Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 797
After the group left the mouth of the Phoenix Pond, they flew rapidly towards the southwest. Feng Chi led the way and flew for nearly three days before slowing down.

~ Who knew where this place was, Su Yun only saw a tall mountain appear in his line of sight, the mountain peak had smoke rolling out, it looked like a crater of a volcano, but what surprised him was, at the middle of the mountain, there was a huge rotten axe, the axe was embedded deeply into the mountain, as though it was going to cut the entire mountain, and at the location of the crack, lava had already leaked out and flowed everywhere.

Beside the volcano was a huge lava lake. Feng Chi led the group to the lake.

Su Yun looked at Feng Chi Sheng, only to see her staring at the center of the lava. He could not help but ask: "Could it be that the entrance to the Jiang Han Realm is in the lava?"

"That's right."

Feng Chi nodded his head, "The entrance to the Jiang Han Realm is a total of nine entrances, and one of them leads to our Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain. However, once the Jiang Han Realm and the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain are connected, the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain will not be at peace, and often, the Jiang Han Realm will invade our realm in a small way, thus, one day, a supreme expert will lift his axe and release the lava inside the Golden Rock Volcano, drowning the entrance to the Jiang Han Realm, preventing the people of the Jiang Han Realm from entering our realm! However, the people of Jiang Han Realm are not allowed to enter, and it is difficult for the people of Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain to enter the Jiang Han Realm. Su Yun, I will help you remove the magma later.

Hearing this, Su Yun immediately understood. No wonder the Phoenix Pond Saint stood at the edge of the lava lake with a face full of worry.

Su Yun smiled and said: "No need, teacher, just tell me the location of the Jiang Han Realm's gate and I'll head over there myself."

"Su Yun, where are you going?" Feng Chi was puzzled.

"You can talk about the location."

Su Yun said.

Feng Chi listened and fell silent for a moment, but ultimately, he nodded his head and pointed to the very center, "This lake is two thousand feet deep, and the door is at the very bottom. The Spirit Emperor is at the very center, and if you use it all you might be able to reach it.

"I'm fine!"

Su Yun said, then turned and activated his Imperial Battle Robe, his entire person being enveloped by a halo of golden light, with a 'putong' sound, he jumped into the magma.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked!

Directly jump in? Was he courting death?

The people on the riverbank were all staring at the scene, yet the scene in front of them was truly astonishing.

After Su Yun fell into the lava, the lava seemed to be separated by an invisible barrier, surrounding Su Yun was a vacuum, he directly fell down, and very quickly reached the lava lake.

Su Yun fell inside, the magma filled up once again, and very quickly, his figure disappeared from everyone's line of sight.

"Su Yun is not a simple child!"

"He must have a divine object protecting him." Feng Chi said.

"I only hope that he can succeed. This child's heart is simple and honest, so there's nothing he can do about it. It's too heartless. There are many things that he doesn't want to do, but he's forced by the secular world to do …" "Sigh …"

Master Subhuti sighed, he looked at the lava with his old eyes, a look of worry flashing past them.


After falling into the lava, Su Yun felt that it was no different from land. Even though the surroundings were not ordinary lava, with the protection of the Imperial Armour, it did not affect him at all.

The gate was enormous. Very soon, they found it. At that moment, the gate was tightly shut. Even though there was lava all around, there were no injuries on the gate. The golden jade color was very beautiful.

Su Yun walked to the front of the gate and extended his hand out to grab the hand.

Thump, thump, thump, thump …

The door produced a melodious and deep sound, and immediately afterwards, a pure white light sprayed out from within.

A massive amount of magma flowed in through the crack of the door. However, no matter how high the temperature the magma was, it still couldn't destroy the door by even half an inch.

Su Yun stared at the snow white swirl outside the door and took a deep breath, then stepped inside.


A strange sound rang out.

Before he could even react, he felt his soul shake. His eyes were bright and he could not see anything. After an unknown period of time, his vision slowly recovered. The snow-white light slowly faded and the scene before his eyes also appeared.

Dong, dong, dong, dong …

The sound of water filled his ears.

Su Yun came back to reality and looked around him quickly. Only then did he realise that he was in a pool of water.

He had just left the lava, and now that he had entered the cold pond, the two entrances to the Jiang Han territory were quite interesting.

He activated the Imperial Battle Robe once again, using his Spirit Power to block out the cold water around him as he flew upwards.

Unexpectedly, the pool wasn't shallow either. It took them close to sixty breaths of time to reach the surface.

There was a thick layer of ice on the surface of the water. Using his strength, he broke it and rushed out. Unexpectedly, snow filled the sky and cold winds blew incessantly.

This was a world of ice and snow wrapped in silver!

This must be the Jiang Han territory, right? It really was incomparably cold.

Su Yun released his Spirit Force, and realised that with his current body, he was still unable to withstand the cold wind of realm.

Although the Jiang Han Realm was not a big realm, it was rumored that there was a door leading to the Immortal World in the Jiang Han Realm. Many experts would go to the Immortal World and choose this path, which was why the Jiang Han Realm was famous.

Although he had a year's time, and it seemed like he had plenty of time, it would not be easy to seize the treasure from the hands of the two hegemons of the Jiang Han Realm.

Of course, Su Yun didn't want to waste too much time.

He took out his flying sword and stepped on it as he flew.

Not urging the profound qi for a long time, this feeling of contentment was simply intoxicating.

It was just that …

Although Jiang Han Realm was covered in snow, and was covered in silver, it was not calm. Not long after Su Yun flew, he smelt an extremely strong stench of blood, as well as a strong and terrifying killing intent! The killing intent surged like waves, striking Su Yun in the face.

Faintly, one could hear bursts of hissing.


Doesn't look like it!

Su Yun slowed down his speed and carefully moved forward.

Gradually, the scene in front of his eyes entered his line of sight.

It was no longer completely white, but completely blood-red.

A large amount of blood stained the white snow, and corpses covered the mountain in front of them. There were only a few hundred people on the mountain, and at the bottom of the mountain, there was an army of thousands.

All of them were Spirit Cultivator soldiers, all of them were powerful, proficient in profound technique, they soared into the sky and surrounded the hundreds of people at the hillside, ready for a battle against beasts!

Su Yun stared at the distance, thinking that the remaining few hundred people would fight until the end. He was wrong after all.

These people did not fight to the death, but put down the weapons in their hands, removed the profound strength, and knelt on the ground, surrendering to the enemies around them.

A person's desire to survive was very strong, especially when in dire straits. Being able to become a soldier here was not easy, if one's cultivation did not meet the requirements, they would not be recruited. However, no matter who's cultivation was, they would not be recruited out of nowhere, and had to put in great effort and sweat.

Therefore, these thousands of people captured all of the hundred man team members, sealed their profound qi and escorted them away. The group of people quickly disappeared into the horizon …

Su Yun peeked from behind, seeing that they were walking away, he carefully went over.

Broken limbs were everywhere on the ground, the Spirit Cultivator's blood energy was gigantic, it was difficult to freeze even in this kind of weather.

But seeing the fresh blood on the ground, Su Yun felt unwell, the evil Qi in his body seemed to have a reaction, he took a deep breath, and after chanting the Heart Cleansing Curse in his mind, he walked over to the nearest corpse, flipped open the corpse, and looked at the order badge on his waist.

"Han Token, then those who have died must be the soldiers of the Han State. If that's the case, then those people must be people of the Jiang …"

Su Yun pondered for a while, after looking at the direction that the soldiers of Jiang Guo left, he immediately turned and walked in the opposite direction. The soldiers of the Jiang Country would definitely return to the camp, so the opposite direction was the location of the Han Country.

Although he didn't know what level the war had reached, Long Qingzhu should still be in the Cold Nation.

After confirming the direction, Su Yun raised his speed to its fastest as he flew in the air.

However, along the way, the ground was littered with the dead soldiers of Jiang Han. Corpses were strewn all over the mountain, and it was especially tragic.

Furthermore, as he continued to head towards the direction of the Kingdom of Han, Su Yun realised that the temperature in the air was getting colder and colder, the cold wind was getting colder and colder, and even the snow that was like goose feathers seemed to have weight.

What was going on?

The trees that were previously covered in snow could still be seen, but now here, it was silvery white. Not a single plant could be seen, only blood, snow, corpses, and glaciers were left behind.


Suddenly, a sonic boom could be heard from below.

Su Yun's face tensed up, his hands were quick, his body moved to the side, his arms extended, and grabbed onto the next ice arrow.


Su Yun shouted.

However, the person who responded was a slightly angry shout.


As the sound cone descended, a large number of ice arrows shot out from the thick snow below. Some of the ice arrows were several zhang long and were extremely terrifying. The scene was as if there were tens of thousands of arrows shooting at the same time.

However, this kind of profound technique could not hurt Su Yun.

He pulled back his hand, retrieved the Lotus Star Sword and quickly waved it. The snow-white sword beam circled around his body like a dragon and chopped all the ice arrows that were shooting at him into powder.

"Damn it!"

A disgruntled female voice came from the snow below.

But right at that moment, Su Yun suddenly felt a strong killing intent coming from above him, it was extremely strong, and it was extremely sudden!

He narrowed his eyes and raised his sword to block behind him.


A violent sound rang out.

Su Yun's body was struck away.

The opponent's strength was not great, but the cold profound qi was extremely strong. After this sword strike, Su Yun was surprised to discover that a burst of ice energy was flowing out from the Lotus Star Sword and spreading towards his body.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into an ice sculpture and fell from the sky