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As the door closed, the Spirit Cultivator outside immediately took action. They could not see the princess, but they could recognize her profound qi, the words on the letter were condensed from the princess' profound qi, it was definitely not fake.

As a result, the entire ice city was in an uproar.

For some unknown reason, the people could see the large number of cold troops stationed in the city moving towards the outside of the city.

People were passing by the entrance of the Canton Courtyard. The experts who had accompanied the First Princess had all left, leaving only one person to take charge of the situation.

"Quick, send out all the people in the mansion. Don't leave a single one alive, leave all of them outside the city to defend!"

"In addition, arrange for more scouts near Bingcheng. Report to us immediately if anything happens at Jiangguo."

"Lord …" What had happened? Everything was fine, why … Why did he send all the power in the city outside the city? Was it the people from Jiang? But if it comes down to it, we shouldn't stick to it. www.uuxs.cc "A city?"

"Why do you ask so many questions? Do you need to worry about these things? Do as I say, and leave the rest to me! "

"But …" "Lord …"

"Go!" Don't talk nonsense! He dared to say more! "I won't let you off so easily …"

"Yes …" Yes … Yes, small... This little one will do it immediately. "


The man glanced at the departing person, then turned around and walked into the mansion.

At that moment, all of the guards in the residence had been transferred out, leaving behind the servants and maids with inferior cultivations. All of the enchantments in the residence were activated, but Su Yun had the authority to control them.

The bodyguard of the princess once again called for the old manager.


"Recently, the situation in the princess' mansion will be a little special. You have to strictly manage everyone and let them carry out their duties. In addition, if someone makes a wild guess, creates a rumor, and kills them directly, the people of the Jiang Country will occupy the cities outside the ice city. The army of the Jiang Country can approach Bingcheng at any time, and if a rumor were to arise, there will be serious consequences."

"Lord …" If that's the case, then why did you transfer all the power within the city to the outside of the city? " The old manager was puzzled.

If the enemy closed in and transferred the garrison forces outside the city, it would be no different from committing suicide.

"Don't ask so much, don't you see that I have already opened all the city gates? The moment something happens, the army can immediately return to defense. As for why they are doing this, I can only tell you, this is … Princess means that you can say this to others. Don't worry, this won't last long, it will return to normal in a few days.

"Yes, milord."

The old butler did not dare to ask any further. He understood that as a servant, the more he knew, the better it might not be.

After the old manager left, the princess guard immediately turned around and walked towards the ice prison.

At this moment, the outside of the ice prison was surrounded by layers of barriers. These barriers were like layers of barriers that tightly surrounded the entire ice prison.

These were all enchantments laid down by Su Yun, and the princess' guard stopped right in front of the enchantment. Dong'er cupped her fists and said: "I have already followed your instructions, and the rest of you have already rushed to the Imperial City and informed the king of this matter. I believe that the king will order some people to bring Long Ming Zhu to Ice City in the future."

"I understand. You've done well, so don't worry, no matter if it's the princess, princess or prince consort, I can guarantee that they won't be harmed in the slightest, provided that you'll obediently listen to me and not try any tricks." Su Yun's voice came out from inside the cell.

"Don't worry, we will definitely do as you say. We definitely won't harbor any ill intentions!"

"That's for the best!"

Su Yun muttered from inside, and stopped talking, he sat alone inside and meditated.

The people in the jail cell were also silent. Prince Consort Li and the First Princess were meditating. Princess Bing, on the other hand, could not calm her heart at this moment. She curled up in a corner, her body trembling in fear.

Without the effects of the cold air spell formation, the prisoners in the prison gradually began to recover.

Although these people did not know who Su Yun was, they knew from their conversation with the First Princess and the others that Su Yun's goal was to go to the Dragon Abyss.

If it was for the Long Sea Pearl, then it was the enemy of the Han State, and also the friend of these prisoners.

"Milord, milord, save me milord! As long as you save me, I can do whatever you want and help you obtain the Dragon Pearl!"

"Lord, I beg of you, please save me. Let me go, I can help you, Lord!"

"Lord, please do me a favor and let me go!"

All of the prisoners held onto the bars of the cell as they shouted at Su Yun.

Hearing that, Su Yun's interest was piqued, he immediately stood up and walked towards the prison cell.

Seeing Su Yun coming over, all the sinners became even more agitated, their shouts becoming louder and louder, as though they wanted to press their mouths against Su Yun's ears and roar.

"Well, will we let you out?" It's easy, but... I don't trust you. " Su Yun rubbed his chin, glanced at all the criminals, and realised that most of them were between the seventh and ninth stage of the Sky Spirit Master. There were no Spirit Emperor s, but even so, it was still not bad.

"Lord, Lord, I can swear, I can swear to you! I will definitely be loyal to you, absolutely loyal to you, never to be changed!"

A prisoner said excitedly as he knelt on the ground. He looked miserable as tears streamed down his face.

Su Yun glanced at him, then asked: "How did you come in?"

"He's a spy from the Jiang Country!"

Before the prisoner could speak, Princess Bing shouted.

"Unjustly accused!" I am not! "

the man shouted.

"Since you aren't a spy, how can you infiltrate my Palace? And you were even caught red-handed by me on the spot! "

"This... I... "I …" The prisoner hesitated for a long time, but no words came out.

"I did!"

Su Yun's face suddenly darkened, he shouted coldly: "If you are not telling the truth, kill him immediately, destroy his soul, and show no mercy!"

With that said, the prisoner's entire body trembled in fear. He did not even stutter as he hurriedly said, "I just heard that the Bingcheng Princess is as beautiful as a fairy and has a special physique, so … "I plan to abduct her and raise her as a twin female slave …"

When Princess Bing heard this, she nearly died from anger.

"Oh, so it's for the sake of the sentimental people!" Su Yun was amused, thinking that this was a rapist.

"So you were carrying this kind of demon!" Hmph, I should have ripped you into a million pieces that day! " Princess Bing said hatefully.

"Damned girl, you can't even save yourself now, and you still want to kill me? I want to see which one of us will die first! " That person glared viciously at Princess Bing before shouting out.

However, just as he finished speaking, a burst of mystical force struck his abdomen, causing his entire body to fly, and directly collide into the wall behind him. When he landed, the man spat out a mouthful of blood, and the profound qi on his body instantly broke apart.

The people in the other cells were shocked as they saw this.

Su Yun lowered his head, staring at the prisoner who was lying on the ground like a dead dog, and said: "Did I make you speak so loudly?"

His voice was extremely cold. It was like ice needles, causing people to shudder in fear. That awe-inspiring and murderous aura struck directly at their souls!

No one in the prison dared to make a sound, all of them looked at him with ineffable terror.

Su Yun secretly snorted, and coldly swept his gaze over him.

"I heard that Princess Bing came here to snatch it from me just because she was beautiful. Presumably, she did not do these sort of things often. I can tolerate you being despicable and shameless, but you must have a bottom line in everything you do. Lust. I hate women the most for slaughtering their children! "

His words were beautiful, and instantly grew larger. But what he had done to Hu Qianmei back then, was not much better than this criminal.

Su Yun did not bother with the prisoner, and directly walked to the next cell. Inside the cell was a baldy with a fierce-looking face and a ferocious expression. and he asked, "So, what about you? What have you done? "

"I am only here to steal some treasures, Princess Bing is loved very much by the current king, and has received many rewards from the king. I was thinking about fishing some oil from Princess Bing to help with my cultivation, and so I took advantage of the time she was out to rob her, but to my surprise, I lost, and was subdued by her with her magic treasure." The big man said.

Su Yun glanced at him, then looked at Princess Bing, only to see her shouting: "No way, you're clearly trying to rape me!"

When the big man heard this, he did not say anything.

Princess Bing's words seemed to have the intent of borrowing a knife to kill someone. After all, Su Yun had said that before.

Su Yun on the other hand, suddenly turned and stared straight at her.

When Princess Bing saw this, she immediately covered her mouth and trembled from head to toe. She was thoroughly frightened by Su Yun.

"Do you really think you're beautiful? How can there be so many people interested in you? Don't be too narcissistic! "

With that said, Princess Bing's face turned completely bloodless. Although her cultivation was not strong, she was very confident in her looks. She might not be the type of person that would be easily bewitched, but she was definitely the type that could bewitch men. However, Su Yun's words had ruthlessly destroyed her confidence in her looks, and it had ruthlessly hammered her, causing her to feel extreme pain.

"Enough, we've already done as you instructed. Please don't torture Bing Bing anymore, okay?" The Eldest Princess could no longer bear to watch any further. She clenched her teeth and shouted.

"Torture?" Su Yun sneered: "A few words are enough to torture her? Heh, I think that her fifth stage of the Sky Spirit Master was raised by some drug devouring profound coin, right? With such a poor state of mind, how could he possibly achieve great results? It's really laughable. With your mentality, you can't even compare to a few mortals! "

"You …" The Grand Princess was so angry that she couldn't say a word.

Su Yun could not be bothered and directly opened the man's cell.

"Guard the door."

He pointed to the entrance of the ice prison and spoke.

The man immediately nodded his head and walked over quickly, standing at the entrance like a sentry.

Su Yun nodded his head in satisfaction, and said: "When I finish this matter, you will be able to regain your freedom, of course, do not make any mistakes, otherwise no one will be able to protect you!"

"Yes, my lord!" The man nodded.


Su Yun turned around and continued to walk towards the next cell.