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"Have you decided on the sacred object?" Feng Chi stared at Su Yun and asked seriously.

"Once the ice is sealed, I wonder when it will be released. If I need a thousand years to find a solution, wouldn't I have to wait a thousand years?" Even if I am willing to wait, there will be many people who are unwilling to wait. "

Su Yun laughed bitterly.

Actually, he was just saying it verbally, he only thought that with the strength of the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, it would be difficult to find a way to dissolve the Supreme Sect's Sect Leader's cultivation.

Feng Chi was aware of it, so he did not try to dissuade Su Yun.

"Since you've already made your decision, it's not good for me to persuade you." "In the deepest part of the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, there is a door, which leads to the same entrance as the one leading to the Wanhua Realm. However, there is no one guarding this door, because the location is concealed, the location is special, and not many people know of it, so you have to go to the Jiang Han Realm through this door to obtain the most valuable treasure of the Han Nation, the Dragon's Underworld Bead. Once you consume it, all the symptoms in your body will be resolved, and the Dragon's Underworld Bead will be able to combine everything and dissolve everything. This sacred item will definitely be able to save you."

"However... The last time I heard it, it was said that he had already stepped into the sixth stage of the Spirit Emperor, and is an extraordinary person. I don't know what realm he is in now, but the king of the Jiang Country has always peeped at the Dragon Abyss with the intention to take it for himself, and for this reason, the king of the Jiang Country has always waged wars against the king of the Han Country, but because the king of the country is also a powerful Spirit Cultivator, the Jiang Country was once unable to succeed. However, I heard that two years ago, the king of the country was unduly injured by the gods of the wind, and thus, he was no longer the enemy of the king of the Jiang Country.

Feng Chi said in a deep voice.

As Su Yun listened earnestly, his face couldn't help but reveal a bitter smile.

"I have no choice but to go against the entire Jiang Han territory. If I don't take it, then my life will be forfeit!" No matter what, he would die. If he died like this, at least he would die once.

"Since it's like this, there's no other way. Su Yun, since you want to go, then don't linger. Prepare immediately!"

"Alright." Su Yun nodded.

Yun'er, you come over here, I will channel my power into you, so that it can suppress the evil energy in your body. My power originates from the Bodhi tree, which is enough for you to suppress it for half a year, so you can use this time to quickly retrieve the Dragon Abyss beads. "

"Source energy?" Su Yun was startled, and shouted anxiously: "Master, how can we do this? If the source energy were to be transmitted to someone else's body, it would be a great loss to you! "

The Origin Energy was usually used to protect one's life and would not be used carelessly. Of course, some strong existences would use it to refine magic treasure s, but infusing the Origin Energy into Su Yun like the Master Subhuti was not a small matter. If there was too much, Su Yun would be fine, but the Master Subhuti might have his soul damaged and his power would regress.

"There's no need for Master to be like this. It's better to use less of the origin energy. As for Su Yun … He just saved Feng Chi's mouth from danger, how can I watch without doing anything? "

With that, he watched as Feng Chi walked under the wutong tree. His gaze fell upon the red flower on the tree, and then he gently extended his hand …


A petal of the flower fell out and landed on her palm, following, Feng Chi Sheng walked towards Su Yun with his bamboo cane.

She placed the petal on top of her palm and slowly pressed it against Su Yun's wrist. Very quickly, the red petal dissolved like water and condensed into a golden line around her wrist …

This is the first petal of the first flower of the Seven Colored Flower of the Parasol Tree, its Spirit Life Qi is perhaps the most powerful in the entire Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, I am speaking of it on your wrist, every time the evil energy in your body is agitated, it will help you suppress it, but the energy in your body will also be suppressed, and every time after being suppressed, its effects will decrease a little. I presume that it will provide you with more than a year's time, during this period, you can use the profound qi however you wish! Feng Chi said.

Hearing that, Su Yun immediately cupped his fists.

"Thank you, Saint."

"Don't say too much, get ready and leave immediately! I will bring you to the entrance of Jianghan World. "




Su Yun was peacefully recuperating in the Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain, not asking about the affairs of the world.

After the battle between the Supreme Sect and the True Devil Sect ended, the Supreme Sect began to quiet down. No one saw any movements from the Supreme Sect anymore, and even the people from the Supreme Sect did not see each other again. On the contrary, the Gate of Supreme Realm was blocked by a large group of experts from the True Devil Sect.

They waited like this for nearly a year, but there was no sign of a war between the Supreme Realm and the True Devil Sect breaking out, causing people to become more and more suspicious … What happened to the Supreme Sect?

Finally, a piece of news had somehow spread through the entire Myriad Worlds …

The Supreme Sect had been destroyed!

From top to bottom of the door, it included the Sect Master and the Imperial Guard! None of them were left alive! All destroyed.

This is just a rumor. There is no evidence to prove it, but...

Except for the Holy Maiden Su Liuluo, who was now locked in the Martial Imperial Palace … Who in the Supreme Sect had ever shown their face in front of the people of the world?

Supreme Sect also did not make any movements! In fact … The people of the True Devil Sect were already at the entrance of the Supreme Realm, if nothing had happened to the Supreme Sect, how could it have ended up like this? It had to be known that when the people of Supreme Sect cultivated the Limitless Profound Qi, everyone in the sect was worried, and no one knew how many disciples were going to die. If the Supreme Sect did not preach, and did not absorb even more fresh blood, the Supreme Sect would not be able to hold on for long, and will self-destruct.

Furthermore … True Devil Sect was different from other forces. If one were to describe the flow of people who had been emptied out, no one would believe that they had the power to eliminate Supreme Sect. However, True Devil Sect was different.

After all, when this power was at its peak, it could contend against the tyrants of the celestial dao by itself! They had even attacked the Immortal World!

These were things that no one in all realms could hope to achieve. Even great devils and deities feared them greatly, as a mere Supreme Sect had the qualifications to be destroyed.

The possibility of it happening caused huge waves to immediately erupt.

Every day, there were spies sent out by countless supreme expert s who rushed towards the Supreme Realm. Their goal was to confirm the current situation of the Supreme Sect.

Once the Supreme Sect's destruction was true, then the repercussions would be different.

Previously, when there was a Supreme Sect in charge, no one dared to be presumptuous. But once they stepped out, they would be forcefully swallowed by the Supreme Sect in the name of a priest, and the current great powers that survived would only be the Martial Imperial Palace and would not be able to survive. As for the True Devil Sect, because he had always been low-key, it caused the Supreme Sect to not pay too much attention to him, and in these few years, the True Devil Sect rarely appeared in people's line of sight, and never participated in any conflicts.

However, the victory of the True Devil Sect had also attracted the attention of countless experts.

The Supreme Sect was defeated, was it because the real Devil Sect was too strong? If the Supreme Sect was truly destroyed, did it mean that the real Devil Sect would have to dominate the whole world, replace the Supreme Sect, and control countless of realm, controlling innumerable resources?

It had to be known that the most important thing for a Spirit Cultivator to achieve breakthroughs in cultivation was to obtain resources. Without any resources, even if it was a genius, it would be harder and harder to cultivate, having sufficient resources, even if it was trash, it would allow him to grow quickly.

Leaping through the gate of the demon mountain, Octagon Aniseed entered the gates of a great world.

At this moment, there were a large number of Devil Sect members guarding the gate. The two devils were still being set up on the inside and outside, the entrance to the Supreme Realm was blocked by a large number of magic formations. From the outside, people would think that the people of the True Devil Sect had intentionally sealed the people of the Supreme Sect in the Supreme Realm.

"Vice Sect Leader!"

"Vice Sect Leader!"

On the way, Devil Cultivator called out.

Hearing this, the two Devils immediately rushed over.

"Greetings to Vice Sect Leader."

"Second Elder, you're too polite. Don't be too polite." Octagon Aniseed smiled and held the two Devils together.

Er Mo stood up, and revealed a worried expression: "Vice Sect Master, we have already dragged this matter out for a year, and many of the realm s have already made rumours saying that the Supreme Sect has been destroyed by our True Devil Sect, and in the past few days, there has been a large amount of people sneaking in, seems like they are here to find out more about this place. I still can't hide what's happening here. "

"You are right, but in truth, we cannot hide any longer. I believe that many people have already determined that the Supreme Sect has been destroyed, but they are still not certain that it was us."

"This... Vice Sect Leader, what do you mean by that? "

"Do you still need to say it clearly? The Supreme Sect had not taken action for more than a year, and us staying outside the gates of the Supreme Realm for so long was almost equivalent to an army pressing down on the land. How could they not be suspicious? In fact, by doing so, we actually made others think that we were hiding our evil intentions, and that it was precisely because so many of us from the True Devil Sect were gathered here that they started to suspect us … "

"Then... Vice Sect Leader, if that's the case, why did we still send so many people here? "

"Very simple."

Octagon Aniseed gave a strange smile. "Set up a big trap." Please let some people get in! "

"A trap? "What trap?"

"Ask for the Devil!" You didn't know that because I was worried that you would be exposed and those people were all staring at you, I gave it to Limo to do. "

As he finished, he flew forward and began his inspection.