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As Bai Yanshan left, Su Yun also heaved a sigh of relief.

He descended from the sky and sat down cross-legged. He closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing, drawing out the power of the Wutong Tree within his body, suppressing the surging hostility within him.

Although this battle did not rely too much on the profound strength, she had still used the power of the Imperial Battle Armor, if she did not use it to absorb most of Bai Yanshan's profound strength, it would be impossible for her to defeat Bai Yanshan so easily with Su Yun's half a year of strength. Bai Yanshan's attainments in sword arts was not low, but the strange power of the Imperial Battle Armor made her unable to see through Su Yun's current abilities, adding the series of words Su Yun had said before, enraged her, causing her loss to be so fast, so miserable, if it was a fair fight, it would be hard to determine who would win.

Master Subhuti and the rest hurried over.

"Su Yun, are you alright?"

Master Subhuti walked over and asked.

"Don't worry, Master. I'm fine." Su Yun revealed a slight smile.

Master Subhuti also didn't say anymore. He sat behind Su Yun with his legs crossed, raised a palm, and placed it on his back.

Wave after wave of Spirit Life Qi that penetrated into Su Yun's heart and soul poured into his body, the Spirit Qi was like a spring, cool and refreshing, and made him feel extremely comfortable.

After a long while, Su Yun's complexion recovered a lot, and Master Subhuti stopped.

"Thank you, Master." Su Yun stood up and bowed.

"Do not be overly courteous, Su Yun. If not for you, I am afraid that this poisonous sword would have been very hard for us to handle." The Master Subhuti shook his head.

"I, Feng Chi, would like to express my sincere gratitude to you on behalf of all of you."

Feng Chi walked over and bowed respectfully to Su Yun.

"You do not dare to take me as you would, Sage Feng Chi. If you are to act like this, this junior does not dare to take you in."

Su Yun hastily supported Feng Chi Sheng.

He had always respected such a great sage.

Although she had only listened to the Sage Feng Chi's lesson for a few days, no matter who it was, everyone was filled with admiration towards Sage Feng Chi. Even though her cultivation wasn't high, her knowledge was enough to convince countless people.

"Su Yun! So you were lying to me, and you say you're a mute! "

At this moment, a slightly angry voice was heard.

Su Yun turned his head to look, only to see Liu Xing Lian, supported by two junior sisters, walking over.

Su Yun laughed bitterly: "If you're the one who said I'm mute, then I won't speak."

"How crafty you are!"

Liu Xing Lian wanted to say a few more words to Su Yun, but the moment she said those words, a wound appeared, the pain made her grimace in pain.

"Quickly go and treat your injuries. You've been poisoned by the poisonous gas, and if you don't get cured soon, your cultivation and talent will be affected."

Su Yun said.

"Got it."

Liu Xinglian snorted.

Su Yun, you should also go back quickly. First, go to the mouth of the Phoenix Pond to recuperate and not rush back, during your battle today, although you did not activate the profound qi, but you came in contact with a lot of it, and it still had an impact on your injuries. "" Alright! "

The Master Subhuti said.


Everyone answered and began to retreat towards the mouth of the pond.

Liu Xinglian had been arranged to heal her injuries. Now that Bai Yanshan's challenger had shifted most of his focus to Su Yun, she was currently safe. However, due to her injuries, she did not dare to leave Ultimate Martial Sacred Plain.

Su Yun, on the other hand, was brought to the lotus pond. After all, he had just fought a big battle and needed to stabilize his evil Qi.

However, just as they entered the lotus pond, the scene before their eyes astonished them …

The entire lotus pond was filled with a foul stench, and the water was completely black. All the fish in the pond had their stomachs turned white, and all of them died, not a single one of the lotus flowers were still alive.

Feng Chi was stunned.

"What's going on?"

"Then … hahaha …"

Su Yun scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

"Yun'er, you did this?" Master Subhuti asked doubtfully.

Su Yun gave an awkward smile, and then she cupped her fists towards Feng Chi the Saint: "Sorry, sorry, sage, after listening to your lessons, I found a place to meditate and rest, but my cultivation suddenly broke through, in a moment the profound qi in my body surged, activating the evil Qi, I thought that the water in the pond could suppress my evil Qi, so I jumped in, but who would have known it would turn out like this."

Upon hearing that it was Su Yun who said so, he did not say anything, but only sighed, and said: "You have a vicious aura around you, and are even coming to save us without caring about anything else. If I blame you because of this pond water, it would seem that I am too small, and that will not matter, as after a hundred years, this pond water will still recover to its original state.

"Thank you for your forgiveness, Saint." Su Yun immediately replied.

"There is no need for thanks. However, you said that your cultivation suddenly broke through? "What's going on?"

"What a sage teaches cannot be passed on to others, and it has little to do with the increase of your cultivation. I'm afraid that your sudden breakthrough in cultivation is not a good thing at all." Master Subhuti also spoke up, "There is always a cycle of progression in everything. If we break this rule, sometimes, there might be unexpected gains, but sometimes, there are also situations where there is no hope of redemption."

"Master was right, but I don't know what happened either." Su Yun said in distress.

"Then when your evil aura was drawn out by the profound qi, how did you suppress it?"

"Speaking of which, I have to thank Sage Feng Chi for saving me at such a crucial moment. It was the divine power inside his body that helped me suppress this evil aura!" Su Yun laughed.

Unexpectedly, when Feng Chi heard this, his expression changed and he hurriedly ran to the other side of the wutong tree.

Su Yun and the rest were confused and followed him.

When Sage Feng Chi saw that the wutong tree was safe and sound, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Su Yun instantly laughed bitterly. He felt that Feng Chi was worried that he would even harm this tree of his …

However, it was true that the flowers on this tree were extraordinary. The reason Feng Chi was able to stay here was because of this tree. It was fine if the lotus pond was gone, but if the wutong tree was gone, then the situation would be dire.

"You said that your hostility was suppressed by this Wutong Tree, right?"

At this time, Sage Feng Chi asked.


"Sit under the wutong tree again."

Su Yun was confused, but he did not reject her.

He walked over and sat cross-legged under the tree.

Sage Feng Chi walked over, extended his withered hand, and gently caressed the trunk of the Wutong Tree. Then, he closed his eyes, quietly feeling something.

The wutong tree reacted once again. The thick branches began to gently sway, and the leaves rustled. There was clearly no wind, but this was the scene.

Sage Phoenix's body was suffused with a emerald light. After about ten breaths of time, she opened her eyes.

"You may have more than just hostility in your body."

Feng Chi said with a deep voice.

Hearing this, Su Yun was startled: Could it be that inside my body is an inn? Why is everything going in?

"Teacher, what is that thing?" Su Yun asked.

"One person!"

"People?" Could it be Qingyu? That's not right, Qingyu is inside the sword sheath.

"A dead person, or rather, a person's soul."

"A person's soul?" Su Yun suddenly thought of the time he had exterminated the Supreme Sect, and the soul of the Supreme Sect Lord had been devoured by him.

"This soul should have been devoured by you, right?" Feng Chi asked.

"That's right." Su Yun nodded his head: "At that time the situation was critical, if I did not devour his soul, I would have lost my life."

"However, you have not completely digested his strength! His power is stored within your body along with that evil aura. However, his power is different from evil aura, it won't easily cause any restlessness. However, once it gets restless, it will allow you to break through your current cultivation level. This energy is too powerful!

"What?" Su Yun was stunned: Is there such a good thing?

Didn't that mean that he would be able to achieve a breakthrough without doing anything in the future?

"With the help of this power, your future cultivation path will soar thousands of miles, becoming much easier to cultivate, and perhaps you will break through within three to five months. If you can't control this power well, and let it suddenly erupt, then your physical body and soul will collapse in an instant!" Feng Chi said with a deep voice, "This is also the reason why you suddenly broke through. However, this is not a good thing. From the looks of it, the possibility of this power suddenly erupting is not small … "

Hearing that, Su Yun's face immediately became gloomy.

Master Subhuti naturally heard everything, he did not expect Su Yun's current situation to be so complicated.

"So, sage, what should I do now?"

Su Yun asked.

"Quickly consume this energy!"

"How do I consume it?"

"Take one elixir and it will not only convert all the energy in your body into your cultivation, but it will also reduce your evil aura by more than half. However, this elixir is not easy to obtain, and it is a high treasure."

Feng Chi said in a low voice.

"Is there no other way?"

"There are many ways, but this is the easiest."


"Originally, consuming this energy was a battle method, but you still have a huge amount of evil energy in your body, so you cannot use the profound qi, or even touch it, so your situation is very complicated."

Feng Chi let out a sigh, and said: "Your situation is not looking good. Su Yun, I have a method, I wonder if you are willing to use it?"

"What method?" Su Yun asked anxiously.

"Temporarily use the thousand year cold ice to completely seal up your body, suppressing the energy and vicious aura within. When I find another method in the future, I'll thaw you out and treat you."

Feng Chi said.

Hearing that, Su Yun became silent.

"Although this move is not the way to go, there is no other choice for now."

Su Yun did not reply anxiously, he turned and looked at Master Subhuti.

"Master, what do you think?"

"The decision is in your hands. No matter what decision you make, I won't accept it as your fault." Master Subhuti said with a faint smile.

He understood what kind of person Su Yun was.


What difference was there between this and sitting still and waiting for death?

Su Yun leaned on the wutong tree, looked at Feng Chi Sheng, and said: "Teacher, you should still talk about the Sacred Artifact that I mentioned earlier."