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These enchantments that the Marshal had meticulously set up were simply as weak as thin paper at this moment. Su Yun would immediately rot when he touched it, and the Marshal had widened his eyes, as if he could not believe what he had just seen.

In just an instant, Su Yun had already arrived in front of the jade table.

He ignored the marshal behind him and picked up the box, opening it immediately.


The lid was lifted.

However …

It was empty.

"Oh no, I've fallen into a trap!"

He frowned and abruptly turned his head, but what he saw was bursts of laughter.

"Hahahaha, you never thought that this marshal would do something like this, right? The real parts of the Dragon's Abyss had always been on this commander-in-chief's body. This was just an empty shell! "Hahahaha!"

The marshal laughed.

"Oh? Is that so? "In that case, don't blame me."

Su Yun secretly snorted, carried his Lotus Star Sword and rushed forward.

"Hehe!" I want to see how you do it! "

The field marshal had activated some unknown switch, and in an instant, another hundred enchantments with astonishing defense appeared in front of Su Yun!

However, Su Yun did not even look at it, nor did he stop in his steps. He swept past everything, directly rushing towards the marshal, and the enchantment barrier was still as broken as if it was made of paper. Whether it was the ice attribute enchantment or the thorny attribute enchantment, both were like this, and could not affect him in the slightest.

Seeing this, the marshal's heart skipped a beat!

This guy, could it be that there was no barrier that could stop him?

Just how strong was he?

The Marshal retreated a few steps back. He had thought that he could hold Su Yun back, but he never expected that it would be completely useless.

Su Yun stepped forward, and then slashed with his sword.

A cold light flashed as the terrifying sword qi dispersed.


Without enough time to defend, the Marshal's head was immediately chopped off by the Lotus Star Sword. Fresh blood spurted out …

"I hate people who lie to me the most!"

Su Yun said.

Even though he had cheated countless times in his life …

The marshal's head fell to the ground as fresh blood spurted into the air, dyeing the ceiling of the chamber red.

The Field Marshal's soul was overflowing, but Su Yun did not care about it. Instead, he squatted down to get his space bag.

He had lost all his profound qi, and the enchantment in the stone room was definitely unable to stop Su Yun. But since he had done so, there was only one possibility: an expert from the River Country had arrived.


Just as Su Yun's hand touched the Marshal's space bag, a strong ray of light suddenly burst out from the top of the stone room, directly hitting the Marshal's dead body.

A terrifying destructive aura instantly flooded the entire stone chamber.

Su Yun immediately retracted his hand, dodging the light ray.

When the light disappeared, the marshal's corpse was gone, as if it had turned into a bubble, but his armor and space bag were still there.

This destructive power was at least at the seventh stage of the Spirit Emperor.

He raised his head to look at the sky above the stone room and saw that the top of the stone room had been blasted open. Over ten people with different appearances had appeared in the sky outside.

There were men and women, old and young, all of them had dense Qi, none of them had cultivations lower than the fifth stage of the Spirit Emperor!

One of them was a skinny man with monkey like cheeks and sharp mouth. He raised his hand and pulled it back. Surprisingly, he held a space bag in his hand …

This was the Marshal's space bag.

Great Marshal has a glorious name, and is a good weapon for war. However, his cultivation is not very good, it's very difficult to deal with the Spirit Cultivator alone, and that's his weakness!

A hoarse voice came from the side.

Su Yun looked towards the direction of the voice, to see a blue robed old man holding a bottle, swinging it around, causing the Marshal's overflowing soul to be completely sucked into the bottle.

"When he revives, you can talk about him. At the very least, you're the king's master. It's easy for him to mislead the country by acting so recklessly." A girl with thick makeup but no looks said with a smile.

"Speak? "I dare not say, he's the marshal, the superior of countless experts in this country. I don't want to cause any trouble!"

"Tch, so what? We were a step too late, and ended up like this? "

Everyone talked amongst themselves, they talked happily, but they did not care about Su Yun.

Su Yun frowned, his face was filled with fighting spirit.

But the other party did not take him seriously, and continued to talk, only a few people's gazes were still on Su Yun.

"Since the commander's body has been destroyed, we must revive him quickly. Now that the war with Han has begun, the army of Jiang Country cannot afford to lose a leader. Everyone, you should return to the capital as soon as possible. Besides that, what should we do with this person?"

One of the one-eyed strong man stared at Su Yun and said.

"Let's capture him first. Kill the marshal of my Jiang Guo. Destroy his body and take his soul back to report!"

The old man who had collected the soul of the Marshal said.

The moment the voice came out, a person charged out of the crowd.

It was the skinny guy who took the Marshal space bag away with his sharp mouth and monkey cheeks.

He stared at Su Yun, his eyes lit up, and shouted excitedly: "Darling, that sword must be a treasure, hehehe, give me such a treasure!"

Saying that, he extended his hand, and the shrivelled up little hand turned into five sharp blades, thrusting towards Su Yun!

His actions were abnormally cruel!

Su Yun stood there motionlessly, his eyes staring straight at the man who was rushing over.



This was the impression that the group of people gave Su Yun when they arrived!

Are they strong? Su Yun did not know, but they did not put him, the person who killed their Grand Marshal, in their eyes at all. If that was the case, Su Yun would not be happy!

The sharp claws attacked.

The eyes of the monkey-like man burst with light, and the smile on his face grew more intense.

The sharp blade was already an inch away from Su Yun, but Su Yun still did not make a move, and continued to stand quietly at his original position.

Seeing that, the dozen or so Spirit Emperor s outside all frowned!

No defense? Was he overly confident in himself, looking down on the other party, or was this fellow too weak, leaving him with no time to defend?

No one knew.

However, he was able to kill the marshal and infiltrate the Jiang Han city alone. How could such a person be a weakling?


A dull sound echoed out.

Everyone's eyes were wide opened as they stared at Su Yun.

The lean man's five claws were all broken, and the broken parts were still on Su Yun's chest. On the other hand, Su Yun did not have a single scratch on his body, he just stood there, staring coldly at the man in front of him.

"How is this possible?"

Several people cried out in alarm.

When the people who did not pay attention to Su Yun heard this, they immediately looked over, and were stunned when they saw what happened.

This guy was known as Monkey Steals, with an extraordinary cultivation, he was most proficient at using the Soaring Dragon Cloud Searching Hand and was able to retrieve items from far away, but even so, he was still a seventh stage Spirit Emperor cultivator, but when attacking Su Yun, he was unable to even break his opponent's defense.

The monkey widened his eyes and looked at Su Yun in shock.

It was his most confident killing move, one that could even break the defense of an eighth stage Spirit Emperor, but it was completely useless against Su Yun.

Could this guy be at least Spirit Emperor level 8?


Just then, a circle of God Power burst out from Su Yun's body, like a crocodile opening its mouth, surrounding the person in front of him.

The monkey thief did not even have time to retreat, and its entire body was completely drained of profound qi, which completely returned to Su Yun's body. He had also lost all his strength, and almost fell to the ground.

"This is bad!"

The old man who had been collecting the soul fragments of the marshal sensed that something was amiss and roared before dashing forward.

Su Yun waved his sword a few times. He could not even see the sword images, he could only feel waves of sword intent rushing through Monkey Steals's body. Monkey Steals instantly froze in place, not moving an inch.


Everyone could not feel even the slightest bit of aura from the monkey thief, so they understood! Monkey Steals were dead!

In just a few breaths of time, he had killed a seventh stage Spirit Emperor cultivator. Even a tenth stage Spirit Emperor cultivator would find it hard to do it, only the Spirit Sage had such methods.

At this moment.

Everyone understood that they were extremely wrong!

This guy was not as simple as they had imagined!

A ray of light attacked once again, heading straight for Su Yun.

Su Yun took half a step back, and the light swallowed the monkey's body, while he followed in the Marshal's footsteps, turning into foam and dissipated, leaving only the space bag s and the clothes on the ground.

Su Yun was not in a hurry to snatch the space bag, his eyes sweeping across the incoming Spirit Emperor s, his pupils gradually turning red.

"Today, I won't take this bag. I just want to see how you can take it away from me and return it to your Royal City!"

He said coldly, his hand swept towards the sword sheath, and directly threw out a blood red sword.

It was the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

The sharp sword flew out and danced chaotically in the air. The sword shadows were like blood-red pythons as they surrounded everyone.

The chilling bloodthirsty sword intent startled everyone to the point that their hair stood on end. Everyone immediately activated their defensive treasures to defend against the sword intent.

But in the next second, a rumbling sound suddenly resounded through the dilapidated stone room.

Taking a look, the people here all felt a chill in their hearts, only to see that behind Su Yun, a flood of swords suddenly erupted out, countless of sharp swords shot out, the dense and cold sword concept filled the entire place.

Even though the place was small, they appeared to be in an orderly manner. They gathered together, turned into a steel dragon, and charged towards the outside.

These dozen Spirit Emperor s were forced out of the stone room and suspended in space.

Su Yun stepped forward and jumped out, looking at the dozens of Jiang Guo warriors in the sky, his entire body overflowing with a strong desire for battle.

"So he's actually a sword expert!"

The smile on the heavily made up woman from before disappeared as she stared at Su Yun.

"With so many flying swords and so much sword intent, this is no ordinary Imperial Sword Technique. Everyone, it seems like we've met capable people today."

"Marshal, it looks like you can't blame him for this!" Let's work together to subdue this person! "

"Don't let him be too arrogant. Otherwise, he will look down on us people from the Jiang Dynasty!"

A roar erupted.

Everyone began to join hands.

But Su Yun did not give them the chance, he immediately attacked, using his power to pressure them.

Thousands of flying swords were dancing in the air, he took out the Heaven Smiting Sword, took out the hundred subordinate sword, and placed them in a row in front of him, using the Lotus Star Sword to attack quickly.

The Lotus Star Sword hummed, striking the subordinate sword s, causing them to emit thunderous sounds, while a large amount of Sword Intent spread out in all directions like ripples.

Those experts were puzzled, but they did not give Su Yun too much time. The eight experts split into two rows, and attacked from two wings.

Its aura was exceptionally fierce.

Su Yun continued to bombard the hundred fire subordinate sword, his movements was so fast that even their afterimages could not be seen.

An increasingly intense sword intent spread out, and increasingly terrifying sword hums resounded throughout the entire sky.

Everyone's hearts trembled, but at this stage, if they did not kill Su Yun, how could they let it go?