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Princess Bing was a Spirit Cultivator who relied on external factors to forcefully raise her cultivation. Although this kind of person had a high cultivation level, a low temperament and what he did was unreliable, some of the criminals in the ice prison were indeed unforgivable villains, but some of them had also been wrongly accused like Su Yun.

Su Yun chose three who were reliable and asked them to help him out. Some things, leaving it with the Han people were risky, but he could not completely trust them. If they sold him out in exchange for innocence, then Su Yun would suffer a huge loss.

The division of labor between the three was clear, but it was not important work. One of them guarded the gate for Su Yun, one of them guarded the gate, and the last one guarded the gate.

Su Yun had to stay in the ice prison and capture these three hostages, the movements outside would be extremely difficult to find out, and the information he obtained from the palace entrance was bound to be false, so he could not trust them. Although the saint armor could send his primordial spirit out to scout everywhere, Su Yun was more willing to spend this limited time on the places he needed to go.

After breaking through cultivation, Su Yun did his best to consolidate his profound qi and made preparations to deal with the upcoming situation.

It was now a gamble, a gamble on the place of the Grand Princess and the others in the king's heart.

If he still cared about his daughter and relatives, he would hand them over and exchange for the lives of three people. If he did not care, then the people who were sent to Bingcheng were all experts with powerful cultivations.

Regardless of whether he could obtain the Dragon Abyss Pearl or not, he should have prepared in advance to retreat.

After meditating for an entire day, the mansion was safe and sound.

Su Yun opened his eyes, adjusting for a moment, then took out the map from before and started to study it.

The three people in the cell quietly looked at Su Yun, each of them thinking of a way to escape, but they were all cells, and without the key, they couldn't leave, much less escape under Su Yun's watch.

It had been four days since the Grand Princess's guard had headed towards the Imperial City.

Su Yun calculated, there should be news about the Imperial City right?

He quietly waited in the ice prison, neither anxious nor noisy. He was in an extremely good mood.

The Grand Princess glanced at her husband and sister. Prince Consort Li continued to sit cross-legged, while Princess Bing trembled in fear.

She sighed, stood up, stuck close to the prison wall, and asked Su Yun: "Tell me, if you use the Dragon Sea Bead to save your own life, let me tell you, the Dragon Sea Bead is not a medicinal pellet, nor is it some almighty magic treasure, how will you save it?"

Su Yun opened his eyes slightly and glanced at her, but didn't say anything.

Seeing this, the Eldest Princess became rather angry and said, "You've got the Dragon Pearl, but you don't know how to use it. Isn't that a waste?"

But Su Yun still did not speak.

The First Princess didn't give up and started to speak again, but before she could finish, she was interrupted by Su Yun.

"You spoke to me simply to get to know me, to learn more about me, and to find a way to escape, yes or no?" Not to mention, how difficult could the method of using Long Sea zhu be? "Even if I don't know, there are many people in all the heavens who know. This isn't a secret."

Su Yun laughed.

Hearing her words, the Eldest Princess was stunned for a moment. She then said, "You are right, I want to understand you, but it is not because I want to escape, because I know that royal father will definitely use the Dragon Pearl to exchange for my safety. There is no need to flee, I just want to know, who has the guts to kidnap a prince prince consort in the cold kingdoms and steal his treasure …"

"Who is it?" A trace of loneliness and complexity flashed past Su Yun's eyes, "I don't know who I am, so what should I tell you?"

He had killed millions of people, massacred countless living creatures, and was surrounded by the evil aura. This was the current Su Yun.

He originally had no intention of becoming a demon, but unfortunately, the matters of the world forced him to do so. Although the ugliness and evil between heaven and earth had never disappeared, not everyone was willing to do so.

But no matter what, once he obtained the Dragon Abyssal Pearl, he would be rid of the evil Qi and everything would come to an end.

At that time, after collecting the souls of the sword ancestor, Qing'er would go see his parents and return to the Tianwu Continent to enjoy peace and quiet.

He was originally a person without ambition, and many of the things that had happened after he had walked step by step to this day were not his initiatives. Of course, he also understood that if one wanted to protect everything, one must have the strength to fight against everything.

Seeing Su Yun's expression, the First Princess was stunned, she thought to herself: This is a person with a story.

Tuk, tuk, tuk.

At this moment, there was a sudden knock at the door, followed by a voice: "Sir, there is news from the top of the city that the people of the Imperial City have arrived." They had just entered the city! "They were on their way to the prefecture lord's mansion."

"How many people are there?"

Su Yun opened his eyes and asked indifferently.

"Not much, only two!"


"Yes, two generals, General Li Guangyuan and the Crown Prince Jianli."

"Li Guangyuan?" "The rest?"

"Li Guangyuan was the Great General of the Han Dynasty, and was in charge of half of the Han Dynasty. He was powerful and influential, had the seventh grade of Spirit Emperor, was the father of Prince Consort Li, and was the only son of the current Emperor. He had been favored by the king and had been accepted into the Hidden World Sect, had been handed down by the master of the valley, and had reached the fourth grade of the Spirit Emperor."

These two people are here?

Although his strength was not mediocre, his status was reasonable. The Han Country had sent two people over with quite some sincerity …

"Then, did they bring Long Pozhu?" Su Yun asked.


"I don't know, they didn't take it out, and I don't know if it's in the space bag, so we didn't dare to ask …"

"Is that so?"

Su Yun opened his eyes and thought for a while, then said: "Wait here, help me pass on the message."

"Yes, my lord!"

After that, the man stood outside the door.

Su Yun once again closed his eyes and quietly listened.

After approximately twenty breaths of time, two strong auras came from outside the residence. The moment the auras entered the residence, they went straight to the ice prison and hid the auras very well. Master seemed to have intentionally hid his auras, but Su Yun still managed to catch them.

Not long after, he heard the shout of the man at the door.

"The two of you, stop!"

The two men who were near the prison stopped and frowned as they stared at the burly man.

These two people were the Great General Li Guangyuan and the crown prince's son, Li Xueyi, who had just entered the city.

Li Guangyuan was a very powerful middle-aged man, three big and five thick, with a huge body. Crown Prince She She was handsome, had the refined long face of a man from the Cold Country, and had a noble temperament.

The two of them walked over empty-handed without carrying any weapons. Their auras were reserved, and they didn't bring any followers. When they heard the burly man's shout, the pure-white faced crown prince, Jiayi, spoke up.

"I am the crown prince, the other one. This is the Great General of Han State, Li Guangyuan. The king has received your letter, and has ordered us to bring Long Mingzhu here to exchange you for someone else!" "Are you the one who kidnapped my sister?"

Jiao Li asked.

However, the big man didn't reply to his question. Instead, he opened his mouth and shouted, "Where is Long Qingzhu?"

"One of the space bag s by my waist!"

"Take it out!"

"No problem, but I want to see my sister first!"

"If I can't see Long Mingzhu, you can't see the princess."

"Is that so?" "Since that's the case, then there's nothing left to say!"

He was about to leave.

But just as he and Li Guangyuan were about to leave, a voice came from the ice prison.

"Zhang Xiong, watch them leave. When they leave the mansion, inform me immediately so that I can send the First Princess and Prince Consort on their way!"

This was precisely the voice of Su Yun. It was incomparably indifferent, as if it didn't care in the slightest about the gains and losses of the Dragon Ocean Pearl.

The man called Zhang Xiong immediately nodded his head in agreement.

However, when Li Guangyuan and the others heard this, their faces turned extremely ugly.

Both of them stopped in their tracks, their actions stiff.

They looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each other's eyes. In fact, they said they were going to leave, but they were just trying to test Su Yun's attitude. The one locked up was the crown prince's sister and the other was the general's son, how could they give up just like that?

"If you two want to leave, then leave quickly. If you two want to stay, then take out the Dragon Pearl and take a look."

At this time, Su Yun's voice sounded again from inside the ice prison.

His attitude had already made it clear that it was only based on the intentions of Jiao Li and Li Guangyuan.

The two hesitated for a moment, they looked at each other secretly and fell into silence, but in the end, they chose to compromise, as Su Yun had the upper hand.

"In that case, fine …"

He extended his hand out to touch the space bag, and very quickly, he took out a golden embroidered box.

When the embroidered box appeared, Zhang Xiong's eyes were like iron that had been attracted by a magnet, and it was difficult for him to move his eyes away.

She then looked at Zhang Xiong and opened the box to reveal a crack. Light immediately sputtered out and burned his eyes. When the light faded, a blue pearl appeared in front of Zhang Xiong's eyes.

Zhang Xiong's eyes suddenly lit up and his mouth opened wide as he stared dumbfoundedly at the bead …

Dragon Underworld Pearl!

This was the Dragon Abyssal Pearl!

His heart was beating wildly, and he felt as if his soul was about to fly towards the pearl.

This aura was definitely that of Long Sea Pearl. Only such a precious treasure would be able to emit such an aura.

Noticing Zhang Xiong's expression, the rest of the dragon guards sneered and closed the box.

"Will this do?"

Zhang Xiong's entire body trembled before he regained his senses. He took a deep breath before turning around and clasping his hands at the door of the ice prison. "My lord, you are Long Dingzhu."


"Then, can you open the cell door and let us see who it is!"

Jiao Li shouted.

"Bring me the Long Sea Pearl first." Su Yun's voice sounded again.

"Don't even think about it!"

"If you don't see him now, you'll never get your hands on the pearl!" he said in a low voice.

"Aren't you afraid of me killing someone?"

"If you really want to kill me, then I have nothing to say!" "If you kill them, I can guarantee that you won't be able to obtain the Dragon Sea Bead!"

Jiao Li said seriously.

The ice prison fell silent.

Zhang Xiong stared at the ice prison nervously.

After a while, the sound rang out again …

"Zhang Xiong, bring them in."