all the profound strength in his body!

With the loss of his profound strength and the sword in his abdomen, Xuan Ye no longer had the strength to defend, directly falling down from the sky like a kite with its string cut.

"Your Majesty!"

The soldiers panicked, each and every one of them anxiously rushing towards Xuan Wu, but before they could get close, one of them had already stood beside Xuan Ao at an even faster speed, while at the same time, a slender snow-white sword was pressed against his neck.

Such speed!

Everyone was shocked.

They didn't even have time to see each other's faces.

"Don't come over."

This person... Su Yun shouted.

As everyone heard this, they all stopped in their tracks. Only then did they clearly see the other party, and they nervously stared at him.

However, the king of the Jiang Country had personally gone to chase and kill the king of the Han Nation, Qu Tianba. Helpless, Su Yun could only capture the marshal first and ask about the whereabouts of the Dragon Sea Pearl. Then, he transformed the divine power of the Sacred Royal Cloak into the form of a marshal, before using Wen Tianlin to lock onto the position of the king of the Jiang Country.

Although his methods were despicable, Su Yun did not care. He only cared about his own life, being able to live was better than anything, he was not a saint.

"Good heavens! He actually used a camouflage technique to get close to me, and used it to send the experts beside me away …" "You're not simple …"

Jiang Country's King, Ao Duo, said with a pale face, clutching his stomach on the ground.

"You flatter me!" Su Yun revealed a slight smile, "Then, can you give me the parts of the Dragon's Abyss now?"

"I didn't expect you to be here so quickly and so skillfully." Xuanao coughed, and his voice was a little weak: "Long Abyssal Pearl is just an external object, I don't need to lose my life because of it! I promise you, I can give it to you! "

"That would be great."

Su Yun extended his hand out towards Xuan Ao.

Xuan Ao did not hesitate either, raising his hand to swipe at a golden space bag at his waist, after rummaging for a moment, he retrieved a gold box.

"Is this it?"

"Lord can read it."

Xuan Door.

Su Yun thought for a moment, but did not receive it, and indifferently said: "Open it."

"You don't trust me?"

"Yeah." he said bluntly.

A trace of anger flashed through Xuan Ao's eyes. Ever since he became the king of Jiang Country, no one had ever dared to speak to him like this before.

However, even the king of the country of Jiang couldn't do anything in the face of this unknown Spirit Cultivator with such a powerful cultivation.

"Alright, then I'll open it!"

Xuan Ao snorted, he then picked up the box and opened it.

The moment the box was opened, the contents of the box entered Su Yun's eyes.

There was no gorgeous luster, nor was there any astonishing aura. There was only a very thin needle lying in the middle of the room. This needle was ashen white in color. If there was anyone who was unlucky, they would not even be able to see this needle.

It must be the incomplete parts of the Dragon Abyss Bead!

Su Yun was ecstatic, he immediately extended his hand towards the box.

However, just as his hand was about to touch the box, the scene in front of him suddenly shook.

What was going on?

His nerves tensed up, he held onto the box tightly, holding onto the Lotus Star Sword, the sword tip firmly pressing onto Xuan Ao's body.


he growled.

It felt as if there was someone hiding in the surroundings.

"What are you talking about?"

Xuan Ao frowned, as though he did not understand Su Yun's actions, and said: "I already gave you the things. According to the agreement, you should have released me!"

"No problem, but I need to leave this place safely."

Su Yun said.

Then he stretched out his hand to grab XuanAo.

However, just as he reached out his hand, he realized that his hand could not even touch XuanAo. It directly passed through his body and grabbed onto the snow below.

This is...


Su Yun was shocked.

Xuan Ao who was on the ground suddenly raised his hand and struck towards his abdomen.


Unexpectedly, Su Yun was pushed back a hundred metres.

With the Saint Ruler's War Robe protecting his body, this attack didn't deal too much damage.

When he finally came to a stop and lifted his eyes to look, he was surprised to find that everything in front of him had suddenly twisted, and all the scenes had changed. The Xuan Ao that was attacking him was no longer Xuan Ao, but had turned into a young lady dressed in a purple robe.

It was the Virgin of the River.

Su Yun frowned.

He had already sensed that the strange movement earlier was probably due to someone casting a spell. Everything that had happened was just an illusion, and he had been dragged into the illusion without him knowing.

He raised the box in his hand, only to find that it was no longer a box, but a block of ice.

"What a brilliant illusion technique."

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief, and looked at the Holy Mother of Rivers and Rivers.

Behind him, was the injured Xuan Ao. He was seated at the side, being instigated by a few Spirit Cultivator s into recuperate his injuries, while the remaining Jiang Guo experts surrounded him to protect him.

"How is this camouflage technique not good? None of us noticed it! "

The Blessed Virgin of the River said.

"You're too kind."

"You are from Han?"

"No, I am just a rogue cultivator. I just want to take a Dragon Sea Bead, there is no other reason, and I don't really want to fight with you guys, if you give me the remaining parts of the Dragon Sea Bead, I can leave on my own." As for the war between you and the Han, I am not interested in it at all. "

"The Dragon Abyss is mine, everything in this realm is mine!"

Without waiting for the Holy Mother of the Rivers and River to speak, Xuan Ao stood up and stared coldly at Su Yun: "Whatever you want, it is up to us to decide, and if we are willing, you can have it. If we are not willing, you can only think!"

"How overbearing!" Hearing that, Su Yun shook his head: "Although you are the king of the Jiang Country, the starting sect is not the king of the Han Nation. In other words, even if you become the lord of the Jiang Han Realm, what can you do? Can you still control the ten thousand worlds of the heavens? "

"Why not?" Xuan Ao said angrily.

"You talk big, but I have to spit out big words as well." Su Yun sneered: "Even if you can control the boundless universe, don't even think about controlling me. In front of me, it's best if you don't call yourself We!"

"You …"

"Your Majesty, please do not waste words with him. I will capture him first!"

The Goddess of the river spoke coldly, leapt up, and rushed over.

Su Yun knew that if he did not rely on force today, it would be impossible to obtain the complete Dragon Abyss Pearl.

However, the Jianghe Virgin did not plan to attack directly. As she approached Su Yun, her delicate hands quickly turned, and at the same time, she muttered some words, as though she was activating some formation.

Before Su Yun could react to what was happening, he saw a large black cloud condense above his head, following that, countless rain drops fell from the sky, smashing straight towards his head …

Bang bang bang bang bang!

These water droplets weighed tens of thousands of pounds and when they hit the ground, it was like a bomb had exploded, causing the ground to become riddled with holes. However... Although it had smashed onto Su Yun's body, it was still like a water drop, splashing water all over his clothes. On the other hand, Su Yun … There was no damage at all.

"It seems like you really do have a divine object protecting you!"

The expression on the face of the Virgin of the Rivers became solemn.

Su Yun did not have the time to chat with the beautiful lady of the river, seeing that the profound technique was ineffective on him, he immediately urged his body to move, his speed exploding, as though he had disappeared, completely gone without a trace, but his killing intent and sword intent were like a torrent of beasts, rushing towards the beautiful lady of the river.

Holy Mother of Rivers was shocked, and immediately activated her magic treasure.

Four emerald green leaves appeared around her, like shields that protected her entire body.

This was one of the four newly born leaves of the banana divine tree. It contained a huge amount of power from the divine tree and was one of her main defense magic treasure s. No matter what, she would not be able to break through the defense of these four leaves. Even if it was a Spirit Sage, she was confident that she could withstand one attack from her opponent.


Just as she was about to ignore Su Yun's attack and start casting spells, she heard crisp sounds coming from her side.



Bada …

Three sounds rang out.

Following which, the leaves of the three bananas that had been protecting the Virgin of Jianghe City cracked open and slowly fell to the ground.


The Madonna of the Rivers was incomparably shocked.

Before she could even react, she felt a pain in her chest. She was directly struck, and a snow-white sword pierced through her chest.

She pushed the person in front of her away and retreated. She activated the profound qi to seal the wound on her chest, but with the profound qi, her heart became a lot colder.

The profound qi in his body was already so rare?

What was going on?

The magic treasure did not urge them to do much, nor did they release a few profound technique s. They simply did not use much profound qi, why did the profound qi in their bodies become so sparse?

She raised her head and looked at the person holding the sword.

Vaguely, she seemed to sense something.

"This guy..." "It's not simple …"

Holy Mother River murmured to herself.


At this time, a white bead flew over from the side.

"Mother of God, quickly consume." The shout came out.

The Virgin of the River saw that the pearl was thrown by Xuan Ao. She immediately rushed towards the pearl!

However, Su Yun was not slow either, in the instant that the Aeolus Temple made its move, he took the initiative and rushed towards the pearl.

His speed was so fast that it made people's hair stand on end.

In terms of speed, the Mother of Rivers was far from being Su Yun's match.

But just as Su Yun approached the pearl, his eyes swayed yet again …

Not good, it was the illusion of the Holy Mother of Rivers again!

Su Yun was secretly shocked.

Bada. At the same time, he firmly gripped the pearl in his hand.

However, he understood that this was not a pearl, but an illusion!

What a powerful illusion technique. To be able to pull someone into it without being noticed. This technique was something that no ordinary person could compare to …