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The few soldiers were just wandering around. Their cultivation was not high, and they couldn't stop Su Yun either. The people of Jiang Country's goal was Bingcheng, so they naturally wouldn't send too much energy to capture Su Yun. Very quickly, Su Yun flew into the sky, directly rushing towards the big door of Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain.

Opening his Imperial Battle Armor, he dived into the deep, bone-chilling pool, directly rushing towards the magical gate.

He was like a golden meteor that had fallen into the deep blue sea. It dragged out a long whirl as it headed straight for the bottom of the pool.

Not long after, he arrived at the door.

"I never thought that all of this would go so smoothly. It was extremely good, so I decided to return to the mouth of the Phoenix Pond to look for my previous master and sage. Let them help me absorb this Dragon Abyssal Pearl."

Su Yun thought, and his movements sped up.

He had originally thought that snatching the Dragon Abyss Pearl would take some time, but he hadn't thought that it would actually be this easy. The first person he would meet after entering the Jiang Han Realm would actually be the princess of the Han Nation, which gave Su Yun an opening.

Rumble …

The door slowly opened, and light seeped out from within.

Su Yun took a deep breath and walked through the door.

A series of strange feelings floated around his body, but fortunately it was not the first time, so he was used to it. When the feelings faded, he opened his eyes again, and saw another big door, in front of him was the Qi Cover, and outside the Qi Cover was the terrifying magma.

With a step, he crashed into the magma. Opening his Imperial Battle robe, he pushed all the magma around him away, and rushed out of the magma.

The small magma lake immediately surged and splattered with magma.

Su Yunchong came out of the lake, startling a Spirit Cultivator who just happened to pass by.

He took out his flying sword and charged straight at the mouth of the pond.

Su Yun calculated the time. From the moment he had entered the Jiang Han Realm till now, it had not even been a month.

As they approached the mouth of the phoenix pond, they saw many students of the Sage of Phoenix Pond. Some were seated on the mountaintop, some were standing under trees, some had their eyes closed thinking, while others were discussing intensely. As Su Yun flew over, many of them raised their eyes to look, guessing who he was, but a few of them recognized him as Su Yun.

"Are you Senior Brother Su Yun? Didn't you go to the Jiang Han realm? "Why are you back?"

A student flew in front of Su Yun and asked.

Su Yun recognized this person. Back then, when they went to the lava lake, this person seemed to be called Hu Jing, who was standing beside Feng Chi.

"Senior Brother Hu Jing, there's no need to be courteous, it's extremely late for me to become your disciple. You can just call me Su Yun, there's no need to add me." Su Yun laughed.

"I do not dare. Regardless of whether it is in terms of cultivation or knowledge, you are above me. As a senior brother, why not?" Hu Jing laughed.

Su Yun was too lazy to argue with him, she asked directly: "Are the master and the saint at the entrance of the valley?"

"Master left the mouth of the Phoenix Cistern the day before yesterday and returned to the Primordial Era. You've returned from the Jiang Han Realm this time, have you finished with your matters? "

"Almost there …" "Since my master has returned to Subhuti, I will go search for the Sage." Su Yun's mind was slightly anxious, he immediately cupped his fists and said: "I'll go first, in the future I'll discuss mental knowledge with Senior Hu Jing."

"Haha, if you are able to do it in such an excellent manner, you can go first."


With that, he rushed towards the mouth of the pond like a gust of wind.

Upon entering the phoenix pond,'s peculiar aura was immediately noticed by Feng Chi, and before even reached the wutong tree, Feng Chi walked over with a few students accompanying him.

"Su Yun? How did you get here so fast? Could it be that you have already obtained the Dragon Abyssal Pearl? " Feng Chi was naturally surprised.

She had thought that Su Yun would be gone for at least a year, but he had actually returned in less than a month.

"I got it. Things are much easier than I thought."

Su Yun smiled and took out the Dragon Abyss from the space bag.

The appearance of the beautiful pearl immediately caused the students to gasp in surprise. Everyone's eyes were like iron pieces attracted by a magnet, making them unable to move. It was as if everyone's soul was about to be sucked away by this magnificent Dragon Sea Pearl …

"This... Could it be the Dragon Abyssal Pearl? "

A series of exclamations could be heard.

Su Yun nodded.

"I didn't expect …" I never thought that Su Yun, you would actually have such a method up your sleeve, obtaining the Dragon Abyss Bead in such a short period of time. "People of Jiang have put in a lot of effort but still couldn't get this thing from people of Han, you actually got it so quickly."

Although she knew that the reason why the State of Jiang had attacked the State of Han was not only because of the Dragon Pearl, but also to make use of this opportunity to annex the State of Han, but no matter what, she admired Su Yun's methods.

Hearing that, Su Yun laughed bitterly, and did not say anymore.

The method he used was disgraceful, so he didn't dare to spread it around. He didn't delve too deeply into it and instead asked, "Sage, since you have already obtained the Dragon Abyss Bead, please tell me how you want to absorb it."

"The absorption method is not difficult, but this place is not suitable for you to absorb. You need to find a quiet place to cool down because the Dragon Abyss Bead is originally a product of the Jiang Han Realm, an item of the Yin energy. If you were to absorb it from the other realm, you might not be able to absorb it perfectly into your body.

"Is that so … "Then I shall return to the Jiang Han territory."

"Mm …" Su Yun, wait a moment. I'll give you a few more things to help you absorb. "

At this time, the Saint spoke again.

"What is it?"

"Follow me."

With that, the Saint walked towards the wutong tree.

As she approached the wutong tree, Feng Chi looked up at the dense branches. Her sunken eyes seemed to be searching for something. In the end, her gaze locked onto a bunch of tender branches.

"This Divine Parasol Tree was actually planted by my master with divine seeds. It contains a powerful divine power, and can be called a divine tree of this world. My master foretold for me and sealed my prophecy of fate in a tree, so I had to wait for it to bloom. This tender branch also has its divine power, so you can take it and use it to draw a formation to help absorb the divine power when you return to the Jiang Han territory. " Feng Chi said.

Su Yun heard and cupped his fists: "Thank you, Saint."

"There is no need to be polite. Su Yun, take out the Dragon Abyssal Pearl."

Su Yun nodded and took out the Dragon Sea Pearl.

The sage took the pearl and picked up a huge leaf from the wutong tree. He wanted to wrap the pearl up, but when she did, his eyebrows suddenly twitched and his sunken eyes stared at the pearl. After a while, the sage Feng Chi's face was replaced by a condensed color.

"Saint, what's wrong?"

Su Yun sensed that something was amiss, and immediately asked.

"Su Yun, when you took the Dragon Pearl, did you forget about taking something else?" Feng Chi asked.

"Forgot what?" Su Yun was startled: "Saint, what do you mean by that?"

After a moment of silence, the Saint opened his mouth and said, "What I want to say is that this Dragon Abyssal Pearl is not complete."

"Incomplete... "Could it be …"

"I want to infuse the energy of the Wutong Leaf into the pearl so that it can be absorbed by you. However, just as the energy from the Wutong Leaf seeped into the pearl, there was no reaction …"

"What does that mean?"

The power of the Wutong Leaf cannot be combined with it. Although I have never seen it before, I am still quite knowledgeable about it, so this kind of phenomenon should not occur. In my opinion, this Long Sea Pearl should be missing some parts.

Feng Chi took out the Dragon Pearl and carefully examined it for a moment. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed as she stared at the top of the Dragon Pearl.

Su Yun was confused. Looking over, at first glance, it was nothing much, but after closer inspection, he could see some clues. On top of the bead, there was actually a thin hole that was tens of times thinner than a strand of hair. It was difficult for an ordinary person's eyesight to detect it.

Seeing that, Su Yun's face became ugly.

Suddenly, he remembered what Jiu Yan had shouted at him before he left.

Could it be that the king of Han State, in order to prevent any accidents, only gave me an empty shell after splitting the pearl? Is there anything else that's important?

Su Yun took a light breath and accepted the Dragon Ocean Bead from the Phoenix Lake Saint, then said: "This time, many thanks to Saint for his help, the following matter should be left for Su Yun to handle, there is no time to waste, so he will not stay any longer. Goodbye."

With that, he flew out of the valley.

Feng Chi didn't say anything as he silently watched him leave.


After passing through the gate between the Jiang Han Realm and the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, Su Yun once again returned to the Jiang Han Realm.

After exiting the deep, ice-cold pool, they flew directly towards the Arctic State.

Su Yun had never expected that the bead would actually be able to be split into two, let alone this one. If not for the fact that Feng Chi Sheng recognized the bead, Su Yun would probably have been kept in the dark.

This group of fellows were simply bullying him because he didn't know Long Qingzhu.

Su Yun was a little angry, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that this was his own fault. After all, he was going to take someone else's things, how could others be willing to take it?

He flew extremely fast. Stepping on the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, he went straight into the sky and charged straight towards Ice City.

However, just as they got close to the ice city, they smelled a large amount of blood, followed by figures rushing out from the ice city. However, just as they approached the ice city, they smelled a large amount of blood, followed by figures rushing out from the ice city.

Su Yun looked carefully and realized that these people were mostly itinerant cultivators from Ice City.

What was going on?

However, before he could think about it, many Spirit Cultivator s rushed out from Bingcheng, all of them wore yellow armor, holding onto large blades, they chased after the Ice City Loose Cultivators, all of them brimming with killing intent, it was extremely terrifying.

It was the people of Jiang Country!

When they came out from the direction of Ice City, could it be that … Ice City has fallen?

Su Yun's face tensed up, he thought for a moment, then increased his speed and rushed towards the ice city.

Unexpectedly, his actions immediately attracted the attention of the soldiers.

Several soldiers charged towards him.